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The conclusion of the triology
“Silverbolt and the Netherworld Three Part 3
And Then There Were Four

Vancouver Herald Office...

Seamus Hedges, the angry gardener sat across from Mr. Alexander of the Vancouver Herald. He was trying to make a deal.

"Seamus you have given me a ton of great stories, now you are giving something that is sure to ruin my name. A visitor from the future indeed. You might as well go looking for the hairy ape of the trees, or the basket ogress", he said with disdain.

Seamus was not daunted by his words, "I have proof, and it can be yours for a generous sum, plus ten percent of your profits. The story will make you famous". he said. Seamus knew exactly how to work Mr. Alexander. Reporters were always looking for the next big thing, and if you tease them with the carrot long enough the Donkey will move.

Mr. Alexander grinned, “Okay I have to admit you have my attention, but honestly you have to give me a name for this supposed ‘time traveler’”, his hands were making the quotation marks, as he spoke.

Seamus, smiled widely, “What if I told you the man in silver who travels with Steele and Elias Troyer is the person I speak of?”, he asked with a satisfied grin.

Mr. Alexander sat up now, he saw a way to save his beloved paper “Name your price”

Schafer Estate four hours to till sundown.

Lord Caligula had just finished putting on the Roman style armor. His red scarf and tunic were perfectly placed, and his lorica segmentata, (breastplate), had been polished to their brightest sheen, he placed the cassis on his head. His belt with the dangling straps made him feel rather It looked rather odd with his conquistador style facial hair. He had placed the yellow gladius of Caesar, on his hip, which clashed with his simple Colt revolver. As his brown eyes settled on his reflection, he felt a certain pride. He looked like someone ready to conquer his enemies and conquer he would.

The brat of lord Schafer would know she was looking at the next ruler of the new world, just before she died. Then it was on to Ottowa, as Canada would be easier to bring to its knees than America. Yes, he had everything planned out, to the smallest detail. Not even the fool in the black mask and silver bolt down the middle would stop him.

Meanwhile near the main entrance...

Silverbolt and Lady Clara had become awkward around one another. The undeniable chemistry and attraction made it difficult for the pair to be around each other without bringing on bouts of clumsiness. They went for the same piece of chalk only to bonk heads, head again.

The clean-shaven man, shook his head, as he straightened out the armored long coat, he looked over at the Mountie with the well-trimmed mustache, “Why did you put those two together? I do not foresee any good coming of this” he said as he continued to scrawl the symbol

The Mountie sighed as he looked at a drawing and began to scrawl a symbol, “Elias, best they learn to be around each other now than to have their clumsiness cost us our lives later. They are young and besotted with each other. Even if I had not paired them, the would have been pulled together by natural attraction”, he said simply

Elias glared at the pair, “Why do you like that masked moron anyway, he is uncouth and unrefined, most of all that armor he wears is not natural, and he looks ridiculous in that hat, and duster”, he said gesturing to Silverbolt.

Sam Steele sighed, “Elias if I didn't know any better I would say you are jealous of our silvery friend, and he looks no more ridiculous than you or I in our attire”, he said as he moved on to the next symbol.

Elias shook his head, “He does not talk like one of us, or act like a gentleman...”, he said as Sam cut him off.

“He is one of us and he is on our side, I assure you. As for my interest in him, there is far more to him than meets the eye. He has already made sacrifices that you and I cannot understand” he paused to look at his handy work and redefined a line, “If you have a problem with him then speak to him about it, I assure you he is most reasonable despite his strange mannerism. I found the word dude to be a term of endearment”, Sam Steele said succinctly.
Elias flattened his hair, and walked up to Silverbolt, he and Clara were laughing at something. He tapped the masked man and asked, “Can we talk in private for a moment?”, he asked in his most formal voice.

Silverbolt nodded, “Of course man”, Lady Clara lightly touch his glove as he got up and giggled in the most girlish manner. Elias grabbed, an oil lamp and they stood next to a suit of armor.

