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A poem for the Rising to the Challenge contest.
Sitting in a daze, staring across empty space,
I let my mind wander, exploring some far-flung place.
In my mind's eye I see exotic foods and exquisite delights,
Races of people with skin like sapphires and fiery eyes,
Weather that switches from gloomy grey to searingly bright
Before you could utter a single "Aye, that's right!"

The reality I live is much more mundane.
Everyday I wake and when I sleep,
It feels like nothing has changed.
This constant monotony,
This unending normality,
Is a curse if you choose to view it that way.

But I have found that that's all right
Because I'm a writer extraordinaire.
If the mundane reality is too much to bear,
I'll whip out a page and spin a story.
Saturated in fantasy with a spirited storyline,
I'll keep you hooked till the very last line.

Line Count: 18
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