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In the second part of the journey, both Trooper and Sam continue to search the environment
Beagle Embarkation: Part 2
Trooper suddenly noticed the trail of poppies awaiting before him, and he began to follow it. He followed the trail of poppies and looked up at the mysterious skies in the forest he was in. "Where am I?" Trooper thought out loud. "Everything seems so perfect, so mystical, like a dream..." Trooper made it to the end of the trail and saw the next message. It read;
We know you best, our little trooper.

With your big ears, and little paws that maneuver.

All your features that make you special to us, Like your round plump nose and your big eyes that glisten. That is the color of the sea and resembles dandelions.

Follow this path of glistening dandelions and you'll be one step closer, to being united.

Trooper found the path of fallen dandelions, waiting for him through the forest. Trooper followed the trail of dandelions that led to another part of the forest. While he was following the trail, he just noticed how high up he was, he noticed the amazing view of an opening in the forest, he stared at the amazing view, he stared, and stared, but he knew that he had no time to stare at this view, he had to keep following this trail, and stay focused.
He kept following the trail of dandelions for about ten minutes, he kept focusing on the trail, looking upon it, until he hit a wall of bushes, a dead end.
"What's this? A dead end?" Trooper said while rubbing his head. "This can't be, the trail ends here." He suddenly noticed half a dandelion, sticking out of a bush. "The trail must go beyond the bushes." Trooper said to himself. He pushed through the bushes and found out that he was right. There was more trail beyond the bushes. The trail lead on to something shiny. He slowly walked along the rest of the trail, he focused on the trail, dandelion by dandelion, until he almost fell into the pond in front of him. "The trail ends here" He said confused. He looked around for another clue or message that could help him. He suddenly found another message, carved onto a stone beside him.
Your always so smart, with your

cleverness and wits.

And your so funny, and enjoyable to be with.

To continue on, you must take a

secret passage,

one that will involve getting your

fur wet.

Plunge into the pond, the special

luminescent flowers will guide your way,

follow these flowers, and you would

find the next challenge that awaits.

Trooper knew what he had to do now, he had to plunge into the water and find out what's at the end.
Trooper took one, long. breath and plunged into the water, splashing the fine surrounding grass with pond water.
He opened his eyes in the bluish water, looking for any secret pathway he could follow. He suddenly saw a glimpse of something greenish, glowing, a luminescent flower. He swam to the flower with his little doggie paddle and found a whole trail of luminescent flowers. He knew what he had to do. He swam along the trail of flowers and held his breath as much as he could, again, this whole experience felt as if he was in some kind of weird dream. He finally got to the end of the underwater trail and saw the opening above. He swam up to the opening, breathing in air once reaching the surface. He found himself in another pond and looked up at the darkening sky, with the sun nearly completely covered by the mountains in the distance, "It is getting dark, I must find these pups soon and hope there is shelter there that I can stay in." He looked around and saw that this part of the forest, didn't look the same as the rest of the forest. This didn't even look anything like the beautiful flower forest, it was the exact opposite of that.
This part of the forest, if it was part of it, looked even worse than the regular mountains. It was all jumbled and unorganized, with trees that fallen all over the grounds. All the noises of animals and wildlife seemed even spooker and the only grass or plants were dried up and worn out.
Trooper became worried and looked around anywhere to see anything that can tell him if he's still on the right trail. Suddenly he found one, final message, carved onto a nearby tree.
He got out of the pond, soaking wet, and shook himself dry. He cautiously stepped towards the final carving.
It read;

You have made it past my trails,

embracing the beauty of the forest,

and passing through all the bales.

But passing through this next segment,

won't be so easy. and I have run out of

flowers, or anything to make trails with,


So for this final challenge, you will be on your own,

This part of the forest, is not like any other.

You are entering the wild side of the forest, where

there is much danger.

Use all your cleverness, wits and instincts,

in order to reach where we all stay.

