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A Journey of a Young Boy in search of his dog lost in the environment.
         They say that a dog is a man's best friend, 'Dogs are people too!' they say. Dogs are obedient, loyal companions and can bring out the best feelings in any situation. Dogs are all these things, too most people, but that doesn't mean that they are the only animal that can be obedient companions. Some Cats are born playful and loyal just like dogs, but some Cats also become spoiled and lazy too. Birds occasionally listen to you, if they don't fly away. But dogs are overall loyal to their and do anything in their power to please them. And in return, the owners have to do the same. This doesn't just go for dogs either, this goes for just about any other pet or companion or any other person that really loves and cares about you. And this is why these creatures are so beloved by everyone. No one can say dogs are bad companions, because that's simply not true, dogs are extraordinary.
         I myself have a beagle, a simple, loyal, house dog. His name is Trooper, I named him this because that's simply what he is. Trooper really is a trooper, meaning that he could withstand anything and not let it get to him. Me an Trooper have a beyond strong bond together. We've been together as long as we can remember, and we've become the best of friends. I do have friends, but Trooper is a whole lot more than just a friend, he's family, he's like a brother, and we love each other so much, no matter what. We would always look out and for each other and would do anything for each other, no matter the situation. Me and Trooper would always be close no matter what happens. Nothing can break our bond, but we would always want the best for each other, no matter what.
Trooper and I live in a small house in Bakersfield. Our house was decently small,but comfortable. Our house was just right for us.
Today, both of my parents had very important things to take care of. My mother has to go on an important business trip and travel all the way to Michigan, and my father has to travel to this hospital in Texas to see his mother, who was ill. So one of my relatives had to watch me for the time my parents were gone.
When I got home from school today, I immediately saw my parents packing for their travels.
"Hi sweetie!" my mother called from the other room as I walked into the house. "How was school?" "It was good." I said walking into her room and seeing all her luggage. "You need any help?" "No. It's okay sweetie." My mom said, sounding tired from the packing.
"I've just finished packing" "That's good" I said respectively "So anyway, who am I going to be staying with this weekend while you and dad travel?"
"Well Sam..." my mother began to say, "I talked to your grandparents about watching you over the weekend but they said they were on a vacation in New York. And I talked to your aunts but their bussey too. So that means that only your Uncle Earen would be able to watch you over the weekend."
My mother must've saw the slight disappointment on my face. "Sorry sweetie." My mother said to me. "I know my brother can be a little much. "Its okay mom!" I said obediently, "I can handle it." "Thank you so much Sam. And trust me, one day you and your Uncle Earen would get along."
I thought about that for a second. "Would me and Uncle Earen really get along one day?" "So, do you got everything packed?" I nodded. "I'll take you to Uncle Earen's." I started hauling my luggage when something stopped me in my tracks.
"Wait mom! What about Trooper. You know that he doesn't do well without me around. "You do got a point there Samuel" My mother agreed. She thought for a second. "Just take him with you. You can watch over him over there right?" "Yeah of course!" I said relieved.
"Well come on now Sam, grab Trooper and lets go." I scooped up trooper and hauled my luggage into the car trunk. I placed Trooper in the backseat and sat in the car beside him. We buckled up, and started the long drive to Uncle Earen's, all the way in Riverside.
"Mom!" I groaned, "It's been forty minutes and we're still on the freeway!"
Uncle Earen lived all the way in Riverside so the drive was long, and gruesome, and me and Trooper started to get woozy.
"You'll be fine Samuel," my mother said, eyes glued to the road, "Anyway, were getting off the freeway about, now."
We rode down the next exit and got off the freeway. Twenty minutes later, we were at Uncle Earen's house.
I got out of the car with Trooper waddling behind me. I heaved my luggage out of the car trunk and said goodbye to my mother.
"Bye mom!" I called to my mother. "Good luck with your work trip!"
"Bye sweetie! Have fun at Uncle Earens! We'll come and pick you up before you know it."
