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The Hero of the city of New Haven
Welcome all gather round and get relaxed, and listen to the tale of the Ghoul. Gentleman Ghoul that is the hero of New Haven. A city under the grips of a ruthless crime lord. Named Janice Hall a woman content on pushing drugs and guns on to the streets of our fair town until a heroic Ghoul chose to stand up to her reign of terror. Now our story begins one dark Saturday night.
Outside of Roses Bakery Thug 1: Alright let’s go over the plan madam Hall wants this shop owner shaken down the owner is refusing to pay her protection money. Thug 2: This will be fun I hope we can swipe some good food out of this. Thug 2: Ok let’s get to work. Well miss Rose we are here by order of madam Hall to wreak your bakery. Thug 1: You should have paid. Rose: I will not suffer under a tyrant my family immigrated to this land after my great grandmother survived the nazi camps. And we will never suffer the rule of another tyrant not even stupid Hall. Thug 2: You shouldn’t have said that now we will have to beat you. Thug slaps Rose Gentleman Ghoul: Now I must say that is rather improper there. A man should never hit a woman. Thug 1: Who the hell are you? Gentleman Ghoul: I must apologize I forgot to introduce myself. Ghoul Gentleman Ghoul and I’m here to expunge this city of it’s crime. Starting with you two gents. Thug 2: Look at this fool in a mask and suit thinks he can take us. Are you trippin bro? Gentleman Ghoul: Drugs never and as for beating you two it’s not even a fair fight for you both. I normally hate when the weak are bullied by the strong but in this case, and your rude attitude towards the owner of this here bakery I’ll make an exception. Thugs 1 &2: Let’s kill him! Thug one lunges at our hero with a knife only to be blocked by Gentleman Ghouls cane Thug 2 makes a move on the owner of the bakery but fails when Ghoul activates his grapple hook and uses it to knock thug 2 out Ghoul then brings thug one to his knees with a decisive blow to the gut knocking the wind out of him only to be finished by a swift kick to the head. Gentleman Ghoul: I am terribly sorry you had to see that madam. Tell me are you alright? Rose: Who or what are you? Gentleman Ghoul: I believe I done told you, but you likely are nervous or frightened so it should be expected of you to forget. I am Gentleman Ghoul I am here to end the villainess rain of Janice Hall. That my dear is all that should matter now are you ok no need to worry I will bring no harm to you. Rose: That’s good. I’m ok just shaken and surprised I thought I was going to die. I also didn’t expect a costumed man to save me. So how can I thank you. Gentleman Ghoul: I would simply ask that you live well and honestly that is all I require. Now you should call the local police officers now. Rose: But the police in this town are almost all of them in the pocket of Madam Hall. They won’t do anything to these men. Gentleman Ghoul: technically yes but they still have to take them away to keep up pretenses plus the boss will want to know why they failed. If they aren’t taken in they don’t talk if they don’t talk then Hall believes you did something and will come after you worse. Trust me this is your best bet plus if they come here again I’ll defeat them all again. Don’t worry I’m going to take down Madam Hall and her entire operation. Rose: I don’t know if I should thank you or call you a doctor and have you measured for a white coat. Gentleman Ghoul: Perhaps a bit of both if I may what is your name my dear. Rose: It’s Rose like the sign Rose Benski. Gentleman Ghoul: Well Miss Benski I hope for your sake I haven’t frightened you in any way. Rose: Well I’ll take being a little frightened over beaten any day. Thank you again. Gentleman Ghoul: You are most welcome my dear.
