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by AJW
Rated: E · Short Story · Family · #2188335
A short story for The Writer's Cramp Contest.
Chris has all the papers he needs to do his taxes, and sits down at the kitchen table to get started. But, before he starts, he gets up to grab some water. He drinks it slowly, and when done he walks back to the table, and stops. He turns around to grabs a snack, some cookies. Will eating one, he goes to the fridge and gets some milk out. Pours some in a cup and puts the milk carton on the counter. Chris finishes his cookies and milk, then walks back to the table. Sits, only for a few seconds then right back up he goes. He forgot to put the milk away. Before he sits back down, he sees crumbs on the counter. Wets a piece of paper towel and wipes the counter. He throws away the paper towel, and notices that the trash is filled.

He takes the bag out and heads to the garage. Puts the bag in the bin. Then, he hears that the mail truck went by. Opens the garage door to go out. One his way to the mail box, he sees a neighbor walking their dog. Chris chats with her for about 10 minutes. When she walks off, he grabs the mail and goes back into the house. He shuffles through the mail and sees a letter. It is from his sister. He opens the letter, and starts reading it. It was a long letter, for it took him about 15 minutes to read. When done, he puts in down on the counter and heads back to the table. He was just about to start his taxes, when his dog comes up to him. Chris gets up, grabs the dog leash, and takes his dog out. Chris walks his dog for about 20 minutes, before heading back home. Once Chris was back home, he went straight to the table, to do his taxes.

When Chris was finally done with his taxes, he looked at the time. The post office was almost closed. He ran to his car and got in. Pulled out the garage and head to the post office. When he got there, it was two minutes before closing. He parked his car as fast as he could. Got out while leaving the engine on and the car door open. Chris head to the door and stopped the person inside from closing. He convinced the guy inside to let him mail his taxes. Chris suddenly realized he left them in the car. He turns around and looks at his car. Then shouts in anger, as a man gets in the front set, closes the door and drives off. His car and taxes are gone.
The man at the post office locks up the door. He pats Chris on the shoulder and offers him a ride home. When Chris is home, he thanks the postal worker, and walks into his house. He sees his wife on the couch. He tells her his day.

"Why didn't you just submit them online?" his wife asks.
Chris smacks his head.

"If you need me, I will be in the kitchen redoing my taxes," Chris said as he walks away.
He gets everything set up, so he can work on his taxes. But, before he starts, he gets up to grab some water.

© Copyright 2019 AJW (ajw708 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2188335