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Alex and his friends are at the beach, but the fun is interrupted when it starts snowing.
If there's a day that the citizens of Peachwood will never forget, it has to be the day when they saw snow fall during the summer.
It all happened during a sunny day in the month of July. Many of the city's residents had gone to the beach to enjoy the sun and the sea. People were surfing, playing volleyball, making sand castles, tanning, and much more.

Along with the rest of the residents of Peachwood were three teenagers: Alex, Alice and Tommy. The three teenagers were very good friends. They had known each other for a long time, and had been through many adventures together.

The three teens were enjoying their day at the beach together. Alice was wearing sunglasses while she was resting on a towel, while Alex was helping Tommy build a sand castle. "I don't know what I like best about summer." Tommy said to his friends. "The fact that we don't have to go to school, or that we get to come to the beach."

"I'd say not going to school." Alex answered, chuckling a bit as he said it. Alice looked at him as he chuckled.

"Oh, come on." Alice said to the two boys. "I can't be the only one who really loves school. Learning new things, the excitement of passing tests, and best of all, the science fair!" Alex and Tommy looked at Alice as she showed her excitement.

"It's easy for you to say." Alex replied. "You already love science."

"And you're super smart." Tommy added. "You make all those complicated experiments and inventions."

"I'm sure you two would be able to do so as well if you had studied the topic as much as I have." Alice said to them. "But for now, let's just enjoy this wonderful and sunny day."

"You're right." Alex said. "It's a shame Boulder didn't come."

"Yeah." Alice said. "Oh well, we might as well have fun ourselves. Maybe later we can invite him and go get some ice cream."

"That would be great!" Tommy replied. "Nothing could ruin a day like this!"

Tommy had barely finished saying that sentence, when suddenly, the three teenagers noticed something was wrong. The summer warmth was being replaced by a cold breeze that made the teenagers shiver. They looked around, and noticed that the beach was starting to be covered by snow.

"What's going on?" Alex asked, confused by the unusual weather.

"Looks like winter is coming early this year." Tommy said, not realizing the seriousness of the situation.

"This isn't normal." Alice said. "We're in the middle of July, it shouldn't be snowing."

"I don't know about you, but I think this has Dr. Zack's name written all over it." Alex said to Alice.

Tommy grabbed a stick, and used it to write the name "Dr. Zack" in the snow. "Well, now it does!" He replied, showing Alex and Alice what he had written in the snow.

"Let's get to the bottom of this." Alice said to her friends. The three teenagers walked across the beach, trying to find clues of what could be causing this abnormal weather. As the weather got colder, the people who were swimming came out of the water, shivering from the cold. The kids who were making sand castles were now making snow castles. The people who were getting tanned were now grabbing all their towels to cover themselves from the cold. The people playing volleyball... well, they were still playing volleyball. But everyone on the beach was confused by the strange weather. Never before had they seen snow during the summer.

Alex, Alice and Tommy continued to search for what was causing the cold weather, but as they did, they were shivering from the cold they were feeling. They were all wearing summer clothes, which despite being perfect for warm temperatures, didn't protect them at all from the cold weather they were in now.

"If I had known it would be this cold, I'd have brought my sweater." Tommy said, shivering.

"None of us knew." Alex replied, shivering as well. "But hopefully, we'll get to the bottom of this soon."

"I hope so." Alice said, shivering too. "These clothes don't do any good against the cold."

The three friends kept searching, until finally, they found the source of their problems. There was another teenager, one that was wearing a blue coat with snowflake symbols on it. As soon as the teenager saw the three friends approaching him, he started blowing at them, creating a powerful cold breeze that blew them away. He then shot ice beams out of his hands, freezing the ground below him, before ice skating towards the three friends.

"I told you this had to be Dr. Zack's work." Alex said to his friends.

"You are correct to assume that." The teenager with the winter coat replied. "Dr. Zack indeed is the one who sent me."

"I can't believe he created yet another superpowered teenager." Alice said, clearly not glad to see what Dr. Zack had done. Dr. Zack had already created superpowered teenagers like this in the past, and they generally posed a large threat to everyone nearby.

"Why are you messing with the weather?" Alex asked the teenager. "And who are you anyway?"