Elias looked Silverbolt in the eye and said, “You are hiding something, and I demand to know what it is. I cannot trust someone who keeps secrets from me, now out with it”, he demanded with such force that Lady Clara winced.

Silverbolt could smell what Troyer had eaten for lunch, his fetid breath crept into the mask. Troyer did have a point, if this was going to work they needed to trust each other. He drew the Desert Eagle fifty caliber, and handed it to Troyer, “I am from the future, I am here quite by accident, and not by choice”, he said as honestly as possible

Troyer held up his own gun in comparison, “What does one hunt with this thing?”, he asked in wonder. He turned it upside down, and then looked down the barrel, “How does one load this thing? It seems like a silly design” he said incredulously

Silverbolt took it from his hands, “Didn’t your parents tell you not to look down the barrel of a gun?” he said, as he pressed the release, and the clip slid out. He drew the slide back and released the bullet in the chamber.

Troyer looked at the clip, “What an inspired design, how many rounds does it hold? What is the Caliber?” he said rifling questions at him as a child would.

Silverbolt shook his head, “It is a military grade weapon, and that is all I can tell you, Troyer. You must keep this a secret above all things. This country does alright for itself in the future, and I really do not want to be the guy who wrecks history”, he said in a deadly serious tone.

Troyer handed him the gun back, “Thank you...Is the moose from the future?”, he asked in a serious tone.

Lady Clara laughed, as did Sam Steele, and Silverbolt, “No, Troyer we use special carriages to get around and we will leave it at that”, was all Silverbolt said, that was three people he now had to tell about his plight. He could trust Lady Clara, and he knew he could trust Sam Steele. Elias was a witch hunter and people like that could do things in the name of fanaticism.

Troyer noticed the flame on the oil lamp slowly flickering and he felt a cool draft, “Hey do you feel that?” he asked his silver friend.

Silverbolt who now wears a mask, armor and a duster shook his head, “No I am layered up, I am glad my gear was designed to pool pockets of cold air, otherwise, I would have died of heatstroke already”, he said.

Lady Clara got up, and stood next to Elias, “You are quite right Elias I can feel a breeze, but there are no open doors or windows, how is this possible?” she asked as she shivered.

Silverbolt handed her the armored duster, “Here, stay warm”, he said Lady Clara blushed furiously.

“I am far too short Silverbolt, it would sweep all of our hard work away. I thank you for your consideration”, she said giving him a soft look, as he put it back on.

By this time Sam Steele wondered why everyone was standing around and talking, he would not tolerate such behavior of his men, and he would not tolerate of his companions either. They were dealing otherworldly things, far more dangerous than the common man.

He looked on the ground and noticed as he walked up the steps to the landing where everyone stood, “For heavens sakes people, did we come to have tea and crumpets, or did we come to fight these stalkers of man?” he looked around, “Where is that draft coming from?”, he asked

Silverbolt looked at the walls, “Is it possible this place was built with secret passages?”, he asked as he knocked on the wall, solid.

Sam Steele nodded, “This is a house of nobleman they sometimes have to leave quickly and quietly. It would not surprise me at all if there was a secret passage or two in this place”, he said, as he knocked on the walls now.

The Elias and Lady Clara followed suit. As they tapped on the walls, Elias asked, “Lady Clara why would you choose to help us? A lady of your station need not do anything at all”, he said in a patronizing voice.

She moved and stood beside Silverbolt, and the scent of her perfume permeated the mask. He Rather enjoyed her smell, it was better than Deadhooves and certainly better than Troyers breath

Her eyes stared coldly into Troyers, “I suppose I should forego any dreams I have for myself, and just get on with having babies? Or perhaps I should impress our supernatural guests with my astonishing needlepoint? Maybe I will cook them a great feast and try to charm them with my wit”, she said with a clear disdain for Troyer.