Madam Hall mam. Hall: Yes Alicia. Alicia: Your runners have returned all but two, and we are short 500 dollars. Madam Hall: That might complicate things figure out what happened to our missing runners if they are late or withholding money take all the fingers from one hand on each of them. Alexia: And if they aren’t late or stealing. Madam Hall: Then we might have bigger things to worry about.Chapter 2 The new Arrival
Two days later out side the Rose bakery. Door rings Rose Benski: Hello you’re a new face might I ask what you are here for. Uh sorry what is your name? Alexis Grant: Alexis Grant. Before you ask no relation. Rose Benski: Oh you mean to the 18th president Grant. Do people ask you that often. Alexis: more then you think. Anyway I’m here because I’m kind of new to the area and I’m lost I’m looking for an apartment building called the General’s Rest. Ironic I know. Rose Benski: Sure I can tell you even do you one better. I happen to live there and I’m about to close up early today so if you can give me a few minutes I can walk you there. It’s actually close by. Alexis Grant: Why that would be fine with me there is supposed to be an open apartment I’m looking to rent it. Rose Benski: I know the one the last renter left after the buildings superintendent threw him out. He was a big partier played music all day and night blaring it to be honest. I also think he was pedaling drugs. You wouldn’t happen to be anything like that would you? Alexis Grant: No sorry that’s nothing like me. So if you where hoping I was that way you are sadly going to be disappointed. I’m a quite sort and I actually have a job of sorts I’m an inventor. Rose Benski: So does that mean that your going to be blowing the apartment up? Alexis Grant: Nope nothing of the sort I use a warehouse I recently rented a warehouse for my use. I’m what you could call a privet inventor make what I want and sell to who ever want’s it. Rose Benski: Does that pay well? Alexis Grant: Sometimes sometimes not but I bet we are in the same boat there. Rose Benski: I guess so alright I’m almost done why don’t you meet me outside and we can walk to the apartment building. Alexis Grant: Sure I’ll be right outside. 10 minutes later Rose Benski: Alright I’m ready the building is just half a block down. I normally walk to my bakery every morning but I have been thinking that maybe I should stop doing that. Alexis Grant: Really why? Rose: Well mainly some past events and the heavy crime element in this city. Alexis: Well I could walk with you if you’d like since I’m a privet inventor so I make my own schedule. Rose: Would you be willing to do that? I mean I start at about 5 and leave about 12 Alexis: Well if you are worried about things such as crime rates I can help protect you. Plus I don’t have to far of a walk to go for my warehouse if anything it’s about a block from the apartment so I’m technically just walking you half way and picking you up half way it’s fine with me plus it give me someone to talk to. Rose: Well thank you Alexis to think I’ve in one week meet two gentlemen I must be on a lucky streak. Alexis: Really who was this other gentlemen may I ask. Rose: I don’t wanna talk about it much let’s just say you will likely see him on the news one day. Well here we are the General’s Rest. Alexis: Great well I had better talk with the land lord and see about the room. Hopefully I’ll be talking to you soon neighbor. Rose: Ok well good luck. 2 hours later at apartment 2b Rose: Well looks like you got the apartment. Alexis: I did just getting some items moved in I had a few of my items at my office to my new home. Rose: That’s great I’m glad you got the apartment. Well tomorrow would be you ok to walk with me to work. Alexis: Of course I will, but tonight I plan to celebrate with some of my home made Gin. Would you care to join me Rose? Rose: I suppose one glass wouldn’t hurt. You said it was homemade right? Alexis: Yep a family recipe distilled for eradicating sorrow. My great grandfathers words when he made it I’m going to have it printed on the label. Cause while I am an inventor I am also starting to produce this here fine dry Gin. For when I don’t have any contracts of course. Rose: Well it’s good to have a back up plan. Takes a sip Wow this Gin taste great and sweet. Alexis: Thanks I’ll be able to walk with you tomorrow. The next day Rose: Ready? Alexis: Of course. I hope you are ok with walking with someone like me. Rose: You are a better man then you think. Alexis: Well maybe maybe not we shall see. Well here you are I’ll be back at closing time for you have a nice day. Rose: You as well Alexis.