"My creator calls me Frosty." The teenager answered. "And about your precious summer weather, Dr. Zack gave me clear orders to freeze everything and everyone here at the beach. He knew you'd come to stop me. And he gave me clear instructions on what to do when that happened." Frosty immediately shot ice beams out of his hands towards Alex. Alex leaped out of the way, but as he landed on a part of the ground Frosty had frozen, Alex slipped and fell.

"You've been getting in the way of Dr. Zack's plans for too long, Blast." Frosty says to Alex. "It's time for you to face the wrath of winter!"

Frosty continued to shoot ice beams at Alex. Alex sheltered himself behind a rock. Alice and Tommy hid with him as well.

"What do we do now?" Tommy asked, worried.

"I'll do what I always do." Alex answered. "Don't worry, I've got this under control. This is a job for Blast!" After saying that, Alex came out of his hiding place, ready to fight Frosty. "I think it's time for you to chill out, Frosty." Alex ran towards Frosty, but due to the slippery ground, he slipped and fell again. Frosty laughed at this.

"It looks like it's snow use!" Frosty exclaimed to Alex.

"Oh, we'll see who has the last laugh." Alex responded. Realizing that he couldn't run properly on the icy ground, Alex decided to instead fly towards Frosty, and attack him from above. However, Frosty saw his opponent flying towards him, and blew at him, causing a strong and cold breeze, blowing Alex away.

"Nice try, but you should give up." Frosty said. "You can't best me. If you don't quit, I'll blow you away to where snowman has gone before!"

"That pun was terrible!" Alex said as he flew into the distance, landing far away, on the other side of the beach. Alice and Tommy watched as Alex had been blown away.

"We have to help!" Alice said to Tommy. Tommy nodded, as they both came out from their hiding place. "Stop it Frosty! We won't let you keep attacking our friend!"

"Cool down, you don't even have superpowers." Frosty said to Alice. "There's snow way you can defeat me." Tommy laughed out loud at the pun, but Alice didn't find it funny, and instead looked annoyed.

"Superpowers or not, we'll still do our best to stop you." Alice replied.

"Well, if that's the case, then I'm sorry to snow on your parade, but you'll fail just like he did." Frosty said.

"The saying is rain on your parade." Alice said. "And we won't let you get away with your cold actions."

Frosty smiled at them, before shooting ice beams at them. Alice and Tommy ran to avoid the ice beams, but slipped on the icy ground. Alex came back flying as fast as he could, only to find his friends under attack by Frosty.

"Hey, leave them alone!" Alex demanded, but Frosty didn't stop. Alice and Tommy barely managed to get out of the frozen part of the ground, and reach a part that's covered in snow, allowing them to move without slipping. They ran to the nearest building, an ice cream shop near the coast. Frosty continued shooting ice beams at them, but they managed to enter the shop without getting frozen by the ice beams.

Frosty, however, was going to make sure they didn't come out. He charged up his power in his hands, and shot powerful ice beams at the ice cream shop, freezing the entire building, and trapping Alex's friends inside the building. Alice watched in horror as they saw Frosty trap her and Tommy inside a now frozen building.

"No!" Alice exclaimed as she tried to open the door, but to no avail. The door was frozen shut. "We're trapped!" She looked at Tommy, who was buying ice cream.

"I want chocolate ice cream, please!" Tommy said. The man attending the shop gave him the ice cream cone he asked for, and Tommy paid for the ice cream cone. Alice walked towards Tommy.

"This is no time to be eating ice cream, Tommy!" Alice told him, trying to make him aware of the gravity of the situation. "Frosty froze the entire building! The door is frozen shut!"

Tommy continued to eat his ice cream as Alice explained the situation to him. "So... that means we're trapped?"

"Yes, exactly!" Alice replied.

"I know exactly what to do in times like this." Tommy said to Alice.

"You do?" Alice asked him, intrigued.

"Yup. Just follow my example." Tommy said. He gave Alice his ice cream cone for a moment, and started running around like crazy, yelling. "Help! Help! We're trapped inside a frozen building! We're doomed! We're gonna die!" Alice sighed as she watched Tommy's idea of what to do.

