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A little something I wrote, regarding my situation.
Welcome to My Garden, for years I’ve spent adding to its beauty. Adding plants and things that just weren’t there before, I talked growth into the plants here. Five years I’ve spent in this garden, raising up new heights and tilling out the weeds. Weeds that just kept growing, no matter what I did they were still there. One day a storm hit and nearly destroyed my beautiful garden, there was only me there tending to the wounded plants. I had just been hurt before My garden was, I was still bleeding and seeing my garden in such disrepair broke me. I loved my garden, I’d almost given up hope that the plants I’d planted there would survive. I became injured again, this time more so than before, I tried to tend my garden but I was too broken I had lost sight of my gardens plants and now I needed my garden to tend to me as I once tended it. I went to the gates of the garden opened them like I had so many times before over the years, but this time it felt different. The garden I spend so much time in and so much effort growing didn’t feel like my work anymore. A gardener in the distance was looking at my flowers and I saw he wanted them, I ignored his eye and my garden was suffering because of my pain and desperation to aid myself to heal myself I was indeed alone. I was determined to get better even if it meant leaving my beautiful garden behind, my tractor still under warranty and practically new that I’d bought over the winter with a promise to keep the garden forever, still resided behind the gates. I looked at it and remembered its promise. One day my garden spoke to me and told me that it would grow all on its own that I could walk away, my garden gave my tractor back to me it is now parked outside the gates. “You can still come by and look and see my beauty” The Garden told me. I was happy to still be able to see The Garden, and visit but somehow something about it seemed off. I wanted to go back to my garden and attend its fields, be a better Gardener. I went to the gates and went to open them but this time the gates were stubborn and hard to open, I saw my garden getting farther away, I tried to go back but the gate shut itself upon me and locked me out. I could only look inside the gate, for awhile I watched and one day I saw it. The gardener I saw before, was in The Garden, was in My Garden. I yelled at the garden “You said you didn’t need me!” “Why have you lied to me!?” I wept at the gate, my cries fell on deaf ears. A black veil shadowed The Garden and all I wanted to do was see it again, I was blinded unable to see. My Garden is gone now, all the effort I put in now gone, the new Gardener has taken my place. My tractor still unused, shines outside useless with nothing to till. This tractor will have to be sold now, even if I find a new garden this tractor was for My Garden. If I ever find a new garden to tend to I’ll have to buy a new tractor, a new promise. The flowers whisper to me, all I have are memories of My Garden. The gardener I once was has now died, I am lost. I’ve planted a few seed here and there in these vast fields. Nothing yet. I’m searching for the plot to own. I’ve played in Gardens that weren’t mine, intent on stealing it. No avail, I’m still gardenless. I’ll find a plot to keep, I won’t walk away from it next time. I’ve lost two gardens now, the one before this one acquired a new gardener before withering up and fading away. May I never lose another.
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