We both waved to each other like if we were far away, my mother then drove off into the distance as I watched her car get smaller and smaller until I couldn't see her car no longer.
I faced Uncle Earen's house, it was, of coarse, the same as usual.
Uncle Earen had a small house, similar to our house but a lot less tidy, with small windows, a small door, and a small yard. His yard has lush grass and one humungous pear tree that takes up about half the yard, its as simple as that.
I walked up to the front door of the house with Trooper close behind and knocked on the pale white texture. I waited for about six seconds and immediately was greeted by Uncle Earen's deep, teenage-like voice
"Hey Sam! My man!" Uncle Eaten greeted me with his usual greeting everytime I visit him. "How's life?" "Um, okay I guess." I responded while bringing in my luggage as well as Trooper. "It smells like burned rubber in here!" I complained while covering my nose to block the stench. "Oh!" Uncle Earen remembered, "That's our lunch for today, Melted string cheese and onion salsa burrito!" "Okay sure." I said to myself. I didn't so much like Melted string cheese and Onion salsa burrito, but I wasn't so much hungry anyway. "Go unpack all of your junk in the guestroom Sammy so you can down the kitchen so we could eat." "Okey Uncle Earen" I called from the guest room. I really wasn't looking forward to eating, so I took as long as possible to unpack. For once, I was happy that my mother packed so much for me.
"Sam!" My Uncle called from the kitchen, "What's the holdup? Your foods getting cold!" "Coming Uncle Earen!" I called as I put away my backpack.
I ran down to the kitchen to meet Uncle Earen slouching in a chair at the table, and the dreaded Melted string cheese and onion salsa burrito waiting for me on my side of the table.
I sat down, facing the burrito in front of me in dead silence. "So." Uncle Earen finally said to break the science, "Guess what we're doing tomorrow!" "Oh no... What?" I said worriedly. "Were going!..." dramatic pause "Hangliding!" "W-Wha-What!?" I exclaimed, almost knocking down my plate, "That's crazy! There is no way we're going to do that! Your gonna kill us both with these crazy stunts!" "Just think about it Sam," Uncle Earen said persuasively. "The wind swaying in your face, floating just above the clouds. "That doesn't make me feel better at all Uncle Earen. But there is still no way we are going hangliding!" "You'll see Sammy, It'll be fun, trust me." I shook my head at him while I gave my burrito to Trooper.
"Well, on other words," I said, desperate to change the subject, "what do we do now?"
"Oh yeah!" My Uncle Earen suddenly remembered. "Were supposed to go mountain biking today, it's still bright and early!" "I suppose.., it's better than nothing." I replied, putting Trooper to sleep using a bunch of old sweaters in the guest room. "That's the spirit Sam! Come on, I'll get our mountain bikes." Uncle Earen went to the garage to get the bikes while I said goodbye to Trooper. "Bye Trooper, sleep tight. We'll be back before you know it. "I said, sounding a lot like my mother. I patted him on the head and watched his sleepy little eyes close. "Come on Samuel!" Uncle Earen called from the living room, "Lets go! Were burning daylight here!" Coming Uncle Earen!" I called, lacing up my shoes. I ran down to the front door and went outside to the driveway to meet Uncle Earen and his beaten-up truck, with the mountain bikes loaded up in the trunk. "Come on Sam, get in! Were going to the same spot we always go to." I got into the truck and sat down on the old, torn up seat. Uncle Earen turned the key and the truck roared to life. He turned on his radio and put on his hard rock station and we were off to the great mountains of Riverside.
After another long forty-minute car drive, we arrived to the mountain resort. We unloaded our mountain bikes and walked them to where the mountain trail starts. "You ready Sam? Same as always, we're gonna have fun and get some exercise. I'll race you to the river!" "Wait Uncle Earen no rac_!" He pedaled off and already started the trail to the river. "Wait up!" I shouted putting my bike into gear and pedaled off. "Hopfully Trooper's having a better time napping at the house..." I muttered to myself while racing after Uncle Earen.