Meanwhile, Frosty watched Alex frowning at him. Alex was clearly furious at Frosty for what he had done to Alice and Tommy. Alex flew towards Frosty, trying to punch him. "I won't let you get away with this!" Frosty dodged Alex's attack, and blew at him again, sending Alex flying into a palm tree.

"I'm sorry to give you the cold shoulder, but you see, I have a mission to accomplish." Frosty says to Alex. "Snow long, Blast." Frosty punches Alex several times in quick succession, before shooting a few ice beams at him, and then tossing him into the air, before blowing another cold breeze at him, sending Alex flying far away.

Frosty chuckled as he saw Alex blown away. "If the fall doesn't kill him, the ice beams will cause him hypothermia and kill him for sure." Realizing his mission has been completed, Frosty decided to relax and enjoy himself for a while. "Well, now that he's been taken care of, I think I can stick around to enjoy the wonderful weather." Frosty sat on one of the beach chairs, while he enjoyed the cold weather. All the citizens had either left the beach already, or were suffering from the intense cold, which is even more aggravating for them due to them being in summer clothes.

While Frosty enjoyed the weather, Alice and Tommy were still inside the ice cream shop. Tommy continued to run and yell like crazy, while Alice was starting to get annoyed. She stepped in to stop Tommy from screaming. "Tommy, stop it! That's not going to help us get out of here!" Alice told him.

"Sorry..." Tommy said back to her. "It's what I see people on TV do when they're in danger." Alice rolled her eyes.

"We need a plan." She suggested. "We need some way to get out of here, and fast." Alice and Tommy were shivering from the intense cold. "With the low temperatures inside this building, and our lack of winter clothing, we'll suffer from hypothermia soon if we don't get out of this frozen trap."

"You're right..." Tommy said, shivering. "I feel so cold, I don't even want ice cream anymore."

"Come, give me a hug." Alice suggested to her friend. "We'll survive for longer if we share our heat." Tommy quickly came closer to Alice and hugged her. Alice hugged Tommy as well, both of them shivering and trying to think of a way to get out of the ice cream shop. The situation was getting worse, as they both knew they wouldn't last long inside that shop.

As for Alex, he had landed far away, on the other side of the beach. He tried to get up and fly back to where Frosty was, but he couldn't. The ice beams Frosty had shot at him not only made him feel a lot colder than before, but he was also starting to feel weak. He was freezing, and had no way to regain heat. He stood up, and tried to make his way back to where Frosty was, but he was feeling weaker and weaker as his body got colder and colder. Unable to progress any further, he fell onto the ground, stretching his arm forward in an effort to continue.

"Alice... Tommy... I'm sorry..." Alex said, thinking this was the end. "I failed you..." He didn't see anyone he could ask for help. Alex's eyes began to close slowly. He could only hear the waves of icy cold water nearby.

As Alex's eyes were about to close completely, Alex saw a person in the distance, walking towards him. He opened his eyes, trying to see who the person that was walking towards him was. He couldn't see who the person was, but he did notice that it was a large person, with a heavy and sturdy body. He extended his hand in an attempt to reach out for help. He tried to yell, but he didn't have enough strength to do so. Luckily, the person that was coming seemed to have noticed him, as he began to run towards Alex. As the person came closer, Alex was able to recognize who this person was. It was one of his friends! The large and sturdy teenager finally arrived at where Alex was, and seeing the situation he was in, he lifted Alex, and covered him with a few towels.

"Boulder..." Alex said with a weak voice.

"Yup." The large teenager responded. Boulder was another superpowered teenager, who used to work for Dr. Zack, but became friends with Alex some time ago.

"What are you doing here?" Alex asked Boulder. "And how did you find me?"

"Well, I heard the news about the cold weather at the beach, and I figured Dr. Zack had to be the one behind something like this."

Boulder explained. "So I put on my winter clothes, and came as fast as I could."

"We must hurry..." Alex said. "Alice and Tommy are in danger. Frosty froze the ice cream shop they're in. They must be freezing too."