I know you can do this, my brave, young brother, just

follow your instincts, and you can do this,

Good luck Trevor.

"Trevor, is that my real name?" Trooper thought to himself, "Nevermind that, I have to get through this part of the forest, it won't be easy, but I have to do this.

Meanwhile (12 hours earlier) me and Uncle Earen were just arriving at the mountain resort. It was now 6:00 by the time we got there, with the sun just rising over the mountains.
         We got out of the truck, and hurried over to the main area. We both knew that the only place Trooper could have gone, was the mountain area. We hurried over to the mountain area, got on our bikes, which Uncle Earen luckily remembered to bring, and peadled off into the mountain trail.
         We peadled as hard as we could, but didn't realize that our lack of sleep was defentilly slowing us down. By the time we got to the peaceful river area on the mountain trail, we were so sleepy and worn out that we simply couldn't pedal any longer.
         "Hey, Sam..." Uncle Earen panted, "I'm so sleepy and tired by the lack of sleep that I cant even ride my bike any longer!" He laughed, "Me too.." I said tiredly, sitting on the bench, Even my motivation and determination couldn't fend off my sleepiness. "Mabe, we can take a little power nap." Uncle Earen yawned, "No, we can't..." I said, yawning myself and laying on the bench. "Come on Sam... just for a little bit..." "No.. we have to go find my dog... Trooper..." And as soon as I knew it, I was fast asleep on the small bench.
         We slept, and slept, for a whole two hours, until I finally woke up at 8:00 a.m.
I woke up with a start, and realized that we had overslept. "Oh no, no, no, no." I said furious with myself, "We overslept! How could I let this happen!" I checked my wrist watch, "Its been two hours, we got to get moving, now!" I went to wake up Uncle Earen. "Uncle Earen!" I shouted over his snores. He woke up with a yelp. "Oh! Hey Sam!, How did you s_" "Uncle Earen! We've been sleeping for two hours! It's now eight o' clock, we gotta get back to finding Trooper, now!" "Ok Sam hold your horses, I'll get up and get ready right now... Just give me a sec." I hastily fixed myself and put on my shoes, I got on my bike and put it into gear. "Uncle Earen! Hurry up!" I called. "Okay Samuel..." Uncle Earen groaned as he laced up his shoes and got on his bike. We peadled off on our bikes and started on the trail.
         "So what does this dog look like again?" Uncle Earen asked catching up beside me. "He has a white and brown coat of fur, long brown floppy ears, and big, beautiful eyes, resembling a view of the mountains, you should have an idea of what he looks like by now Uncle Earen." "Right, right, I remember now.." Now that we were rested, we pedaled a lot faster and made much more progress than before, We pedaled on the usual trail for mountain biking, over the rocky bumps, through the artificial tunnels, around the enormous tree site, and all the way to the top of the mountain, where you get that amazing view of the whole mountain site. "We've skimmed the trail," I said catching my breath, "But we gotta check more thoroughly." "You sure Sam?" Uncle Earen said while catching his breath, "We've been biking yesterday, and now we're gonna do more?" I nodded, "Sure, Uh I guess, I'm always up for extra exercise." We got on our bikes, and rode down the trail, all over again.
We did this about five times, Up and down, Up and down, until it was 2:00 pm. I would only do this for my dog.
Once we got up to the top of the mountain, for the fifth time, we were literally soaked in sweat and both of our bodies was aching. "Hey," *pant* "Sam, I can't believe I'm saying this but, I can't go on anymore..." "We can't give up now." I said sharply, ignoring all my tiredness and aching. "I'm not leaving without my dog." "We've clearly searched the whole mountain trail from every nook and cranny." Uncle Earen began to conversate, "That is true," I said, "Trooper can't be on the mountain trail, we've looked everywhere on this trail." I looked out onto the mountain be is, "That only means one thing," I started to say, "He must not be on the trail, he must be off the trail, out there, somewhere..." "Wait, Sam." "We have to go out there, search, at least we can try."
