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2 viewpoints from a date
Two sides to every story

She showed up in a nice pair of jeans and a sweet leather coat. She liked me and of course, she was trying to impress me, to be honest, I think she's totally hot! Color me impressed. We were here to play pool. The Eagles club that I was a member of was pretty much empty tonight and I had her all to myself. It had been three weeks since our first date and I'm feeling those butterflies again tonight. I plan on kissing her at the end of the date; being that this is our fourth date and I hadn't yet attempted a kiss. I haven't even had a girlfriend in four years let alone kissed one. On the other hand, let's just see how things go tonight, so far I like this girl.

"You look fantastic tonight hun." I like complimenting her because she blushes and it's so cute when her Smiling face turns red, almost as red as her hair.

"Thank you, I decided to dress up tonight for you." She smiles back at me.

I dressed up a little bit too tonight, I wore my best Jeans and a button up dress shirt, but nothing too fancy, casual, I thought I would look better to her if I wore better clothes than I normally do.

"Well, you look great, even when you don't dress up." I say winking at her, again she just blushed and smiled. I like all this smiling and laughing, she's got such a pretty smile as well as a cute little laugh, it's kind of hardy. "So when are you going to let me count your freckles?" I say to get a good laugh out of her, my palms still kind of sweaty from my nervousness.

"On one of my days off, that could take a while." She says with a giggle. We take off our coats and hang them up on the coat rack. She had on an old AC/DC shirt.

"Good taste, are you an eighties rock fan?"

"Why else would I be wearing this shirt?" She laughs.

I go over and rack the balls while she looked for a good stick. I pull mine out of the cabinet.

"Hey, this stick looks cool, come here and check this out." I walked over and she held the stick horizontally in front of her and as I came up behind her she gracefully stepped back into me. I put my head on her shoulder and hesitated for a few seconds before I put my arms around her waist. I wasn't sure if she'd like me touching her like that but she didn't pull away, in fact, she snuggled back into me even more. This felt right, like we were supposed to be doing this.

"Oh, that's cool." There was an eagle burned into the shaft with a name and a year burned into it. "1956. This is old, check to see if it's still straight?" I told her and we found out that it was much to our surprise.

"Ok, this is the stick I'm using."

"Cool, you want a beer?" She gives me a nod. "Be right back."

"You better hope that stick brings you some good luck because I'm going to kick your but!" I said as I handed her bud light to her.

"That's ok because I can tell you're having delusions of grandeur." She said. "I'll try to go easy on you."

"Beautiful break." I told her.

"Were you watching my break or my but?" She said laughing.

"I plead the fifth." I said with a smile my breathing was a little more rapid than normal, I wasn't sure how she'd react to that comment.

"How's work going? That guy still coming in and giving you problems?" I asked after a few shots.

"Yeah, but I got it handled I think. Why? Are you going to come in and beat him up for me?"

"You know I would." I told her with a playful grin.

"So you'd get me fired?"

"Na, nobody would know." I said as she took her next shot.

"He would, and that creep would make sure I paid for it, seriously." She looked up at me with a determined look.

"C'mon, Chill, I was just messing with you." 'Smooth move you idiot!' I thought. "I would stand up for you, you know." I said as I was taking my shot. That was the end of the troubling conversations for the rest of the night.

"Ready for some dinner?" I asked as we finished up our second game. She won one and I won one. She looked relaxed and I was much more at ease as well. She was easy to talk to.

"Let's go." She said. "We'll take my truck that way we're not taking two cars and wasting gas, that's a golden commodity these days."
"Sounds fine to me."

'God I hope he doesn't think I was too pushy. I already got irritated with him one time tonight. I don't want him to not like me.' I thought as we were getting into my truck. 'Great! What do I talk to him about now? My skin was beginning to get clammy and I was losing my breath, luckily he started in on some superficial stuff that all couples seem to know about each other.

"So you like AC/DC what other bands do you like? Mettalica? Def Lepard? Motley crue?"

"Yeah." I said anxiously. 'I hope those are all bands he likes too.' I think to myself and then I thought, 'Duhh, he obviously likes them too or he wouldn't have brought them up.'

"Yeah I like some of the newer rock too, 30 seconds to mars, nickleback, and Disturbed's version of 'sounds of silence'. But mostly I listen to 30 seconds to mars and the 80's stuff. Not just the rock either, I like the pop stuff too." He said looking straight at me to see my reactions.
I parked and we went inside.
The first thing we saw was all the cool ice cream flavors. We went straight past those to the counter and ordered the pizza. 'Crap! He doesn't have enough money!' I thought. 'Oh crap! He doesn't have enough money, God, this could be a disaster-wait. No cool he's got it. I gotta make sure I leave the tip.'

We went and found a booth and sat down. I was worried that he would sit next to me. That would mean all he wanted from me was sex. I like him, more would be better at this point, at most a good kiss, it's been four dates. 'I wonder if he even likes me like that, God I hope so. Good! He sat across from me, now we can look each other straight in the eyes.

"So where are you from? Did you grow up here?" That was an unexpected question. 'In the last three dates he's only kept the conversation light, airy and full of flirtatious sarcasm. Maybe he does want to get to know me for me.'

"I was born here but after school, I moved to Montana with my boyfriend and got a job at a pizza parlor." I told him nervously. "I was young and stupid, but I met this woman, by the way, are you at all apprehensive about bi-sexual women?"

"I've heard the rumors; I wouldn't be here if that were a problem." He told me in a soft voice. "I like you. All of you, just don't go seeing a woman while you're seeing me. That would be bad." He said with a curious grin.

We finished eating; both of us had two pieces left.

"Good thing you're a hearty eater, I hate those women who are afraid to eat." He told me. I felt a little self-conscious that I had eaten too much, but then he helped me put on my coat. I thought he was going to kiss me right there in the restaurant he held me so close. He didn't. 'He must be building the suspense he's touching me so tenderly.'

We walked right past the ice cream section and they had some weird flavors like pop rocks. We had decided to come back and try it after I handed him a mint. He absorbed it into his mouth like a good boy. I knew he was going to try and kiss me. He had been really close putting on my coat, I knew it was going well. That penny I put in my shoe should bring me good luck.

We pulled up to his place and sure enough, he kissed me! I was so happy! He jumped out of the truck and we made plans for the next day. I drove home happy. 'He likes me! He likes me!' That's alright with me because now I'm going to go home and go to bed happy.

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