Sam Steele looked saw Troyer was offended. He knew from experience with his own wife, men did not make the brightest word choices when arguing with the fairer sex “Elias I would quit while you are ahead...”, he said trying to warn the witch hunter.

Silverbolt tried to put some more distance between him and Troyer, his father said something similar to his mom, and it was not pretty. There was a lot of shouting, and his father wound up on the couch for a month.

Troyer just kept flapping at the gums, “Only a woman would think such ridiculous thoughts, needlepoint a supernatural being to death...”, he trailed off because of Lady Clara was now closing in on him.

Her face was of the darkest scowl, her eyes filled with contempt, she was the very definition of the phrase, “Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned”, Her chalky hand hit Troyer with such force the sound of skin hitting the skin, echoed across the room. Troyer had a handprint on his face afterward.

Lady Clara's voice was a force of nature now, “I do not need you to tell me the silliness of my words, I did so on purpose for our amusement. I feel sorry for your future wife Elias, she will have to endure your chauvinism, witless words for the rest of her days”, she stomped back over to Silverbolt, “Since I met Silverbolt, he has not once discounted any of my dreams or aspirations, and has told me on more than one occasion I am just as capable as a man. I would advise you to heed those words, Troyer. Even if society will not allow us to pursue our dreams to the fullest, it is nice to know some men we adore believe we can achieve them”

Silverbolt had moved next to Sam Steele, “I really wish I could take her out for a few meals, maybe some walks at night, read some books together...”, he said wistfully

Sam Steele nodded, “Perhaps you could seek wisdom from the Seven Sisters, in the park named after our Lord Stanley. I hear the wisest and kindest people became trees to safeguard the land”, he said as he pulled on a sconce that clicked and the wall opened.

Silverbolt whistled, “We found it Come on let us go have a look”

On the way to Schafer Manor...

Voidsong was moving with the grace of shadow, through alleys and the darkness. The muddy hat bounces on his head as his spindly legs drive him like prime steed towards the unheard call. His second face kept a close look out behind him, watching his tattered coat whip in the wind, like a sick flag, a tribute to his violence. The sharpened elbows stand like white scythes rivaling the tool of the grim reaper.

So far he had not seen the one named Silverbolt. He was eager to meet this man again, for he was the prey that fought back. It made him feel alive and foolish for wasting his life on the innocent. To find challenge in the hunt, this is where his mind now rested, not that he wouldn’t take an innocent life if the opportunity presented itself. Tonight he would repay Silverbolt the favor he owed him, tonight Silverbolt would die.

He was not the only one on the way to the manor...

Bloodance floated above the empty streets of the growing city. He was being called, by what he couldn’t say. His tendril-like hair floats in a haunting fashion, as the red glowing eyes scan the area for prey. His bland clothes are a reminder of the broken promise, to his mentor, a reminder his hate became his own hell. Bloodance seeks the witch hunter, to either kill him or find release. After all, this is the truth of a battle, you are not always going to be the winner. On the one hand, winning will temporarily relieve him of the murderous impulses that plague his waking moments. On the other, losing will save him from this wretched half-life, or is it an unlife, he didn’t know anymore. Either way, he would find a little solace this evening.
Emerging from a burnt out basement...

Sabastion Barghest awoke to pain, transforming into the dreaded wolf of the north, the Amarok. Bones creak and crack as his body expands out, changing him into the beast he was cursed to be. He does not regret his misdeeds towards the Inuit people. He only wishes he had done more. The powerful claws tear wood, and the monstrous teeth bite through the ill-fitting clothes. His matted fur is the preferred garb of the evening. The angry wolf spirit within is called by an unknown force toward an unknown destination, one he hopes leads him to the Mountie.

Sam Steele what a ridiculous name for a man. It sounds like something an author who romanticizes the frontier, would come up with. Even Barghest knows the truth can be far stranger than fiction. Sam Steele had not only denied him the soft flesh of humans but gave chase to him. Such an insult will not stand in any fashion whatsoever.