"Sam, were doing a whole lot of exercise, and we are kinda pushing the limits here... I mean come on, your asking to go out into the wild and off the trail, risking our lives. " My heart started to sink and I started to lose hope. "But... you know me and I have no limits, so lets do it! I kinda like that magey mutt anyway and I would hate for you to be unhappy without him either, tomorrow we can recover from all this exercise and the hangliding can wait." "Thank you Uncle Earen!" I said gratefully and almost hugging him. "Well come on, let's at least search outside the trail for an hour, just so we can be sure." "Ready when you are! Uncle Earen called already getting on his bike, "Ready when you are." I replied while getting on my bike. "Were gonna head off trail, with no security, and no society, are you ready?" "I'm ready," I said confidently, "Okay then," Uncle Earen said under his breath, "let's do thi          We peadled off into the direction where the trail ends, passing the Trail stops here sign, and rushing down the great mountain.
However, this time biking through the mountains, I was smiling, smiling due to feeling hope and feeling confident about finding Trooper, smiling due to having someone by my side, someone that would help me while finding Trooper and not questioning my decisions. So I had a reason to smile. "Hey Sam," Uncle Earen suddenly began to say, "I've heard that dogs and other pets from owners around here have been reported lost," What are you trying to say?" I asked and giving a confused look. "I mean, people who go hiking around here reported hearing strange barking and other noises from pets. And if that's not crazy enough, some hikers have even reported seeing a strange flower forest somewhere beyond the trail, they've made theories that the missing pets are inhabiting this forest and are being lured there by some kind of urge. Sounds crazy right?" I nodded with a weird impression on my face. "But it's only a myth, probably, that's just too strange to be true." "I don't think Trooper's lost in some kind of mysterious flower forest, but he's out there, somewhere, we just have to find him." Since we were off the trail, there simply wasn't any trail to ride on, we were riding on solid grass and land which made riding the bicycle exceptionally harder to ride. "I hope he's okay," I said to myself, "He must be so scared out there, all alone, in the wild, I just hope he's safe, for now..."
We started hearing the sound of wild animals, but not dangerous ones, hearing the sounds of birds chirping, squirrels rustling, and owls hooting put me at ease. But I also had to stay focused.
"So," I began to say, "If I was Trooper, where would I run off to." "I don't know exactly," Uncle Earen admitted, "But try thinking about what he likes, what he's attracted to." "Good idea, Trooper really likes flowers, for some reason, and he is also very curious." Suddenly, I felt something touch my nose, a raindrop. "Uh oh..." I said worriedly and looking up at the gray sky, "What is it, a mountain lion!" "No Uncle Earen, It's gonna start raining soon, I'm positive, just look at the gray sky." We both looked up, "Yeah your right Sam, we better find this dog, fast."
We started to speed up. Another droplet fell on my nose, then another, and another, suddenly it started to sprinkle.
"Oh no." We both said together, "It's not that bad, it's just sprinkling, let's keep searching." "Let's just hope it doesn't get worse" Uncle Earen said worriedly.
We continued riding as the sprinkling got worse and turned into raining. "It doesn't look like it's getting any better..." Uncle Earen said mournful. "We better take shelter and cover from this rain," I suggested, "That way we can have more time to think. We rode around for a little bit longer trying to find someplace to shelter in.
"There! A cave!" I pointed at a small abandoned cave in the corner. We rode to the small cave and laid our bikes against the inside cave materiel, we then settled down, exhausted and soaking wet.
"Okay, were safe, now we can settle down."
Uncle Earen panted, "I sure hope there's no bears in here," I said trembling, "And the rain still isn't getting any better..."
"So anyway, what about this Trooper, he doesn't seem to be anywhere." "He's gotta be around here somewhere, I hope... And if we don't find him, at least we can say we tried." Uncle Earen sighed and slouched on the stony wall. "So, got any bright ideas on finding him now? I mean, you know him best." "Well.." I said shyly, "Trooper is very curious, that's all that I can say, he could've of ran off anywhere"
