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Cuttersville high school has their meet today and the kids were all ready for this meet
Today is a big day it is the first day of March and it is the last day of our meet being that I am a senior of Cuttersville High School, when I got up this morning I had my usual breakfast blueberry oatmeal with freshly sliced bananas. As I went to the table to enjoy my daily routine of eating breakfast Mark came in to she if I was up Mark is my coach I looked at him and said, " Is it already time to get around?". Mark entered and said,"You still gt time just enjoy your breakfast you can't win with a empty stomach".
When I got done with eating I put on my shoes and walked outside to get my daily jog in and when I was just about to finish I saw all of my friends getting ready to go in the car and when they saw me they shouted at me saying that we are going to be late you need to hurry and get in the car. After hearing them I was getting a weird feeling in my stomach I bolted to the car and sat in the only open seat and closed to door. Mark step on the gas not caring in the world being he was going over 20 mph over the speed limit,As we were getting close to the destination the worse came to us we heard the sirens go off and when we looked back hoping it was not us,but what we saw was the bright blue and red lights behind was Mark had to pull over hoping it wont take long and when the cop came to the window asking for his license Mark gave it to him and the cop took about what seemed a eternity was actually 5 minutes long when the cop came back he gave Mark a ticket and went on his way. After that Mark looked at the clock Saying to us, "We can make it we have 10 minutes left and we are a mile away" Mark than stepped on the gas but with caution and when they got to the place where they were having the meet they were just on time but when they got to the registering booth the man told them that they were that they were one hour to late Mark looked at the man saying to him "We got here just on time how are we a hour late". The man responded with "Today is daylight savings time did you forget to set up your cloaks". We all looked at each other and said to ourselves "At least we tried" we than walked to the car with tears in our eyes looking at the ground knowing that it was the last meet we had as a group.

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