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As I look down at my wristwatch, wondering if the damn thing had lost time again, I noticed the light coming from the street-lamp above me begins to flicker. The lights, they always flicker. It means he's arrived, and suddenly, my bones are ice cold...

You see, I've always considered myself to be an honest cop. While other badges were takin favors and hush money, I kept my nose straight and I always did what I believed was right. That was, until the circus came to town. Funny, ain't it? You wouldn't think something as amazing and light-hearted as the circus would be the cause of so much pain and misery in this city. Good cops gone dirty, families terrified to leave their houses past sundown, and me. A pathetic schmuck who was once a hero, reduced to a sniveling little girl in the presence of "The Big Top". Thats the nickname the boys back at the station gave him. The reality was, he was the most sick and sadistic creature any of us have ever laid our eyes on. Not that many have ACTUALLY laid their eyes on him. Just us lucky few he blackmailed into doing his bidding and DIDN'T kill almost immediately after taking over our town.

See Big Top is a one man circus act. He's able to lift entire car engines over his head, contort his body into the most disturbing and twisted positions possible, he has the agility and speed of a wild cat, and that smile. That horrible, terrifying smile. It never leaves his face. No matter what situation he find himself in, whether it's conducting business at the pier or gutting some poor bastard with his favorite filet knife, the smile never waivers. Always calm, always happy.

Tonight I was told to be at the pier at exactly midnight. Cliche right? Well, here I am at 12:17 am and not a single sign of Big Top or of his many looney goons. Also circus acts if you couldn't imagine. The twins are his messengers. Jesus, do they creep me out. They speak in rhyme and sometimes alternate words or sentences when delivering our jobs. Huey is the muscle. "Strongest man alive" they say. I mean, behind Big Top that is. And the wolf boy, Jameson, he's the sidekick. Never really see him do much other than peek out from the car when Big Top rolls his window down. Yeah, bunch of fuckin freaks, thats for sure. But make no mistake, they'll rip your tongue out of your head and force you to sing Sinatra without a second thought.

Now, the lights. Like I said, they always flicker when Big Top makes an appearance. Must be important. Or it means I'm not maikn it back off this pier. Either way, I pretend im not literally about to shit myself as the car door in front of me swings open. "Hello Captain. Its been faaaar toooo looong." Big top says with an extra wide grin, really highlighting the rot and gum disease that plagues his mouth. "What can I do for you Big Top?" I exert, attempting to show some form of confidence in the face of literal evil.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2187892