Oh but Trooper wasn't having much of a better time at all. While resting in the guest room at Uncle Earen's House, Trooper was witnessing a terrible night terror. In his nightmare, he was somewhere in the wilderness, and it was raining and ice cold. He heard screaming and crying from somewhere far in the bushes. "No! Please No!, leave them alone you vile beast!" Trooper heard growling and roaring and bloody screaming and so many other nightmarish things. "Taliya, were gonna have to split up. Take you and your brothers somewhere far, far away from here, somewhere safe." "But Dad no. I can't!" You can do this Taliya, I know you can. You're the eldest, so take care and protect your brothers as much as possible." "Bu-But Dad!" BOOM! Thunder explodes and lightning flashes across the sky. "You can do this Taliya! I believe in you!" "Dad!" Trooper's all hearing this from a faraway bush and knowing something's definitely going on. Suddenly, a big loud mountain lion's roar puts the conversation on hold. The mountain lion is perched up on a high ledge, looking down a four, small, frightened beagles. Trooper's eyes widened, he suddenly knew where the conversation was coming from. The mountain lion showed its rage and frustration once more in a load, ear piercing roar as thunder boomed across the sky once more. "Now go Taliya! Get you and your brothers as far away from here as possible!" The largest beagle commanded. "Dad! No!" The second-largest one pleaded with the two smallest ones behind her, trembling. She took one last look at her father in fear and the father gave a look of hopefulness in return. The three young beagles faced the trail leading even deeper into the wilderness, and skidded down across the trail until they finally disappeared between the trees. When the three beagles were nearly out of sight, Trooper suddenly noticed something about one of three beagles,one of the smallest beagles looked sort of like him, no exactly like him actually. Trooper looked at the second smallest be able with amazement, this beagle looked exactly like himself when he was young. BOOM! One last thundering boom filled the whole forest with noise and shook the ground, lightning filled the sky once more, and white light filled up Trooper's and his look-alike's eyes with fear and worry. And Trooper howled, he howled to his look-alike and the two other trembling pups. And Trooper suddenly woke up with a yelp.
He whimpered, wondering what a strange dream that was. He was curious now, wondering if his dream was trying to tell him something. "That voice." He wondered, "It sounds familiar. All those pups, they're in danger." He wondered, and wondered, "That strange pup that looked exactly like me, do I have a twin brother? or was that me at a young age?". He remembered something, "That older pup, Taliya, she seemed so frightened, so much responsibility to take care of her two brothers all alone, and taking them far, far away? I hope she's okay." Trooper suddenly smelled the sweet, fruity smell of the juicy, ripe pears hanging on the pear tree. That gave Trooper an idea. Every weekend, the snowcone truck would stop by every house that contains one or more fruit trees to collect fruit in order to make snowcone syrup. In just a few minutes, the snowcone truck would stop by this house to pick some pears from this tree. The snowcone truck goes around town to various different places and events, which include the mountain resort. "If I secretly board the snowcone truck when it comes to pick up the tree's pears, I can hitch a ride and have it drive me to the mountain resort, where I could learn more about these pups." And sure enough, the snowcone truck came over with it's jingling bells, coming to pick some ripe, juicy pears for some sweet snowcone syrup. While the snowcone man picked some pears off of Uncle Earen's tree, Trooper sunk up to the truck door and hoped inside into the back of the truck. Once the snowcone man finished gathering enough pairs, he wrapped up his sack, tossed it into the back of the truck, sat in the driver's seat and drove off.
The drive to the mountain resort was long and bumpy and Trooper started to regret eating that "Melted string cheese and onion salsa burrito."
