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Time flies

Silver Anniversary

WC 291

It should have been our silver anniversary. That means twenty-five years with the same partner for anyone that keeps track of those things. Does anyone do that now? I mean, stay together for twenty-five years?

Just think of it, getting together with your high school sweetheart. You and he have a wonderful idea. "Let's get married! Have a bunch of kids and grow old together!" says he. You fall for the romance of it all. Sounds good when you are seventeen. After all, you are in love! Anything with the love of your week sounds good. "Let's do it!"

A flurry of plans and off you both go. Like the ticking of a clock: tick, tick tick, and time is running out. Jobs and kids and a house and then reality sets in.

"Dream big!" you told your children. "Don't let life hold you back."

But what did you dream? Was it living in this house? By yourself? Maybe you never had a dream beyond what a seventeen-year-old girl dreamt. All she thought of was just loving and living.

"I am only forty-two years old! I am not old!" you say to yourself one day. "I can do this."

The ring John gave you twenty-five years ago was worth more than you thought! Hah - fancy that! It paid for a lot of schooling.

So on what should be your golden anniversary, kudos all around! You, now Dr. Emily Harrison, are greeted by her children and grandchildren. "Congratulations, Mom! We knew you could do it!"

You just made the most amazing discovery. It would change the world as we know it. But first, you had to get rid of that twenty-five-year-old ring. Who knew it was that easy?

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