"In that case, let's hurry." Boulder said. "But first, we need to get you heated up again. Here, have some hot coffee." Boulder said, as he gave Alex a canteen full of hot coffee. Alex started to drink some coffee, while Boulder carried him to the other side of the beach, where Frosty was, and where Alice and Tommy were trapped in the ice cream shop.

Meanwhile, Frosty was still resting on the beach chair, while drinking some hot chocolate. "Life is good." Frosty said. However, his rest was soon interrupted when he heard his jingle bells ringtone. "This better be important." Frosty grumbled as he grabbed his cellphone and answered the call. "Yes?"

"Frosty, have you completed your mission yet?" It was Dr. Zack calling Frosty to get a report on his progress.

"Yes sir." Frosty said with a firm voice. "I defeated Blast. He will freeze to death in minutes. I also took care of his friends. They will be dead promptly as well."

"Well done, Frosty." Dr. Zack said, congratulating him. "You may return to my base now."

"Yes sir." Frosty responded. He stood up from the beach chair, and was about to make his way back to Dr. Zack's base, when he noticed something coming quickly. It was a large silhouette, and it was moving fast towards him. Frosty stood silently, watching the silhouette, trying to figure out what or who it was. After a few seconds, the silhouette was close enough for Frosty to recognize who it was. It was Boulder, carrying Alex, who seemed to still be alive!

"Oh no..." Frosty muttered.

"Is there a problem?" Dr. Zack asked him.

"The enemy is returning, sir!" Frosty exclaimed. "Blast is being carried by a large and bulky person. Who is that?"

"That has to be Boulder!" Dr. Zack explains. "That traitor dares to get in the way of my plans? Frosty, freeze him and Blast on the double!"

"Yes sir!" Frosty exclaimed. Dr. Zack ended the call, as Frosty got ready to fight again. He saw Boulder approaching, while Blast, having drank hot liquids, and being protected from the cold by the towels, had recovered.

"What are you doing here?" Frosty asked. "It's snow use to try to fight back. I already won once, and I can do it again."

"That's what you think, popsicle brain!" Boulder blurted out. He put Alex down, and gave him a set of winter clothes. "Put this on." Alex quickly put on the winter clothes, and was ready to fight again.

"I will not let you sabotage my mission." Frosty said, preparing himself to fight. "I'll freeze you both even if it's the last thing I do." After saying that, Frosty began shooting ice beams at Boulder and Alex. Both of them dashed around, dodging the ice beams Frosty was shooting.

Alex saw the ice cream shop nearby, and had an idea. "Boulder, you go rescue Alice and Tommy. They're in that ice cream shop." He said, pointing at the frozen shop. "I'll keep Frosty busy."

"Got it." Boulder replied, nodding before he began to run towards the ice cream shop. As Boulder hurried to save Alice and Tommy, Frosty continued to attack Alex.

"It's over, Blast." He said, shooting more ice beams at Alex. Alex flew around quickly, avoiding the ice beams.

"It's going to be over alright." Alex replied. "But for you!" Alex continued flying, now spinning around Frosty, in an attempt to make him dizzy. Frosty watched as Alex was spinning around him, and just as planned, the ice-powered teenager was starting to get dizzy.

Meanwhile, Alice and Tommy were still inside the ice cream shop, shivering as they hugged each other tightly, trying to stay warm. At this point they had been joined by the man that was attending the ice cream shop, and a couple of customers that had been unlucky enough to be in the ice cream shop when Frosty froze the building. They all stayed together, hugging each other.

"Alice, are we ever going to get out of here?" Tommy asked Alice, worried.

"Don't worry Tommy." Alice said, trying to comfort him, even though she herself was just as worried. "I'm sure Alex will help us out somehow."

"You're right, Alex is still out there!" Tommy said. "He'll help us!"

As soon as Tommy finished speaking, everyone inside the shop was surprised when suddenly, the door was broken wide open. Boulder had punched the frozen door, breaking it. "What's up?" He asked, as he came into the ice cream shop to help everyone.

"Boulder!" Alice exclaimed. "I'm so glad to see you."

"Wait, where's Alex?" Tommy asked, concerned about his friend.

"Oh, don't worry, he's fine." Boulder replied, smiling. "I saved him too. He's fighting Frosty now."