Because stupidity knows no bounds...

Mr. Alexander, and Seamus Gardener, the insulted gardener, headed towards Schafer manor to confront the man named Silverbolt about his presence here in the past. Mr. Alexander was excited this story would be remembered for centuries, nay a millennium. His name would go down in history as the greatest reporter of all time. None would be able to touch what he intended to accomplish tonight, not even those fancy reporters of the New York Times. The Vancouver Herald would be lauded by all.

Seamus had taken some of the money given to him, to buy a rather large gun. The hideously scarred moose would look fine mounted on his wall. He would teach that moose a lesson in respecting his work, a permanent lesson. A local butcher sold wild meat in his shop, Seamus could taste the profits already...

Emerging from the secret passage...

The quartet of defenders emerged from the secret passageway, one of many that ran all through the house. This was a scary prospect, as more than one passageway lead outside. To make matters worse someone had erased a fair amount of warding, which could force them to separate.

Elias threw his hat on the ground in rage, “We don’t have time to fix this at all, all that work wasted. Who would do this?”, he turned to Lady Clara who was just as crestfallen as he was, “There is a traitor among your servants are you so blind Lady Clara?”, he said as he angrily put the hat back on his head.

Lady Clara now shook with rage, the power of her voice was not something to be scoffed at, “Am I now a fool because of my gender? I trust Gerard with all my greatest secrets, and I assure you he has a firm grip on all the servants. He reports to me the moment he notices a problem...” she said rounding on him again.

Silverbolt grabbed her and pulled her back, “This is not going to solve anything Clara”, he said with a hint of admiration. She was fiery, and for some reason, that was attractive to him.

Clara struggled against his powerful arms, “Let his cheek taste the righteous anger of my palm once again, I demand satisfaction”, she said. A part of her enjoyed Silverbolts strong arms around her, the rest of her could not wait to teach Elias another lesson.

Sam Steele whistled loud, “Enough”, and everyone went silent, “Thank you Silverbolt for helping”, he said with approval, “Now as for you two, let us apply some logic to the situation shall we”, he paused, “Do hang on to her, while it is amusing to see our feminine equal bat Elias around like a cat does a mouse, it is counterproductive”, he said to Silverbolt.

Silverbolt nodded, “I will Mr. Steele”, he said,

Clara turned and laid her head on his armored shoulder, “Then I shall turn away, his very face brings my anger to the surface”, she said enjoying the moment with the object of her affection.

Elias went to open his mouth, but Sam Steele cut him off with a slash of his hand, “Close that useless trap of yours. I am now speaking, and you will note I seek to use logic to solve this minor mystery”, he said in that commanding voice that demanded the ears of Elias, who had been struck dumb.

He paced back and forth hands clasped behind his back, “We know the Masonic blade made its way into the masquerade ball. We now know the cursed blade of Malcolm Crenshaw calls evil spirits and creatures to it. It has proven itself real, for three unrelated creatures have come to this city on the same day. We have discovered a network of secret passages that lead through the entire house. We know lord Caligula is in town. You said your father knew him correct lady Clara?”, he asked the red-haired woman.

Lady Clara nodded, “Yes he and my father were good friends until abolition movement. My father helped champion the cause, and Lord Caligula was determined to hang on to the past. He and my father ceased to be friends after that”, she said her voice was now even and calm.

Sam Steele continued to pace as he listened, “So if I were a lord spurned by fellows, and my best friend turned on me I would be after vengeance, does this not seem like a reasonable assumption mister Troyer?”, he asked the witch hunter, who now looked like a child that had broken his mothers' favorite china.