Meanwhile, me and Uncle Earen were probably having a much worse time than Trooper has had. We finished biking all the way to the river but still haven't finished out biking session. "Uncle Earen!" I gasped and wheezed," Please_Tell me_We're almost finished." "What? Were only halfway done! and that's with one way." I groaned. "Please! Can we go home?" "I see your tired, So, let's have a snack!" Uncle Earen said while unpacking his backpack. "Okay, Sure." I said lying down on the lush grass. "Well get up Sam! Lets eat." And the suppose "snack" we were having today was, of course, Uncle Earen's String Cheese and Onion Salsa burrito. I hadn't eaten in about seven hours so I had to eat something, so I was forced to eat the disgusting burrito. "Can we please go now?" I pleaded, struggling to eat the last bite of the burrito. "Not yet, we still haven't reached the top of the mountain yet!" "Do we have to go to the top of the mountain!?" I complained. "Yep, we gotta burn a sweat and continue exercising our legs, now come on! Let's race to the top! "But Un_" He, again, pedaled of, leaving me in the dust. I, again had to pedal after him, all the way to the top of the mountain.
After about an hour, we were there, me and Uncle Earen both dripping sweat. "We did it Sam! Were on top of the mountain!" Uncle Earen exclaimed, "Yeah,we-did-do-it! I grasped with astonishment. "Would you look at this view! It's amazing" Uncle Earen looked out at the great view at the top of the mountain and woahed in amazement. "It is, an amazing view Uncle Earen!" I said, taking off my helmet. "Its, beautiful." The view looked familiar, it struck a memory. I remembered when I first adopted trooper from the dog shelter, I was looking down the isles over and over, looking for the perfect companion. I kept looking and looking for the perfect dog until I stopped by him, a tiny, small, playful, beagle pup. I stared at it, at its little sad eyes. His eyes were glistening blue and orange, just like the view over the mountains. His eyes were probably the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen on a dog. Those eyes looked like it had seen so many things, contained so many memories. Those eyes, are what made me adopt Trooper, just those eyes, they were telling me something.
We both snapped out of it, "Well come on Sam! It's getting dark, and we got to get our rest for hangliding tomorrow! "Don't remind me..." I said trembling. We rode all the way down the mountain, which was of course a lot easier and made it not as hard to catch up with Uncle Earen, but made it especially harder to control in the darkening daylight. I swerved and breaked and almost crashed into trees about six times. "You okay? Sammy my boy?" Uncle Earen asked, almost bumping into a tree himself. "Sort of," I said, avoiding another tree, "How far are we to the parking lot?" "I think were coming up to the exit right now." Uncle Earen squinted. "Yeah. I see the exit!" I said squinting too. We peadeld out of the mountain area and rode to our car in the parking lot. "Well, that was certantley some mountain biking back there wasn't it Sam?" Uncle Earen asked while hauling the bikes into the trunk. "Yeah," I said rubbing the bump on my elbow from hitting it on a tree somewhere, "It was definitely something." "Come on Sam, we don't want to miss the 7:00 TV movie tonight don't we?" "What movi_, nevermind." I shook my head as I got into the truck. Uncle Earen turned his key and we drove out of the resort and onto the freeway.
         But as me and Uncle Earen drove off and onto the freeway, Trooper was just arriving at the resort. When the snowcone truck got to the parking lot and the driver realizied he was too late, Trooper quietley hoped off the truck and began trotting off to the mountain area. He quietly snuck past the ticket booth and trotted across the grassy Duck pond area until he finally reached the mountain area. He thought for a second, "am I really going to commit this, going into theese mountains and finding my destiny? Trooper nodded to himself. "Yes, I have to do this, I have to find my possible family..." Trooper took one last long gaze out into the parking lot and the civilization standing upon him, like if this was the last time he would see civilization again. He then looked into the natural mountain area, so mysterious and natural. He took one step into the mystical atmosphere and started trotting into the mountain trail, taking his first steps into the world of the wilderness, his first steps into his origin.