"In that case, we should hurry to help him!" Alice suggested, while still shivering due to the cold.

"Well, you can't be out in the snow with those clothes." Boulder said to Alice and Tommy, before handing them two sets of winter clothes. "Put these on and follow me." Alice and Tommy nodded. They put on the winter clothes and followed Boulder to the place where Frosty and Alex were fighting.

Alex moved around as fast as he could, confusing Frosty while making himself a hard target to hit. Frosty blew at Alex, causing him to lose control of his flight, and crash into a palm tree. "That was a smart trick, Blast." Frosty said. "But it'll take more than that to best me." Frosty shot ice beams towards Alex. Alex quickly reacted and moved to the side, barely managing to avoid the ice beams. He then flew towards Frosty, zigzagging to avoid Frosty's attacks. Once he was close enough, Alex punched Frosty, pushing him back a few feet.

Boulder, Alice and Tommy finally arrived at the battle scene. Alex saw them coming, and smiled. "Guys! You're safe! You have no idea how worried I was!" He said.

"We're glad you're ok." Alice said, smiling back at Alex.

However, as Alex talked to his friends, Frosty took advantage of the distraction, and shot an ice beam towards Alex. Boulder saw as the ice beam was about to hit Alex, and leaping towards his friend, managed to push him out of the way just in time.

"You can talk as much as you want later." Boulder told them. "Right now we still have that popsicle brain to take care of." He said, pointing at Frosty.

"Stop calling me that already!" Frosty yelled at Boulder, before blowing at him. The strong breeze pushed Boulder away. Alice then leaped towards Frosty, knocking him down. "Get off of me!" Frosty exclaimed, trying to get Alice off of him. The ice-powered teenager grabbed Alice, and blowing at her, created a powerful breeze, blowing her far away.

"Alice!" Alex cried out loud, as he dashed away to catch Alice before she fell.

Meanwhile, Tommy looked at Frosty. "What ice cream flavor do you like?"

"Vanilla." Frosty replied, looking back at Tommy. After a few seconds, he shook his head, and looked at Tommy again. "Wait a moment, why am I talking with you?" Tommy just shrugged, not knowing what to respond to Frosty's question. "Time to freeze."

"Ok. I know exactly what to do in times like this." Tommy said. He ran away, yelling like crazy. "Help! Help! That guy wants to freeze us! We're doomed!"

Frosty just rolls his eyes, before he starts chasing Tommy. "Come back here!" He yelled, trying to catch up with Tommy.

Meanwhile, Alex flew as fast as he could, until he caught Alice. "That's a relief." Alex said, glad he managed to catch Alice before she hit the ground. "Are you ok, Alice?"

Alice blushed a bit. "I'm ok thanks to you, Alex." She said, hugging him. Alex flew back to Frosty, carrying Alice along with him. He then placed Alice on the ground, before heading towards Frosty to fight again.

"Ok, this ends now, Frosty." Alex said, standing firmly as he stared at Frosty.

"You're right." Frosty replied, before shooting more ice beams at Alex. Alex dashed out of the way, dodging the ice beams again.
Tommy noticed Frosty had stopped chasing him. He stopped running and yelling, and instead watched the battle. Alice grabbed a snowball, and tossed it at Frosty, hitting him. "Stop attacking my friends, you jerk!" Frosty gives her an angry stare, before shooting ice beams towards her. Alice hides behind a rock, protecting herself from the ice beams. She then pops out of her hiding place, and tossed another snowball at Frosty. Frosty began ice-skating towards Alice, but by doing so, he gave Alex a perfect opening to attack him. Alex flew to Frosty, punched him several times in fast succession, and then did an uppercut, sending Frosty flying upwards, before finishing the combo by jumping and kicking Frosty in mid-air, tossing him into a building. Frosty crashed into the building, leaving a large hole where he collided.

"Ugh..." Frosty muttered. "That was a cold move, but I'm not ready to give up yet." Frosty hurried to return where Alex was, in order to finish him off. He shot ice beams at Alex while he was coming at him, but Alex managed to dodge the ice beams again.

While this happened, Alice saw Boulder coming back. "Boulder, are you ok?" she asked him.