Troyer nodded in agreement, “Yes that actually seems more likely”, he said sheepishly, his head down in shame. He then raised his head, “What about the open graves and the corpses?” he asked

Sam Steele smiled, “Yes what about them indeed. They were to keep the public busy off of Lord Caligula’s appearance. The Voodo Bokor are associated with digging up graves and animating corpses, the symbols he used are fakes. I have a friend in New Orleans, I sent him a telegram. I was fortunate he was in the city on business”

Sam Steele smiled, “Excellent, we have suspect, motive, means and opportunity, and a weapon. Is there anything else we should know, the sun is rapidly falling, and I would have everything in the open”, he said sternly, as he looked at each of them in the eye as he continued to pace.

Silverbolt sighed, “I lost the phone”, he said in an embarrassed tone.

Sam Steele, stared at him, “You lost something from your time, and we just hear of it now?”

Silverbolt took on a look of shame, “I assumed it was here, apparently not”, he said, feeling like he had let down his father. He was angrier at himself than he was anything else.

Lady Clara rushed to his aid, “I saw Seamus the Gardener rush off somewhere earlier, Gerard says he used to report to the Vancouver Herald. He was passing information about the Nobility to Mr. Alexander”

Elias smiled, “Then the device is already on its way here, a reporter will jump at a chance to press a time traveler for answers. Mr. Alexander is determined to revive his paper”, he said impressed with his own intelligence.

Silverbolt agreed, “Yeah some things never change, reporters are just as pushy in the future. Seamus will be back, he was rather upset Deadhooves ate his prized flowers. I am pretty sure he will try to kill him. I am not worried Deadhooves will probably teach him a lesson”, he said in an unconcerned tone.

Sam Steele nodded, “We will have to deal with those civilians after we deal with the otherworldly menaces, they come here at their own peril. Then we must deal with Lord Caligula, though I suspect he may be elsewhere in the house. I know Lord Schafer cherishes you Lady Clara, please stay close” he said, sincerely

Silverbolt pulled the Desert Eagle out from its holster and handed it to her and took off the safety, “Here just in case, I want it back when we are done, don’t worry I have two spare clips”, he said knowing he would not be able to protect her during this fight.

Lady Clara had shot pistols with her friends and was touched her silvery champion would entrust his own weapon into her care. She knew she would love him for the rest of her days. Even if she married another, none could equal the man in the black mask and the lightning bolt down the middle.

Sam Steele nodded in approval, “Well let us see what fate has in store for us”, and the heroic four watched the front entrance. The only sound to be heard was the grandfather clock ticking, and tocking.

The sound was maddening to Silverbolt. The meteor hammer was in hands ready for battle. He was ready to have another go at Voidsong. He actually had to try with undead horror, as his friend Hex Fist told him, Silverbolt loved a good fight.

Sam Steele was eager to get his man, Sabastion Barghest would never see the inside of prison, he would decorate a grave, he was sure of it. He had armed himself with a pair of sabers that once held a spot on the wall. The creature bled, and that meant it could be killed.

Elias knew the undead shaman was destined to meet him again, this time he would trap it properly, and make sure it returned to the void where it belonged. The pistol known as Witches End was now in his grip, and ready for round two.

Lady Clara stood tall that evening, to be a part of such a festive occasion made her feel alive. To fight the very man seeking to destroy her was all she wanted. She pulled the slide back as Silverbolt had shown her, it was all or nothing now.

The ticking of the clock was agonizing, as they amended their strategy to watch the secret passage. It would horrible to be taken by surprise. The hand clicked as it moved to a minute before midnight. Silverbolt couldn’t help but wonder how the damn moose was doing, knowing him he was probably ruining more of the gardener's work.

Out in the courtyard...

Deadhooves, (kill count 12), was busy munching on some lovely tulips, they did not make them like this in the wild. His taste buds were in ecstasy, as he savored each tiny flower. He heard shouting coming from behind him, he grunted and turned to see a pink animal, with blue and plaid markings, waving one of those long stingers, capable of hurting him from a distance. He was with a similar creature who was clucking like a chicken at his companion. Maybe they were a mated pair, he didn’t know. What he did know was the creature with blue markings clearly wanted to fight. Who was he to ignore the challenge?