He kept trotting along the dark, eire trail. He kept trotting and trotting for about an hour and a half until his little, tired paws couldn't trott any longer. He rested along a shady little tree, even though there was no sun. But suddenly. he sensed something something behind the bushes, not something dangerous, but something he wanted. He limped to the bushes and pushed through them. He was then greeted by a beautiful, blue, glistening river, reflecting the moonlight. He ran up to the river and gazed at the cool, fresh water, ready to drink. And that's exactly what he did, he drank, and drank, and drank, until his little parched throught was quenched, and his belly was satted with water. The fresh water was so cool and soothing that it had made Trooper sleepy, so sleepy that Trooper thought of calling it a night and taking a long nap until morning. But he knew that he couldn't do that, he knew that he must keep pushing on, trotting on, until he found what he was looking for. Another thought struck him, like a bolt of lightning, "What about my owner? He must be worried about me, where I am, I shouldn't have done this. But I must keep pushing on, to find my family, my destiny. I hope he's okay with this.." All these thoughts overwhelmed Trooper, made him dizzy, and as soon as he knew it, he was in a deep slumber, resting by the glistening river, with no one in sight besides the bright moon watching over him,
But meanwhile, Me and Uncle Earen were just arriving home from yet another long, gruesome car drive and now both me and Uncle Earen looked woozy. We both out of the car and took each of our bicycles out of the trunk and took each of them into the garage, Uncle Earen then closed the garage door and we both then limped tierdley to the front door. "Well, that was something!" Uncle Earen said to me while digging for the key to the door. "Yeah, I'm glad its over, finally." "For this weekend at least!" Uncle Earen chuckled, and pushed open the door. "Home sweet home, now for that 7:00 movie! Were just on time." "Nah," I said looking at my watch, "I'll just call it a night." I was so tired from the mountain biking and every inch of my body was sore, so I decided to call it a night and just hit the sac. "Your going to sleep right now? Its barely seven!" "Yeah, I know it's early, but I'm just so tired, so i'll just call it a night right now." "You sure?" I nodded, "Okay, your missing or but_" I walked to the restroom, washed my hands, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and walked to the guest room. I opened the door, expecting Trooper to jump at me or something. But when I opened the door, Trooper wasn't there, "Probably chasing fireflies in the backyard, I thought. So I got into my pajamas and laid down on the guestroom bed. "I wonder where Trooper is, he would always come chasing after me when I come home from somewhere" I fixed my pillow, "This is weird, but I'm sure he's fine, he'll probably be waiting next to me in the bed tomorrow morning eager to play. I laid my head on the pillow and tucked myself in with the dusty old blanket. I turned off the little lamp that has been next to the bed for as long as I can remember, and drifted off to sleep. "Goodnight Trooper," I whispered to myself, "wherever you are..."
That night, I didn't sleep well... I was so uncomfortable when sleeping that there wasn't a sleeping dog next to me, I had nightmares the whole night about where Trooper could be, underwater in need for air?, in the dangerous jungle alone?, on a active volcano? All these were nightmares of Trooper and where he could be, telling me where he is, but where? Finally, after a nightmare of Trooper falling off a skyscraper, I woke up. It was four O'clock, I thought that Trooper must be back by now, but of course, he wasn't nowhere to be seen. I couldn't take it any longer, knowing that my poor little dog may be lost somewhere, I got out of bed, turned on the little lamp, and thought about what to do. "I don't want to jump to conclusions," I thought to myself, "Trooper may be is not lost somewhere, he could be in the somewhere, or in the backyard, I just hope he didn't run off..." I thought for about twenty minutes until finally going to Uncle Earen to see if he could help me out. I quietly walked down the hallway and opened the door into Uncle Earen's room. I walked into the dark room, with Uncle Earen snoring on the bed with a half eaten pizza on his lap and the T.V. still on. Uncle Earen had a bunch of skateboards on the right side of the wall, and a bunch of pictures on the left side showing all his daring stunts he's ever performed. I walked up to Uncle Earen, "Uncle