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A group of explorers heading to explore Planet Xion.
"Xion is here," Captain Jack said, pointing to the planet on the screen.

"Set a landing course with our Space Jets. This planet has never been explored before. Have our best negotiator, Tasha, go with the exploration crew," Commander Drack commanded. A robot came over to take the message over to their exploration crew X.

"Right away Commander Drack," Aven, leader of exploration crew X, replied. Quickly they dressed up for the Space Jets and picked one of them to fly down.

Planet Xion grew larger and larger as they flew down to explore the planet. They flew closer to the land as they searched for a place to land. There, on the mainland, they found an airport. Not knowing what to expect they flew down to the airport and landed. Tree stumps could be seen beside the track as they grew closer. Jets were roaming around. Then the jets made a clearing that appeared to be their invitation to land. Slowly they circled around until they made their landing there. Then Aven told the others to be prepared for anything as they packed up their things and opened the door to head out. Large, green figures with black, beady eyes greeted them as they came down from the Space Jet covered in green feathers. They looked like feathered aliens.

"Greetings," the tallest of them greeted as exploration crew X reached the ground.

"Greetings. I am Tasha, the speaker for exploration crew X. We have come in peace to explore this planet. We mean no harm," Tasha spoke up as they were surrounded.

"Come with me. I am Naobao Extillion. You must obtain permission to be here from the state. Do you have any weapons on you? If so then put them down," Naobao Extillion said.

"No we don't," Tasha replied.

"Good. Now, to see the Chancellor so you can have permissions to be here. This way please," Naobao Extillion said. "Robot X, could you lead the way to the Chancellor please."

Exploration crew X followed a silver robot about the size of a human being all the way to a large room. Then they were told to wait inside the room. Green chairs that were large enough to hold these aliens were in the center. Quietly they sat down in these chairs. Soon an alien that had large eyes unlike the others came in. The language could not be understood. So they waited longer to see what will happen next. A bright blue robot hovered in as small as a crow. Then it began to make noise and soon words came out. After a long negotiation with the alien they were given some papers to sign. Aven signed the papers and returned it to the alien. Bumble Bee was the given name to call the alien by. After an hour had passed by then they realized they needed to return to the ship to give a report and find out what the inhabitants of the planet are. Releasing some Nano bugs they were free to return to their Space Jet and given some food and drink to have along the way.

"Give your report so far," Captain Jack ordered when Aven had made contact with the captain.

"Everything is good, sir. We met Naobao Extillion when we arrived on the ground and our negotiator Tasha spoke with him. These aliens have green feathers on them and legs look like the legs of a bird. Then we went into a room and we saw who they called a Chancellor and have established permission to explore the planet. The natives are peaceful and did not threaten us any. They must have had visitors from other planets before. Bumble Bee, the Chancellor we saw, did not look like the others, much more looked like an alien we see commonly," Aven reported.

"Good. I hope we make a good expression on them when they let us explore their planet freely. You have two days to explore the planet and return. Take some samples if you can with you when you return. It will give us an idea about the planet and what life is like down there. Bring the gifts with you to the locals if they are willing to trade. This is excellent," Captain Jack said.

"Heading off. Thank you," Aven said, then hung up.

First thing the crew did when they woke up and prepared for the day early morning was to ask to see some tourist sites, bringing their gifts with them. Naobao Extillion led the way over through town and helped them find some places that accepted trading. There they traded their gifts for some clothing and collectibles. Soon the sun was high in the sky marking noon. A fountain made from silver and gold that stood tall in the middle of a traffic circle caught their eyes. Taking some photos of it, they moved on to a restaurant and sat down to eat their lunch. Eyes could be felt peering at them around as they ate. Robots did not know of any difference. Then, when they were done eating, they returned to exploring the place some more. Trees looked very different as the leaves looked like grass growing out of the branches. Then they rode on some robots over to the ocean. Aven took a sample of the ocean with his test tube and then it became time to head back to the Space Jet. One day of exploring the planet had passed by.

"Now, we know this place is pretty large. We have made much success in our exploration. The buildings are very modern, better than other planets we have seen. Lots of greenery surrounding the place. Plants are even grown at the bottom of the windows. There are some clothes and collectibles with us. Here is everything for day one," Avery began when Captain Jack came on the other end.

"I am ready to hear of it," Captain Jack said.

Day two came. Exploration crew X gathered their things and headed off the Space Jet. This time they wanted to know more about the plants and animals that lived there. Meeting Bumble Bee, they set off to the zoo for the day. Many animals there they had not seen before, just like the plants. Because they did not have any money to go into the zoo, they just walked around the perimeters. Locals passed by and described what they saw. Then they ran into some smaller aliens. These aliens did not seem bothered by their appearance. They seemed to be an expert on the plants and animals. None of the plants were poisonous that the aliens described. Then they listened as those aliens talked about the space ship they lived in before coming to this planet. Soon it came time to go and the crew decided to turn and head back. Another place they wanted to go to was to a park, where they could explore freely.

"Those aliens were helpful. Too chatty to know their names," Taha said as they were walking back to the Space Jet.

"Must be little kids. Indeed, we learned a lot from them. This planet we might be able to settle in and mix and mingle with the locals. There seems to be a safe environment here. The galaxy is not too far away from the galaxy of the newest peace organization Space Security. We can go there. For now our time on this planet is almost up. We better head back," Aven said after the smaller aliens left.

"So very cute. I would not mind being around here either. Too bad we aren't going to have a solid taste of their culture," Taha said.

"No, even though that is very important to know. They didn't take our gifts for them, but we found another way to use it. Soon we will be able to know more about this planet," Aven said.

After the crew ate back in the Space Jet then they went out to go to the park. At the park there were several things to do. Some were fishing in the lake. Others were playing on a playground beside the lake. Then there was a band playing music. The crew stopped to listen to the music being played. Then it was time for them to go back. They followed Bumble Bee all the way back to the Space Jet. After saying goodbye then they went up to the main room. The Space Jet was ready to take off in flight. When it was all clear, they sent the Space Jet up into the sky and then headed back to the ship. When they reached the ship, then there were some complications. The ship needed a part replaced before it could fly back home. Then Taha went down again to work and find the part they needed in order to be able to fly back home. The part was pretty cheap and they were glad it could be found. Soon the ship was fixed and in condition to fly back home. There was a lot to be told about Planet Xion and they hoped to return for an even longer period of time to explore.

Word count: 1537

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