He turned and faced the challenger, and lowered his head and pawed the cobblestone beneath his feet, and snorted. He did this to see if the creature with blue markings was still interested in locking antlers with him. The creature held his ground, and his mate/companion moved out of the way.

Deadhooves did not hesitate and charged. The creature with blue and plaid markings seemed to think he was going to sit around and be taunted. As he charged he heard a distinctive click, this meant the stinger was empty, he was quite familiar with the sound. Several hunters in Fort George met their end on his titanic rack.

Seamus was panicking he had bought the gun but had completely forgotten about the bullets. He had now angered the large force of nature and had no way of assuring his victory. His only hope was to get behind the wall of the estate and hope it knackered the moose long enough for him to go where the moose was not.

He found himself frozen, he grabbed his legs desperate to get them moving. Fight or flight be damned, he was trapped in fear. To make matters worse he heard other things coming. A motley crew of horrors passed by him, be damned if he didn’t come all the way from the Highlands of Scotland, just to be killed by some otherworldly thing. His legs were finally capable of moving, he had just turned to run when pain exploded in his back. He felt his legs lift off the ground, he wanted to get away but not like this. Mr. Alexander waved at him as he flew past. He landed with a loud thump.

The moose sniffed the air and knew the creature was still alive, in the wild you finished what you started. He didn’t let the grizzly live. This creature would learn natures law because Deadhooves had learned you do not leave your enemies alive.

Mr. Alexander was not sure how to help Seamus the moose was a rampaging demon. After watching the creatures of the night descend on the Manor he was quite certain, this Silverbolt was a force of good. His story now seemed a little selfish, there was only one thing to do. Wait till the fighting was over, and possibly return the device to this Silverbolt.

Seamus was literally paralyzed now, he could not feel his toes or his legs. The great moose must have had a sense of humor, because the last thing he saw, was the moose’s behind descending on him...

Inside the Manor

The secret passage and the front door were silent, where were they? The sun was down and the blade was sitting in the middle of the foyer. The warding was gone, and their horrific foes had access to the entire house. A strategy session earlier in the day had suggested their enemies were not that bright. Sam Steele was the only one to point out the dangers of underestimation.

Bloodance was slowly descending from the floor above, just behind Elias. If they had been watching the window just behind them and to the left, they would have seen the deathly visage of Voidsong peeking in ready to pounce. Barghest listened at the front door for the other two so he could get rid of the Mountie.

Somewhere deep in the house...

Lord Caligula laughed as directed all the foes, from the hidden chamber, this book of spells he had obtained from a castle in Estonia, was most useful. It allowed him to talk with the creatures of the night without having to put himself in harm's way.

“Excellent work you three, very soon we will all have our prospective acts of revenge. A little teamwork makes a big difference” he said cheerfully, as he checked over the Taming Sari, a blade he could direct to attack command, without ever having to handle it. It had no sheath, for its sheath was the body of the wielders enemy, a fitting end for lord Schafers brat. He spoke a command word and the blade now levitated beside him waiting to strike.

Voidsongs manic voice came in loud and clear, “Are we ready, can we move, I am eager to square off against the one in silver, he is mine”, he said, Lord Caligula hoped this one died, he was a liability waiting to happen. He was surprised the horror had killed more people on the way in, a trail of bodies as evidence.

He started to move down the passageway, “Yes it is time to teach these fools who they are dealing with”, he said as he headed towards the open foyer.

Back in the Foyer.