Earen!" I whispered to my snoring uncle. Nothing happened. "Uncle Earen!" I whispered louder. "What HANGL_ ! Oh. good morning Sam... Thanks for waking me up! Now let's go to the mountain resort and rent a hang glider before the line gets too long, then we can go fishin_" "No Uncle Earen! Forget the Hangliding, I didn't see Trooper last night anywhere, and now he's not in my room where he should be_ I think he's lost, I don't know for sure but_ Will you help me look for him? Please?" "Ugh... Sure I guess..." Uncle Earen groaned, "But remember, we gotta go hang gliding soon, at five okay?" "Sure," I said looking at the clock, "But please help me find him, I think maybe he is in the house somewhere, I don't know, but lets search the house." "Uh... okay Sam," Uncle Earen said while putting on his slippers, "let's check the house for your mutt..." "Thanks Uncle Earan!" I said gratefully, "Let's start by checking the kitchen,
Trooper likes to go through the trash can sometimes." We checked the kitchen trash, Trooper wasn't there. We checked the cabinets, the stove, the refrigerator, trooper wasn't there either. "Trooper!" I called, "Trooper! Come here boy!" "He's not in here." I admitted, "Let's check the living room" We went into the living room. "Trooper!" I called again, "Trooper! Come here!" I under the couches and under the cushions. "Trooper!" Uncle Earen called. "Come over here you magey mutt!" "He's not here either." I admitted. We checked the Laundry Room, the restroom, the garage, "What about the backyard!" I suggested. We walked to the backyard, it was still dark out, but the wall light help a little bit. "Trooper!" I called, "Where are you boy? He isn't here either!" I started to get really worried. "We've checked basically everywhere in the house! He's not here anywhere, he must be lost somewhere else..." "We could check the security cameras I installed!" Uncle Earen suggested. "You have security cameras!?" I said in astonishment. "Yeah. I got them recently with the tourist job I have now, I know I'm daring and do a lot of risky stunts most of the time, but I still wanna feel safe in my own house." "Wha_ Uh, Yeah. Lets check the camaras." I didn't have time to be amazed at Uncle Earen's maturity. "Come here with me to the garage, I'll show you." I followed Uncle Earen into the garage, he turned on the lights, and you could see just how messy it was. Uncle Earen had a small garage, which was suprising for just how much junk Uncle Earen could fit in there. The garage was filled with Uncle Earen's junk, everywhere you look, you would see rubbish. "Come over here." Uncle Earen quietly said. I followed him toward a mysterious door in the right corner of the garage that was defentilly wasn't there before. He opeaned the mysterious door and a cool blast of air came blew into the room. "Come in Sam," Uncle Earen said holding the door open. I followed my uncle into the cool, stuffy room. "Welcome to the Safe Room, or the Control Room, whatever you call it." I stood with wide eyes and open mouth, astonishment. The room was small, like really small, and made me claustrophobic, but the room was also secure and protective, which made me feel better. The room had a small hanging fan on the top right of the room, emmiting cool air into the room. There was also a
mini-refrigerator in the room, its back facing the left wall on the left side of the room. (probably containing cases of water I imagined.) It also had a little ceiling light, illuminating light to the small room. And finally, the room had a computer with a bunch of security monitors showing the cameras' perspective. "Wow, Uncle Earen, th_ this is_" "Amazing!" Uncle Earen finished for me, "Yeah, I know. I installed all of this just last month. Its amazing right!" "Uh, Yeah_ Bu-But Come On!" I said, snapping out of it, "Let's see if the camaras can tell us what happened to Trooper!" Uncle Earen explained how the cameras and the computer worked. "So these screens repersent all the cameras work and stuf_" "We don't have time for that! Just lets see if the camaras saw anything!" "Okay!, okey! Let me just rewind the camera time frame here and_ hmm... lets see, lets rewind it one hour..." He rewinded it one hour, the cameras showed the still house but no Trooper. "Hmm... Lets try two hours," Uncle Earen rewinded the camera recording two hours, no Trooper." "Lets rewind it_" "Lets try four hours!" I hastley suggested. "Okey, Uh. Sure..." He rewinded it four hours, we saw no Trooper in the living room. "Try the kitchen!" I suggested. We checked the kitchen cameras. No Trooper. "Check the Guest Room!" We checked the Guest room