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An Eloise Buchanan story. 70 days at sea as a newly made vampire.
Transatlantic journey to New York, 1833.

“Stay in our cabin, Eloise. We can’t afford you killing anyone,” Gabriel explained.

Eloise’s body screamed for blood. Gabriel had brought her regular but small meals over the past twelve days. He allowed her a small amount, then compelled their victim to forget. It wasn’t enough.

“I need more,” she whispered, anguish in her eyes.

“I know,” he stroked her hair. “You have to do as I say, Eloise. Staying hidden is paramount for our survival. I’ll be back soon.” ,


“Excuse me madam,” came a timid voice outside the cabin. “Do you have any spare food?”

Elle could hear the heartbeat and whimpered at the beautiful sound. She wasn’t strong enough for this sort of temptation. “Come in.”

A young girl no older than fourteen entered the cabin, she curtseyed, then immediately noticed Eloise was sick. “Something is wrong here. Should I get help?”

Eloise couldn’t contain herself and gripped the girl, covered her mouth with a hand to stop any screams. Holding her down she bit into her neck and the sweetest blood she had ever tasted filled her mouth and slid down her throat.

Gabriel came back just as Eloise finished draining the girl. She didn’t say anything.

He was livid. He took the girl’s corpse from her. “Clean yourself,” was all he said then left again. She bathed and put on fresh clothes before he returned.

Gabriel entered with manacles and a short chain, she bolted out of range, and he caught her and chained her to a railing on the wall near the bed. He gagged her as well so she couldn’t lure people into their cabin.

“You cannot be trusted!”

So, this is how Eloise spent the remaining fifty-eight days of her transatlantic journey to New York.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2188168