All hell broke loose, Bloodance used a rather clever spell to heat the revolver, Elias yelped as he dropped the gun. He went for it but the ghostly creature laughed cruelly and stood in his way. Voidsong crashed through the window, and tackled Silverbolt to the ground, the elbow is drawn back ready to strike the throat, Silverbolts most vulnerable spot. Barghest charged through the door, engaging the intrepid

Mountie near the entrance. Sam Steel was tensed and ready for this conflict. The secret passage opened, thankfully Lady Clara heard it, and fired the massive cannon. Her arm jerked back with such force, she almost hit herself in the head with the firearm.

“Give up you worthless brat, your friends are done for, and so are you”, Lord Caligula said from the safety of the passageway. He had not expected her to have a weapon at all, clever very clever.

Silverbolt heard the Desert Eagle boom, “Clara hold your fire, he is going to try and force you to waste all the bullets, don’t worry about me I can handle this punk”, he said, as he blocked the fatal strike. Silverbolt decided this would be a good time to use his power, as he blocked another potentially fatal blow. As Voidsong drew back his deadly elbow once more, Silverbolt held one hand up at void song, and the other aimed at Bloodance.

Elias was not doing so well, any move he made for a witch bottle, or his gun were blocked by the undead Shaman, the glowing red eyes hung there with menace. In those moments, Elias wondered if John Troyer had struggled with such things when he hunted witches.

“Elias close your eyes”, Silverbolt shouted as he focused his thoughts and fired the silvery bolts of light from his hands. Both undead parties were temporarily blinded. Giving the two men a chance to regain the advantage.

Sam Steele and the Amarok were in full swing, Barghest had to admit his wolf side was enjoying the experience. His human side was worried it was enjoying the fight a little too much. Sam was expertly leading the Amarok towards Clara, hopefully, she would flee. Back and forth they went.

“Do you feel it Steele, your end comes at the end of my claws. I will feast upon you, and you will become a part of me”, he said as Sam barely blocked an attack.

Sam Steele laughed, “I have met puppies tougher than you, wretched beast, and your breath leaves something to be desired as well. Has no one taught you proper hygiene?” he asked as he rolled to the side. The mighty claws barely missed him.

Clara and Lord Caligula were still in a standoff, something had to give. She knew not if the Lord was armed. Instead of being foolish enough to find the answer directly, she instead stole a page from Sam Steele's book and chose to think the problem through. There had to be something she could do. It came to her, she would use his own Chauvinism against him, she screamed and pretended to drop the massive firearm.

Lord Caligula emerged from the passageway and said something in an odd language, and Kris came flying out of the passage and embedded itself in the wall. His wicked smile vanished as he noticed the Taming Sari had not hit his intended mark. Instead, he heard the click of a hammer being thumbed back. He saw Lady Clara holding a rather large firearm of unknown design, the barrel was pointing at him.

He smiled, “I see you are dabbling in the manly arts young lady, what would your father think?” he asked as he gave the young woman an amused expression.

She scowled at the man as she held her ground, the barrel remained trained on the man, “He would be proud that I would vanquish our enemies my lord” he voice dripped with venom and contempt for the false Legionnaire standing before her.

He spoke a simple command word and the Taming Sari removed itself from the wall and now sped towards her with the speed of a diving falcon.

Silverbolts distraction had worked, Voidsong was now temporarily blinded, he threw the horror off of him, and regained the Meteor hammer. He pulled a move similar to a break dancing helicopter and kicked the sharp-elbowed foe to the side. Voidsong fell to the floor hissing in frustration.

He looked over at Clara and saw the deadly dagger hurtling towards her unaided by human hand. He had two choices, save Clara or put an end to Voidsong. It really was not a choice, considering how he felt about her. He rolled forward and exploded out of the roll releasing the weight with as much speed as he could, hoping he could save her.

Clara stared at the egotistical lord, and prepared to fire, he was laughing now a hearty laugh, “Now my dear, I will have my revenge”, he said as the dagger embedded itself into her shoulder, and she fell to the ground bleeding. The clank of the meteor hammer could be heard.