camera, Trooper however was there. "There's Trooper" I said excitedly. "It looks like he's dreaming about something, and not something good, Augh, my poor Trooper." "He woke up." Uncle Earen said pointing to Trooper on the screen. "He's walking out of the room" "What!" I said, eyes glued to the screen. "He's out of the room, check the Living room!" We checked the living room cameras. "He's looking at the front door," I explained, "It looks like he's waiting for something." "Hmm... Ok.. Sure," Uncle Earen said while grabbing some sodas out of the mini-fridge. "He's, opening the door? I never taught him that! Uh_ He's opened the door. He went outside! Check the Front Yard camera!" Uncle Earen checked the Front Yard camera, "There's Trooper!" Uncle Earen said, "Hey it's the snowcone man! Picking some of my delicious pears." "Hmm... Trooper it looks like he's sneaking into the snowcone truck." "What! Let me see!" I nuged Uncle Earen over to look at the camera. "He went inside the snowcone truck, I wonder why? He's always hated snowcones." "The snowcone guy is coming back to the Truck." Uncle Earen said, nudging me back. "It doesn't look like he notices Trooper." "He's driving off." I said, "With Trooper inside!" "It looks like they're headed to the mountain resort!" Uncle Earen said. "We were just there!" I contemplated "How could we not notice him?" "Uh I don't know," I said to myself, "but that's where Trooper is, he's at the mountain resort somewhere, we gotta go over there!" "But what about the Hangl_" "There's no time! Maybe after we find Trooper. Come on!" I pleaded "We have to find him! Please! At least we can try." I could see that Uncle Earen could see the absolute pleading and hope in my eyes. "Fine Sammy," Uncle Earen sighed, "Just because I can't resist those eyes." "Thank you Uncle Earen!" I said, hugging him. I can't remember the last time I hugged my Uncle Earen, but it felt good to finally have a reason to hug him and feel affection towards him. "I think I know someone who can help us..." Uncle Earen said while looking at his phone. "A friend of mine really loves mountains and everything to do with him, she loves mountain sports, mountain science, mountain inspired furniture, she even lives in a cabin around here in the mountain resort. She knows everything about these mountains, she'll defentilly be about to help us. "That'll be great!" I said excitedly while packing up my backpack, "We need all the help we can get." "Ok, I'll call her up." I packed my backpack up with equipment and a bunch of Uncle Earen's protein bars. "Yeah, That'll be awesome! Have you gotten that mountain themed skateboard yet?" I could hear Uncle Earen Chatting to his "friend" while I put on my thermal and sweatpants. "Yeah, maybe get the mountain lion one next, then show it to me!" "Uncle Earen!" I called out. "Yeah. That sounds amazing!" "Uncle Earen!" I called out again. "Uh_ Hang on really quick..." "Yeah Sam," "Are you ready to go?" I asked, knowing he wasn't. "Oh. I haven't even started getting ready, hang on." "Hey, Cami, can you call me back? I'm gonna get ready, we'll meet you at the mountains at 5:00." Uncle Earen finally put on his phone, "Sorry for the holdup Sam, I'll go get ready right now. Uncle Earen. Uncle Earen went into his room, and twenty minutes later, he was ready to go with his thermal and sweatpants. "You got everything?" Uncle Earen asked me. "Yeah, pretty much. "You got the equipment and protein bars?" I nodded, showing him my backpack. "Okay Sam, well one more thing. Can't go on a big adventure without a raft." Uncle Earen held up a raft and insisted I take it with me. "Uh okay..." I said confused, "I'm sure we won't go far. And anyway, if we do use it, how are we going to blow it up?" "That's why I have this!" Uncle Earen said, pulling out a small, white machine. "Its a pocket air compressor, it may be small, but it certainly is powerful." "Where do all you get this stuff Uncle Earen?" I laughed, rolling up the raft and stuffing it in my backpack, as well as the pocket air compressor. "Okay, lets go, its still nice and early." I followed Uncle Earen to the truck outside in the driveway while hauling my heavy backpack. We both got in the car and buckled our seatbelts. "Now where are my dang keys!" Uncle Earen said while digging for his keys in his pocket. While he was digging for his keys, I sat down and thought for a second, "I wonder how Trooper is doing." I thought to myself, "He must be so scared, all alone, in the night, in the parking lot probably, or in the admission booth, or even worse, in the mountain area. All tiers and alone and probably feels so isolated in the