I looked out into the rain, "I wonder why he ran off in the first place, you said that people made theories about pets running off here due do some king of urge. If that's true with Trooper, then what could my dog want more than me..."
Uncle Earen saw my expression and quickly changed the subject, "Hey, the rains seems to be calming down now, maybe we can go back out and search for Trooper again." "Ye_Yeah!" I said snapping out of it, "Let's do that, I'll be fine."
We got on our wet, soaking, bikes and started to pedal but then realized that we couldn't pedal due to the dirt ground being too moist and muddy to ride on. "What are we gonna do now?" I asked over the pitter patter of the rain, "The ground is too muddy to ride on. How are we going to get around now?" "We're gonna have to travel on foot!" Uncle Earen shouted over the rain, "We'll just leave the bikes in the cave, we'll come back for them later." "Are you sure Uncle Earen?!" I said surprised, "I know these bikes cost you a lot of money and you saved up so much just for these bikes! Are you sure you want to put them at risk like this?" "I'm sure," Uncle Earen gave me a small, assuring smile, "Now come on! Let's go."
         We put our bikes deep into the cave so they would be hidden and Uncle Earen quickley grabbed his backpack and we went back outside into the rain to start trudging through the mountains on foot. "You okay so far little man?" Uncle Earen asked me respectfully, "Yeah, I'm fine." and I gave him a small, reassuring smile. At this point I noticed that me and Uncle Earen were actully getting along, not like we were becoming friends and all, but he was being really understanding and we were able to relate with each other, maybe my mother was right, me and Uncle Earen would get along someday, and that day be today I guess.
         The rain "was" getting better before but now it was actually getting worse. The rain started to speed up and more and more clouds started to roll in. The sky was turning even darker and the rain got even heaver. Suddenly, a faint rumbling sound came from distant clouds in the sky. We both were thinking the exact same thing, A storm is coming.
         Now this made us really worried because when your in the mountains and a storm is in your area, a lot of drastic things could happen that could be deadly; A bolt of lightning could strike a tree and cause a wildfire that can burn up the whole mountain, The heavy Rain could cause a mudslide that can totally eat you up and could be lethal in some cases, If your near a lake or river or some kind of body of water, of course a tsunami can happen and could definitely be lethal if you get caught in the water. All these possible happenings give you a reason to be worried if your in the mountains and your in a storm, and that's the worry me and Uncle Earen had right now.
         "Oh no... a storm is approaching and we're in the worst possible area for a storm to form, Oh my goodness this is bad_" "Relax Sam, we'll be fine I'm sure of it." But even Uncle Earen didn't sound so sure. "Okay yeah, we'll be fine, I sure hope we'll be fine, let's just keep searchin_" Suddenly I heard a strange sound, not thunder, not a wild animal, but waves, like the ones in a large body of water. "Hey Uncle Earen..." I said cautiously, "Do you hear that? It sounds like waves. "Waves? How could you hear waves? They only form in oceans and lakes_" Suddenly, Uncle Earen heard it too, waves. "Bu_But how can that be? There's no oceans or lakes around here." Uncle Earen said looking confused. "It's coming from over there!" I said pointing north. We both stopped in our tracks, dead silent, I walked cautiously towards a blockage of trees and bushes and pushed through, what I saw next, was definitely a sight to behold.
         Meanwhile, Trooper was experiencing the wonders of the Wild Side of the mountains. He already fell head first in mud puddles, got ambushed by not so nice critters ,like savage rabbits, squirrels, eagles, and racoons, and accidently slipped and fell into a green, murky pond, not to mention the inconvenience of the rain.
         "So far this experience has been exceptionally bad, but I'm actually lucky to still be in one piece, so thank goodness for that..." Trooper found a small, bare, cluster of bushes to rest in without getting spotted. "Right here I can rest and also be hidden from other wild animals, hopefully..." Trooper curled himself up from the coldness of the rain with his tail and rested his eyes to get some rest.
Just as he started to doze off, he heard a faint snarling in the distance. Trooper simply ignored this and continued to rest.