Samuel Steele had prospered, for all the creatures speed and strength, it had no knowledge of tactics, or skill to really speak of. He had played a three combination at the stomach, parried the claws, and then spun severing the head of Barghest, which rolled across the floor with a shocked expression.

He looked up to see Lady Clara had fallen, the mad Lord Caligula, had raised the yellow blade ready to finish the job, just as Elias had shot Bloodance back into the void.

Silverbolt was filled with grief and anger, he dropped the meteor hammer, and clenched his fists. Voidsong was started to regain his sight, only to be blinded again. Silverbolt who cried out in anguish as he rushed Lord Caligula.

Lord Caligula, saw the severity of the wound and called the Taming Sari back to his hand. Lady Clara screamed as the blade ripped from her shoulder, in the most painful way. This Silverbolt fellow seemed rather bent on harming him now, and the evil lord knew he would lose. He ran back into the passageway and pulled the iron gate hidden in the wall and locked it.

Silverbolt was blinded by rage, as Elias rushed to Clara’s side, “Sam I need your help”, he said in a worried tone. The Mountie rushed to give Elias a hand.

Voidsong was far from finished he would not be denied his Silvery prey. He laughed cruelly, “What's the matter, are you about to lose something important? Awww, poor inadequate hero, is it your first time failing? The thought of you being tormented by this moment excites me in ways I have never been before”, he continued to laugh,
Silverbolt did not pick up the meteor hammer, that was for civilized opponents. He only saw the red of his anger now, as he charged. He superman punched the horror down and began to pummel with both fists, over and over, even long after Voidsong had stopped moving. Sam Steele had to pull him off, and Silverbolt fought to punish the creature some more.

“Lad the battle is over,” He said as Silverbolt broke free and screamed, only to be restrained by Sam, once again. “Lad go she is scared and she needs you, Elias is doing all he can”

Elias and Lady Clara did not get along, but she had been brave throughout the whole thing. The problem was not the wound, the problem was the cause of the wound. Magic blades cut a little deeper and tore flesh in ways which made healing harder. He would have no choice but to cauterize the wound. A horribly unpleasant thing but if she was to survive it had to be done. He grabbed the iron fire poker and thrust into the depths of the glowing coals.

Lady Clara was shaking from blood loss, as Silverbolt held her hand, “You are not allowed to die, you can’t. I will sacrifice myself to save you. I should never have come here. Just stay awake, that’s all you have to do”, he said as a tear fell from his eye.

Lady Clara smiled weakly, her glittering emerald eyes tear-filled now “Oh my silvery friend, my father would speak of the oldest rule of combat, not everyone will make it. I would be dead if you had not come It warms my heart to know you would give everything to save me”, she weakly

Sam and Elias came, Elias held a red hot fire poker in his hand, “Sam I need you and Silverbolt, to hold her down”. He placed a stick in her mouth, “Bite down this is going to hurt like hell” he said, as Silverbolt held Clara’s hand.

Elias plunged the red hot poker into the wound and Clara convulsed, beads of sweat rained off her forehead her body tensed up, her teeth bled from how hard she had bitten down on the stick. The smell of blood, burnt flesh filled his nostrils, as Clara's eyes filled with pain.

Elias sighed, “Let us hope she does not bleed internally, sometimes this does not work. I would tell you she is going to be okay but, it does not bode well to be a lying medical professional”, he said pausing, “We need to move her to comfortable bed”, Sam quickly scouted the nearby rooms and found a guest room.

They moved her, as carefully as possible, and placed her on the bed. “I will go see if the doctor in town has any real medicine,” Elias said as he left the room.

Sam left to see if could find some water, Silverbolt just sat in a chair, praying for Lady Clara to be okay. He remembered Voidsong and checked to make sure the creature was still dead. He looked walked out to the foyer and saw the blood, the wolf was dead, and Bloodance was nowhere to be seen. Voidsongs body was missing, again.

Silverbolt swore he would kill the creature, but that is a story for another time...

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