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A little something about why I am not interested in that sci-fi show from British...
Hello, to all of you folks at the Writing.com community! How are you? Now, I would very much like to ask you a question: Have you ever felt that you wanted to cringe whenever a relative of yours shares his or her love for a TV show that does not make any sense to you?!
Well, guess what, gang-It has happened to yours truly; Yes, I have not one, but two cousins, who love a certain show that is not American, but British. Imagine-Loving a show that is about a whacko Brit who pretends to be an alien from some planet that ain’t Mars, who travels around in that blue elevator that, as you are reading this, those jolly British coppers would like to have their rights back for that…pol-eece box…
Anyhoo, let me take you back to the Saturday before Easter Sunday, 2017…I had just gotten started to enjoy the most tastiest candy of the season called Easter, and while I had been enjoying the candy, my first cousin began to blurt out his love for that…umm…British sci-fi show called Doctor Woob-Woob-Woob-Woob-Woob-Woob-Woob… I’m sorry, just cannot say that name of that show; I have no offense for that crazy show, but I do not want to be interested in it, that’s all…

Now, getting back to my tale, my 1st cousin blurted out his love for the show, and says that he could not wait to see that 10th series of that…show…
This has caused me to nearly lose my appetite for the Easter candy that I had been enjoying, and for me to think, “Yow, that goofy martian from British has returned! I’d better do something to get my cousins to stop watching that goofy program, because if they do, then they shall be nerds to that British martian for the rest of their lives!
So it was with that that I had to do something and to think up of clever ways to get them to stop watching that show from that B.B. & C; I had cooked up clever parodies of that Doc, and by the time summer came around as well as my vacation to Rehoboth Beach, I had done a good job of making Doctor Space Brit the victim of my parodies even while I was on my vacation at Rehoboth Beach, but unfortunately, it has done little to make my cousins lose interest in the show. Aw, man…

Now, fast-forward to the next year, and do you want to know something else? My cousin is STILL attached to that British-speaking weirdo from outer space, even though she is a woman (cue the song “Love Is a Many Splendored Thing”)! Sheesh!
So, I continued to do even more parody-filled damage to that martian blonde and her three stooges; And would you like to know something? That failed to get my cousins to stop watching that show, a show that is only good for anyone whose I.Q. is below 56%(I meant no offense to those who love the show; I am only joking…)
But here is 2019, and that Docky-Wocky is not coming back until the very next year, which happens to be a very good thing for a non-Whovian like myself; I really do not understand why people like my cousins get so excited over a simple TV show, in this case, a show that is not American as apple pie. To this day, I am still scratching my head over this one. You never see Canadians get ever-so-excited over Hawaii 5-0, do you? But then again, maybe they have, maybe they don’t…

So anyway, the excitement of that TV show is gone for another year, and all of us normal people can get back to normal reality; Because believe me, the only TIME LORD that I want to see is John Cameron Swayze in those classic Timex commercials!

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