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A boy goes to the library in search of a book but may have found something else
The Library

Going to the library is one of Adams’s favorite things to do with his mom. The creak of the heavy, wooden, oak door is a signal that he’s entered a place of endless opportunities. The library can take him to faraway places, to a time long ago, and it can introduce him to famous historical people.

Adam usually doesn’t go to the library with a book in mind, rather he likes to peruse the aisles and pick out a book by happenstance. As he runs his hands across the plastic covered spines of the books he smells the familiar musty odor of the library. It reminds him of an old house in which a window was left open during a rain storm.

There is a rumor around town that the library has a secret bunker.

“Mom, have you ever seen the secret bunker under the library?” Adam inquires.

“No honey, that’s just a rumor, it doesn’t exist”. She responds.

Adam continues to walking up and down the aisles, stopping every so often to pull a book off the shelf. He stumbles across, Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevens. He opens the book and starts reading it while sitting on the floor between the stacks. He’s so engrossed in the book that he doesn’t hear his mother approach.

“Adam, it’s time to go”.

When Adam and his mother return home, he runs upstairs to his room and sits in his reading nook and starts to devour the book. As he is turning the pages he notices that something falls out between the pages. To Adams astonishment it’s a map. Could it be a treasure map?
As Adam looks closer, he’s hoping it’s a map to the secret underground bunker.

WC 298
Prompt: Finding a treasure
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