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by TWT
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I had been waiting for this day, all my life. The big race. The one that mattered most.
I had been practicing everyday for as long as I could remember. I had planned and learned the best methods so that I could win the top award. It was finally the day of the competition. My day. It began on an early autumn morning, trees covered in beautiful colors, temperature absolutely perfect, and birds singing the happiest of songs. It began as a normal day, morning chores, helping my mother around the kitchen, and heading to my classes at the local school. I could barely contain my excitement throughout the entire day! This was my dream. Winning this competition was the only thing I wanted in life. Classes went by as slow as could be, my anticipation causing them to feel eternal. Finally, the final hour had begun. It was my favorite class. The one that went by faster than any of the others. I shared my excitement with my friends and they promised to be there to see me win. The bell rang, I jumped out of my chair, sprinting out the door before the teacher finished assigning the homework and dismissing us. It was set to begin at 4:00 PM. I had plenty of time to get home and change from my school clothes, into the competition attire. I decided to skip the bus and sprint home, as I only lived a few minutes from the school. I burst through my front door, nearly knocking it off the hinges, not stopping to make sure the door closed as I sprint up the stairs to my room. I slowed to a fast walk as I neared my door, I knew that if I broke it again that I would never be allowed to have one again. I grabbed my change of clothes from my bed, slammed my door shut, and changed into the clothes as fast as possible. It was time for the big event. The race that would change my life. I ran back down the stairs, shouted to my mother that it was time to go, and ran out to the truck, bouncing as I shouted for her to hurry up. Finally, she came out the door, taking her sweet time to shut and lock it before sprinting to the truck and squealing in excitement about the race. The bike was already in the back of the truck, secured and ready for the ride. We couldn't stop smiling and talking about who would sign for me when I won, not even worried about a loss. We arrived at the track, met with my friends and set up our station. It was time to begin. There were 9 other competitors in the race and none of them were a threat to my victory. I had the win in the bag. We raced around the track, faster and faster as we learned the turns and hills. It was the last lap. I was one hill and one turn away from the victory flag, when out of nowhere, my bike choked and sputtered until it finally died. I could see the end. I was so close. I tried over and over to get it to fire back up and take me the little bit of the way that was left. Then the contestants passed me. All of them. I had been so far ahead and I lost because of my bike malfunctioning. I fell the the ground, tears spilling from my eyes as my friends rushed to me to see what happened. I had lost. All of my dreams were crushed in an instant. There was no participation medals in this race. I lost my award, my chance at being signed for, and I lost my will to race.
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