Chapter 3 Spicing things up
Alexis: Now it’s time to go to work. I wish I could tell Rose the truth. But it would put her in harms way. At least this way I know that she won’t be in danger of a reprisal while I’m near. Now I had better work on those new shades. Narrator now maybe you had already figured it out you the reader, but if you haven’t let me spell it out for you Alexis isn’t what he seems for he has a secret a ghoulish one at that. Yes he is the Gentlemen Ghoul now let’s see where our story takes our young hero. Alexis: Alright let’s see if I can get this working properly if this upgrade on my special shades they will hold the tech necessary for any situation. Let’s see yes they work now my shades will be able to be used for any situation and putting the master control’s in my cane might have been a stroke of genius on it’s own. Now I’ll have the power to change my shades mode at anytime from thermal vision to low light and a new one x-ray I’ll be prepared for anything. Ok let’s prepare for tonight let’s see my cane with a built grapple launcher and a tazer on the other end with up to 10000 volts of electricity. My armored suit and the sonic emitter’s in the gloves to strengthen my punches and a special one in pocket that is designed to project a sonic field that disorients anyone in a certain range. Well I should be ready for my next encounter with madam Hall’s goons she is likely not to happy with what happened the other night. Now why were they needing the money I know Hall has steeped up her racketeering game. What does she need the money for she already runs this city and she already owns the police so what does she need the extra money for? I think she’s planning something big. Meanwhile at the Hall’s grand junction. Alicia: Madam Hall we managed to scrap up the money are you sure about this Madam Hall? Hall: I am Alicia this city New Haven is a steeping stone with the right resources I could run the entire sea board. Even if it means dealing with the devil in do it. Alicia: Of course madam and what should we do about the man who took out two of your collectors? Hall: Nothing this man isn’t a threat to me no sense in letting him believe that he is. Alexis: Hall must be up to something big. In order to find out I’ll have to step things up a notch. She has the smaller gangs pay her protection money to keep the cops out of their business so maybe we will see if they feel like paying when I’m done. One of the biggest payers is the Bearded dragons. A gang of martial arts wannabes who think that they are all Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee. Would almost be funny if they didn’t manage to have some actually skilled fighters their best fighter is Robert Kane. Said to be a beast of a man and steroid junkie to boot so add in a temper. The best steroids are sold behind the old general stores parking lot. Maybe I should head there tonight after I walk Rose home speaking of I better make my way there to make sure she doesn’t suffer any reprisals. A half hour later Alexis: Well miss Rose how did you do today? Rose: I did well today what about you any new inventions you would like to talk about? Alexis: Well I invented a new taser capable of up to 5,000 volts that looks like a regular ring. I’m meeting some self defense companies tonight so after I walk you back I have to head back over to my lab. Rose: Well you shouldn’t go out of your way just for me. Alexis: Rose I promised you I would walk with you everyday, and I’m a man of my word. Rose: Well thank you Alexis maybe I could bake you a cake sometime. Your being so nice to me after all. Alexis: No I couldn’t ask you to do that. The pleasure of your company is reward enough. Rose: Well thank you. A short walk later Alexis: Ok Rose is home and now I’m ready to take out Kane. Later that night Robert Kane: Ok do you have my steroids punk? Well speak to me! Gentleman Ghoul: Sorry I dealt with your dealer before you got here. Kane: Who are you jackass and give me one good reason not to kill. Gentleman Ghoul: For a junkie like you I have no good reasons. I’ll simply say my name is Gentleman Ghoul and I’m going to bring down your whole organization by taking you out will cripple your gang you are the most skilled fighter in your gang and taking you out will demoralize the rest. Kane: I’ll kill you you stupid costumed freak. Kane Lunges at Ghoul but is instantly disoriented by the sonic disrupter Gentleman Ghoul: You look a bit dizzy maybe you should take a seat. Gentleman Ghoul throws a chair at Kane: Agh why you I’m gonna tear you apart. Kane charges with a round house kick Ghoul dodges and hits with a low kick to the knee and follows with hit to the jaw with his cane. Gentleman Ghoul: Do you surrender Rob? Kane: Never! Gentleman Ghoul: I figured you wouldn’t. Ghoul hit’s Kane with his taser at 75% strength Kane passes out after Gentleman Ghoul: Looks like the Bearded Dragons are about to bite the dust better arrange for the police to pick him up. Let’s see ah a pay phone let’s see deposit 50 cents and change the voice modulator. 