He heard it again, a little louder but still faint, he ignored it again. Suddenly, he heard growling, not in the distance, but very, very close, watching him. His heart stopped, his ears didn't even perk up, he knew exactly what was watching him, a mountain lion, waiting to pounce, to seek its prey.
Trooper didn't know what to do now, he just stayed there, dead silent, not making a single move. He looked at his near surroundings, he could see trees, bushes, nothing that could help him. So he had just one last option that could help him, to run.
He looked for directions to run to, he saw a small opening of grass and bushes that could give him a good start, so he took this opportunity to run, to run like he's never ran before.
He ran, and ran, not even turning around to know that the mountain lion was close behind. He knew that he couldn't out run a mountain lion and he couldn't lose it by changing direction.
"I need to get higher ground to get away from the mountain lion, it's my only chance, but how can I do that?"
He looked around for anything that could help him, all he could see was trees, so there was only one thing to do.
He scrambled up a tree to try to get higher ground, once he did, he felt a little safer, but there was always a possibility the mountain lion could do something to get to him. The mountain lion appeared into view, looking around for its prey.
         Suddenly, it spotted Trooper in the high up tree, Trooper slightly flinched. It snarled in frustration a approached closer to the tree. Trooper backed away. "What is it trying to do now?" Trooper thought in fear. The mountain lion attempted to scramble up the tree, rustling the tree and almost made Trooper lose balance.
         The mountain gave up trying to climb up the tree, it growled in anger and started to retreat out of the area, "This is my chance, I can maybe continue on." Trooper began to climb down the tree cautiously as the unexpected happened. The mountain lion suddenly came running back and directly charged at the tree with such force that Trooper lost balance and almost fell, THWACK! The mountain lion charged again at the tree, making Trooper lose balance again and made him stumble off the branch. But luckley, trooper caught himself and was hanging off the branch with his little claws digging into the branch meat. THWACK! The tree shook once more and caused Trooper to lose his grip and fall down to the hungry beast below.
         But just as he was falling in mid-air, a dark, lightning fast blur flew across the sky, capturing Trooper, like a hawk. The mountain lion was dazed and confused, not knowing what just happened, It gave up and retreated, permanently.
         Trooper and the blur spun around and formed a bronze, white, glowing figure in the moonlight. They slowed down and caught a glimpse of each other in perfect resolution, like an HD photograph. Trooper saw that the blur turned out to be the mysterious girl adeleciant pup, Talyia
"I_It's You!" They both said to each other in awe. "Tailya, i_is that right" Taliya didn't say a single word, she just went ahead and hugged Trooper tightly.
They both landed on the ground with a small thump. "This way," She ordered quietly, "We have to get back to Rincon" Trooper followed her, confused, but just listened. Taliya led herself and Trooper through the environment until they reached another swampy pond. "Like in my message to get you here," Taliya began to say, "Your gonna have to go underwater again, this will take us to the Middle," Trooper obviously didn't understand what Taliya was talking about.
Tailya backed up, and then plunged into the water, making a small splash. Trooper hesitated, but then followed Taliya and plunged into the murky water too.
Inside, the water was so moldy green that Trooper couldn't see a thing. But suddenly, he saw a figure of while and brown, he followed it, knowing it was Tailya. The pathway through the water became smaller and smaller until only there was just enough space for him to fit, and Trooper defentilly did not like that.
They jumped out of the water and onto dry land. They both shakes themselves off and continued walking. Trooper looked around, "What is this mysterious place?..." Trooper thought to himself. "This," Taliya began to say, "Is the Middle, the reason why it's called this is because this forest is exactly in the middle of the mountains." Trooper didn't say a thing, he just gazed at the beautiful forest he was in.
