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Entry into the THE PINK FLUFFY UNICORN CONTEST... if you can believe that.
The swayback horse and old lop eared rabbit were caged near one another
Each had had quite a long Saturday at the fair's petting zoo
Horse, the gray gelding, complained about his stiff back
While Bunny moaned about the rough handling of his aging joints
They both pondered, and Horse asked if Bunny hated the children
Bunny said he didn't, even though some were mean, most just wanted to play
Almost all the children Horse carried all day were fine, too, with a few exceptions
But they both disliked almost all the adults a great deal
Too many slammed kids on his back, slapped him, and yanked his harness
Bunny snarled about the one who dropped him and ruined his back legs

As they talked more, Horse had the idea they should just leave
Bunny thought the word he really wanted was escape
Yet, they both had ideas on how they might actually get free
Although they didn't know the words, the days of the week were clear
The two that were busiest, and most painful, were followed by one of rest
That was the day, they conspired, that they could possibly get away
When it came it was foul with drizzle, cold, and fog
It made their start easy, with Horse opening both his stall and her cage
Bunny had no jump in her, but with a toothy pinch, Horse dropped her on his back
They had a good lead, but the humans followed the hoof prints in the mud

They came to the base of a cliff with a small waterfall
There was no where else to go, but they agreed it had been worth running
Ten feet above there was a ledge, with small caves behind it, and they'd left no rabbit tracks
Horse got as close as he could, stretched his neck, but Bunny couldn't jump up

With every effort he had, Horse lifted his head to the outcrop
As he stretched, the dark sky opened with a ray of light, and then magic happened
Horse slowly grew a horn on his forehead aimed at the ledge that was just out of reach
But Bunny laughed, bounced off his head and up to the rock outcrop above
They were bathed in the healing light of the rainbow and felt wonderful
Then, both were turned a beautiful bright white, and they smiled with new knowledge

Bunny asked his friend where he would go next
Horse, who was reborn to run, would avoid man and hide, only rarely to be seen by children

The old rabbit had other plans, and told his uni-corned buddy
They both laughed knowing it would be a pox on adults

The Bunny of the People Festivals will give children gifts each year, but secretly hide them!
They would both hide well from men, they agreed, until met well once again

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