911: 911 What’s your emergency. Gentleman Ghoul with voice changed to a woman’s: Help I was just walking by the old general store and I saw a bunch of thugs walking behind the store, and I’m worried I saw a few of them with gun as and.. no no agh! Gun shoot’s 911: Mam we are sending help right away. Gentleman Ghoul with regular ghoul voice: Better scram now. Police officer: Well looks like there was something going down here we have a beaten up dealer and a junkie. What do you make about it detective Minninnewah. Detective Minninnewah: I’ve heard some rumors of some sort of vigilante. I’ll have to investigate it. How ever what we have here is something unprecedented the lead attack dog of the Bearded Dragon’s. Robert Kane I’ll have him talking in under an hour in an interrogation room. We can begin to take the Dragon’s down. Officer: What ever you say Minninnewah. Gentleman Ghoul: Hrm looks like hiding the mic in the crime sceen was a good idea looks like Minninnewah might be an ally one day. Well better head back to the apartment this way I’ll be able to get up in the morning to walk Rose to work. Later that night Alexia: Madam Hall bad news. Robert Kane was just arrested. Madam Hall: What?! That can’t be I pay the police to leave them and the other gangs alone. If he was arrested he will talk and then the police will arrest the rest. How did this happen. Alexia: Well the arresting officer was Minninnewah and it looks like from what Kane and the dealers said the vigilante was involved. Madam Hall: What I thought he wasn’t going to be a threat. I hate it when people don’t do what I plan for them to. He might be a bigger threat then I wanted to believe. Soon the leaders of the hierarchy will be here and if I want to sit at their table I’ll need this ghoul dealt with soon. Alexia call in the Ten Demons. I need them here now. And set me down with the leader of the Bearded Dragons. Alexia: He’s already here mam and he’s not happy. Madam Hall: Send him in. Alexia: She’s ready for you Black Dragon. Black Dragon: Hall you Bitch! You told me if my crew paid your stupid fee’s you would keep the cops off our backs. You no good two timing bitch! Madam Hall: First of all Larry I said my cops wouldn’t touch you Minninnewah isn’t mine and secondly I said they would stay out of your way if you didn’t do anything stupid your man was buying steroids from someone who wasn’t one of my approved dealers so that was his mistake. Thirdly I have the power to wipe you and your weak dragon’s off the map never forget. Black Dragon: You are wrong Hall. While I can’t beat you alone the other gangs and I together can take you. We are tired of you but we follow you out of respect to your strength, and what you have built. But if you can’t keep your end of the deal however everything changes. I was one of the first gangs to bow to you when I realized I was out matched I remember when you were just another hooker working for a pimp. Then you learned something that made you dangerous when a woman sucked cock well enough she can make anything happen. You killed your pimp used his money and your client list of powerful men and women in the city to build your empire you threw power and money around none of it yours. Everything you have is built on what you took from others. On your own your nothing and now me and the other gangs learned it a little late yes but better then ever. But we all built what we have from nothing we worked hard spilt blood tears and sweat in making what we have. So do not dare underestimate us. And I know you Hall you are wanting to use that gun under your desk. If I die the rest of the gangs will go straight to war with you. I know well enough you have something big planned it would look bad on you if you had not only a vigilante but a gang war going on as well. So what will you do Bitch. Hall: Never has anyone talked to me in such a way. You are right I have big plan’s if it wasn’t for that and the risk of war you would never leave this room alive. So tell me what you want. Keep it civil and maybe I won’t kill you later. I could use that attitude of yours. Black Dragon: Me an none of the gangs pay your little fee’s until the vigilante problem is dealt with. Hall: Deal. Black Dragon: You just made a deal and one that would cost you 50 grand a month with out negotiation. I knew it when you get what you want me and the other gangs are dead aren’t we? Hall: I don’t know what your talking about. Black Dragon: You forget I know when people are lying to me and you are no exception. Hall: You are more observant then I thought maybe I’ll keep you around for now. Black Dragon: I’m watching you and I’ll be waiting.

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