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How the story would fair in a business environment today (The ending is sad but realistic)
David tries to be a hard worker breaking the chain of poverty; Goliath gets everything handed to me from generations ago

David tries to be competitive while maintaining a proper business; Goliath can lower the prices for promotions as much as they want

David rents a little from Goliath to try to expand; Goliath gives them the minimum support to help with issues in the future.

Customer sees David as a better alternative, Goliath alters the services to skew the table

David tries arguing by the terms of the contract, Goliath holds off even under legal pressure, they have money to burn.

David has the customer get upset at them for stuff Goliath did to them; Goliath sees a business opportunity.

David loses the customer and has to close their door; Goliath laughs and employs David as another representative for his empire.

David becomes a slave, Goliath runs free
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