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by Man
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Ted won the award for most handsome man ever born, but then he can't find it.
On Tuesday my boy Ted, Ted-eroni for short, went to Bigville to compete in a hard competition to see if he was the hottest, most attractive, most handsome, prettiest, beautiful man ever. When he arrived the whole state of Australia was there to try to win, but they ran away at the sight of Ted, or Ted-eroni, because he was so hideous. My boy never lost competitions like this because he would scare the others away. So following his winning streak of 365 competitions, that's one for each day of the last year and it won't end soon. Only the Judge remained in Bigville to hand him his award and he graciously accepted it, Ted-eroni knew he was the most handsome man alive and laughed as he walked out. My boy never used a mirror or backwards cameras to see himself, he didn't need to to know his magnificently beautiful face looked as good as ever. Making his way downtown, walking fast, as to hide his remarkable face from the townspeople Teddy stopped to look at a pretty blue jay perched on the telephone wires above. Distracted while staring at the birds he accidentally dropped his large award trophy, it was so big and fancy and by dropping it he nearly ruined it, but to his surprise it fell into the sewer drain because it really wasn't that large.
He called 911. "Help! it's an emergency! My award fell into the sewer! Come quickly, please, I don't want it to be ruined!"
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