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April 11th Entry. NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo 2019
Discoveries abound in science today,
but what of the days of yore?
When underground heathen fantasy thrived,
in enlightened cabals.

A history obscured by modern Romans,
of the cloth, extremists.
Though scant traces still lie in textbooks,
where figures walked wise.

One such story involved an alchemist,
lounging against a tree.
When an apple conked his cranium,
his global perspective changed.

His view altered universal laws,
and brought about a new age,
Why they now label him a scientist,
I will never know.

Pages of history unwritten or,
ripped with careless abandon.
For the betterment of zealots,
though not all the churches fault.

Fanatics alone erased the alchemist,
but kept the apple,
An Edenic symbol of folly,
lost synergic union.
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