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by Shezzy
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What would you call this!

Yes i'm lost, but i'm lost into you. I can read you but truly cant understand you. You are like a forest i see, but cant really tell what it holds in the dense. You smile but really are you welcoming?. Questions in my head. Soft rubbing on my shoulders as a greeting and it takes me where i shouldn't have imagined.
A deep look into your eyes tells me more than what you are saying. Your hand in my hand, just forgot it was meant for a greeting you make sure that you count certain seconds before letting go. There goes confusion in my head. Together i feel uneasy, you go away i want you right besides me. The right side of my brain tells you are gorgeous, the left side says "are you sure".
When you are around, death is the best way to survive yet when you move away its as if i was having the best part of living.
We barely say much maybe just a hello and the conversation dies but even though we are not speaking its as if i had the best conversation of the day. Then i ask my self, "what is this?' and a soft whisper in my head always replies, "'confusion"'.
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