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the easter bunny

Excitement and wonder fills my young spirit
Rushing me down the stairs by two's
Momma has promised the greatest surprise
An afternoon with the Easter Bunny

There he stands on two oversized feet
A plush bunny smiling in a bright colored vest
Intuition whispers something isn't quite right
I circle with suspicion, eyeing the source

I'm not at all surprised when my truth has been told
Our bunny here has a metal zipper attached to his cotton tail!
I point and I jab and release my rudest vocabulary
Then run out the door with my little heart broken

Through the woods, my shoes pitter-patter against the foliage
I run and run until I notice I'm lost
The trees have changed
And the woods just seem different

My petite form slides down a tree trunk
Collapsing into a desperate cry
I've lost my way but most of all
I've lost my belief in the bunny

A crinkle then a snap brings me alert
And before me, I don't believe my eyes
A pastel goddess stands before me
In a purple and pink array of beauty

A unicorn, I believe from the stories I've heard
But how could it be?
The creature moves closer and nuzzles his nose
To help lift me from the soil

His mane is a pastel marvel, mixed with love
And his horn is twisted with glee
His eyes reflect a soft kindness
I reach out and pet him, pleased by the silky embrace

My dear new friend lowers his body so I climb aboard
Is this a dream, I wonder?
I pinch my arm but feel every last bit of the pain
He gallops through the woods which appear to have turned to forest

The wind blows my hair,
Bringing me to life with
A smile plastered on my face
And excitement coursing through my veins

He slows to a stop and before me, one hops
A wild bunny with an egg in his mouth
The weight of the world is lifted from my chest
And my dreams are true at last

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