natural mountain area, in the wilderness, all alone." "Here they are!" Uncle Earen said triumphantly, "These keys keep giving me trouble looking for them!" e trouble when trying to find them." Uncle Earen turned the key into admission, put the truck into drive, and drove all the way, again, to the mountain resort. Meanwhile, Trooper was just waking up by the river in the lush grass, and realized he'd just taken a nap. "I must keep pushing on" Trooper said to himself, "I got to figure this out and get back home as soon as possible," Trooper got back up to his feet and started trotting back up the trail. It was 5:00, at the crack of dawn. The sun was barely showing behind the mountains. The sun currently provided very little light, but still enough for Trooper to get around. Trooper trotted up the trail, with the crickets and birds chirping in the blueish, early morning light. "I can do this" Trooper said to himself. "I must be able to do this, I have to find these pups, I could actually have a family, a relationship, a purpose!" Trooper started to feel excited and trott faster. "I can have mother, a father, that I never got to honer. But now I can honor them." Trooper started to walk even faster and break into a run. "I could find out all our secrets, all my secrets, and find my purpose in life!" He started to sprint. "I could have a exciting life awaiting me, one with excitement, danger, love, and family! I just have to find them!" Trooper felt all the restlessness, the motivation, his heart pounding faster and faster, his blood flowing faster and faster, all this motivation filling his mind and body, until he tripped. Hid paw caught on a fallen branch, he tripped, he fell, and tumbled down the mountain. "Maybe I can, or maybe I can't do this, but I got to try." Trooper rose from the fall and found himself covered with mud. But that was the least of his problems. He had fallen off the trail, and the original trail was nowhere to be found. He knew he was in trouble now. He had no way to get back home, but on the bright side, he knew that the trail wasn't going to lead to the pups, he was going to have to go off trail sometime, but he doesn't expect now. So he got up, wiped himself off with a tree leaf, and looked around to see where he could go. He looked around and all he could see was trees. He was starting to get claustrophobic with all the trees closing in on him. He started to sweat and doubt himself, "Oh no. I can't do this. What was I thinking! I'm so far away from home. I need to be back home with my owner and things will return back to normal. But how will I get back home? I said I had a destiny, a family I never knew about. But the only family I need, is my owner." Trooper started to get dizzy, with all the trees surrounding him, like if he was about to collapse. All these thoughts and stress surrounding him, he didn't know what to do in this situation, there was no way out of this.
Just as Trooper was about to faint, he caught a glimpse of something, something sparkling, something colorful, something.pink. He suddenly stopped feeling dizzy, all the stress and worry left his mind, all he could do was walk. He walked closer to the mysterious, pink sparkle. He walked closer and closer until he was practically in front of the opening. He peered into the opening, he saw a lot of pink, but a bunch of other bright colors too. He pushed through the opening, and what he saw on the other end was glorious. Trooper saw a beautiful wild garden, filled with flowers as big as himself. He pushed through completely and found himself standing on smooth, lush grass. He stood there, mesmerized by the vibrant colors of flowers there were. He noticed something strange however, there was an ominous trail of fallen daisys awaiting before him leading out of the garden. Trooper didn't know if to trust the trail or not, but anyway, Trooper decided to follow it. He slowly followed the trail of daisies until it reached the end of the garden, and the trail ended, He looked around and immediately noticed that this wasn't a garden of flowers at all, it was a whole forest of flowers!, with bushes and trees full of vibrant colors and every inch of the forest was filled with color and beauty. Trooper suddenly noticed something carved on the tree beside him. It was a message in a language only he could understand. He read the carving;
You are in this forest, that you have just. discovered

full of beauty, mystery, inspiration, and wonder,

Follow this path of bright red poppies,

to find out the mystery of your long awaited destiny.

Part 2 Coming Soon!
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