"I'm alright." Boulder replied, smiling confidently. "It takes more blows than that to take down this boulder!" He then looked at Frosty, who was attacking Alex again. "Ok, time to finish this." He says. He grabbed the rock Alice had been hiding behind, and tossed it at Frosty.

Frosty looked at Boulder, and saw the huge rock coming towards him. "Holy snowflakes!" Frosty rushed out of the way to avoid being smashed by the rock that had been tossed at him. Tommy saw the scene from a distance, and awed amazed. Perhaps Boulder wasn't the fastest, but when it came to brute strength, he was unmatched.

Alex hurried to face Frosty. Boulder rushed towards Frosty as well. Frosty saw both of them coming towards him from different directions, and started to blow, in an attempt to push them away. Alice tossed a snowball directly at his face, making Frosty unable to see for a few seconds. As Frosty was busy taking the snow off of his face, Boulder and Alex both approached him, and began to attack him. By the time Frosty had taken the snow off of his face, it was too late. He was being beaten up by Alex and Boulder. Frosty tried blowing them away, but he took an uppercut from Boulder, ruining the attempt. After a few more hits from Alex and Boulder, Frosty fell onto the ground, defeated.

"No!" Frosty cried, as he realized he had failed his mission. He had been so close, but he had been bested by Alex and his friends.

"Ok Frosty, now get rid of all this snow and ice, and return the weather back to normal." Alex demanded.

"What?" Frosty said, frustrated. "I don't have to do that!"

Boulder gave him a death stare, showing his fists. "Want another round?" He asked.

"No!" Frosty cried. "Alright, alright, you win! I'll return everything back to normal." After saying this, Frosty reverted what he had done, returning the warm summer weather, and causing the ice and snow to melt. Summer was back! "Fine, there you go. Happy now?"

"That'll do." Alex said. "You can leave now."

"Fine!" Frosty replied, as he left the beach, moving slowly due to the damage he has taken. "Dr. Zack isn't going to be happy when he hears that Blast won again..."

The citizens of Peachwood all cheered as they saw everything had returned to normal. Now everyone could go back to enjoying a peaceful day at the beach. But first, they all went to Alex to congratulate him for saving the day once again.

"Thank you everyone, but I couldn't have done it without my friends." Alex said. He signaled Alice, Tommy and Boulder to come join him. Everyone at the beach cheered for them, celebrating that they had saved the day.

"Thanks. You're all so nice." Alice said to the crowd. "I think we can all go back to enjoying this beautiful day at the beach."

Alex nodded. "Yeah. Go ahead and have fun, everyone!" The crowd cheered, as they returned to their activities. Surfing, playing volleyball, making sand castles, tanning, and much more. Alex and his friends took off the winter clothes, and gave them back to Boulder.

"Hey, Boulder, are you going to stay and enjoy the rest of the day with us?" Tommy asked.

"I'd love to, but I've got some stuff to take care of. Sorry guys, but I'll join you some other day." Boulder replied. "Have fun!" He said before leaving the beach.

"Bye Boulder! Thanks for your help!" Alex said, waving his hand as Boulder left.

"Well, Dr. Zack's minion has been defeated, and now it's time to have some fun." Alice said, sitting on her beach chair.

"You're right, Alice." Alex said. "Let's have some fun. Hey Tommy, want to build a sand castle?"

"That does sound good, but do you know what would be perfect right now?" Tommy asked, with a smirk.

"What do you have in mind?" Alice asked Tommy.

"Getting some ice cream!" Tommy exclaimed. Alex and Alice laughed a bit.

"Sure Tommy, let's go get some ice cream." Alex replied. "I'll pay this time." Tommy chuckled, glad that he'd finally get to enjoy some ice cream.

"Yay!" Tommy exclaimed, as he, Alice and Tommy went over to the ice cream shop to get some ice cream cone.

"You know... I can't help but feel we forgot about something." Alex said to his friends as they made their way to the ice cream shop.
"Really?" Alice asked. "What could that be?"

As soon as they arrived at the ice cream shop, they saw the huge hole Boulder left in the entrance when he broke the door. "Oh, I think it's that." Alice said.

And that was the story of the day snow fell in Peachwood during the summer.

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