The forest had a bright purple tint, even though it was night, and had green, blue lush grass. There were beautiful neon purple flowers all over making the forest glow with more purple. It didn't have the same bright colors as the flower forest, but had a more relaxed and sustained look.
"Thi_This place is beau_beautiful" Trooper started babbling, "It sure is, but we don't have time to admire it. Come on, this way, we don't have time to waste." Tailya stared straight at a tree with purple leaves to the right. She performs a special knock on the tree, the tree trunk spins around 180 degrees to reveal an opening. "Come in," Tailya ordered quietly, "This is the entrance to our space.". They walked in the opening and Tailya preformed that special knock again, the tree turned again with them inside.
         Once the tree fully turned 180 degrees, they walked out into the strange, spacious area. "Rincon! Come down wherever you are! This is important!" Suddenly, a young pup, about 7 years old, came flying through the air in a split second, tumbling over Tailya. "Rincon Felici! This is no time to play! There is something very important here!" Both pups gazed at Trooper onimesley.
The smaller pup suddenly gasped, "Trevor! Your actually here! Your actually Okay! I_I_I've missed you ever since_ever since..." The pup started to get choked up and started to whimper, "I thought I would never see you again..." He looked down, "But your actually okay! You can be with us again! Pick up where we last started!" "Rincon, hold on..." Tailya said quietly, "Trevor... You have no idea how happy we are to see you! We were so worried when you_when the..." Her voice trailed off, "But_nevermind... But your actually here! When I rescued you from that mountain lion and saw that it's you, My whole life stopped, I couldn't believe after all these years, you actually came. I'm just so happy to see you again Trevor, my brother, now you can be a part of our lives again!" "Wait, Wait," Trooper said confused, "Shouldn't there be your father, and a mother?" "Oh yes,you probably don't remember anything due to your head cucution. But anyway, Father is currently hunting for food, and Mother is collecting decorations and crafting materials for our space.
Tailya and Rincon kept babbling on about how much they missed Trevor (Trooper) as Trooper thought really hard and tried to make a decision. "I can't belive this, my strange dream actually led me all the way here, I found my destiny, my real in blood family. I could start a whole new life with my family and start over, But do I really want to do that? I do already have a owner who loves me so much and has been there for me for so long, he would be heartbroken if I abandon him like this. Maybe I can make some sort of schedule where my owner can visit me every now and then_" Suddenly, Trooper sented a familiar scent, over the scent of the rain and other scents of the mountain, he smelled the scent of his owner, they were near. Trooper's heart jumped, his owner's we're here, looking for him, "Oh no..." Trooper thought worriedly, "My owner, he's here, looking for me, he could easily be in danger or get in some kind of trouble while looking for me. I have to get to him and let him know I'm okay! Maybe these pups can help me."
Trooper turned around and stopped the pups' babbling, "Tailya!, Rincon!," They both stopped and listened in surprise. "I do have an owner, I'm a pet." They both looked at him strangely, "Yes, I do have a owner, he's currently looking for me in the mountains, he could be in danger. You're going to help me look for him, right?" "Well, I don't know..." Trooper's brother and sister both said unsure. "Please!" Trooper pleaded, "I have a lot of love and affection for my owner, he's been there for me for as long as I can remember. I know I have been gone for so long and I know you want to show me all what happens that I can't remember due to admeisia, but please help me with this first!" The pups both looked at each other and gave a short nod. "Okay, we'll help you" Tailya said understandingly, "How do you know that your owner is around here, do you have a scent?" "Yes, Yes I do..." Trooper said remembering the familiar scent, "Okay," Tailya began to say, "Which direction does the scent lead to?" Trooper sniffed again and pointed South West. "Okay, we'll start and search in that direction, Trevor, you'll lead the way with your scent." They all nodded, "Okay," Trooper said, "Lets go."

Part 3 Coming Soon!
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