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getting a visit from an Angel

          I had come to Colorado Springs, Colorado to live with my husband while he was stationed at

Fort Carson Colorado Springs, Colorado. I got a job there on post working for the Army as a Civil
Servant, my job title was mail clerk.
One night when I was in my bedroom in bed that was situated off the living room and my young son
in junior high was asleep in his bedroom situated opposite the kitchen. My husband was currently in
the field at Fort Hood, Texas. So, we were alone in the house. I was laying, in bed on this particular
night waiting for sleep to take me, when all of a sudden, a bright light lit up the living room. Since
my bedroom door was opened, I could see what it was. It was the most beautiful vision I had ever
seen in my life.
         A, elderly woman appeared in my field of sight she had white hair down to the bottom of her throat
sort of like a bob, but not quite the modern look of a bob haircut of today. She was immaculate not a hair out
of place, not a wrinkle out on her face, rosy pink cheeks, she walked with a hunched. Because she had no
wrinkles it was hard for me to guess her age. But her appearance told me she was elderly. She had an old
cane in her right hand and carried an ancient lantern in her left.
This lantern was ancient. I don't believe there is a lantern like it on earth today. Because I have done
some small research trying to find something similar on the internet with no luck.
I believe she knew I had seen her. I had wished I had gotten up, but I was like rooted to my bed in
awe! Now her gown was the most gorgeous gown I have ever seen in my life. The first thing I thought and
said to myself was, "Oh my God, It's my fairy God Mother!" She didn't say a word to me as she crossed the
room and went out the door without opening the door, as she did this the living room became dark again. I
got up and opened the door to the outside to see if I could see her again. She had completely vanished. I
quickly locked the door and went back to bed. Instead of spoken words she left me with and overwhelming
since of peace. Sleep then overtook my body.
The next morning, I woke and thought about what had occurred last night and I wished I had gotten
out of bed and talked to her, but I didn't, a small regret there. It was not much longer that day or the
next day, I would get a phone call from Fort Hood that my husband had pasted out from heat
exhaustion while in the field. They told me that they were giving him IV's to hydrate him and that he
would be fine. I would find out from my husband on his return home on his pasting out incident that
he was near death's door. Which makes even more sense why I had the visit from Archangel
Gabriel. So, now I know that this was the reason that I saw this vision. She was the Angel
Gabriel. The Archangel Gabriel's white light ray represents purity, harmony and holiness. This
description fits perfectly with the vision I saw. This beautiful elderly lady was dressed in a beautiful
white gown and this is why she chose to appear to me wearing white. Archangel Gabriel is the angel
of revelation. She is the same angel that told Mary in the bible she would give birth to Jesus Christ.
I have always wanted to see her again. Who would not want to see beauty like that. I considered
myself to be very blessed. I have so far in my life had four encounters with angels. Oh, I have had
encounters with demons too, but that's another story for another time. One I don't really choose to
write about. I am all about writing inspiring positive stories. I also want to clarify that all my
encounters have been without seeing wings. I have always wondered about this too. When they
appear to you in human form, they don't necessarily show their wings, I guess. One encounter was
with Archangel Michael, I heard just his voice, he was invisible to me. That is one powerful angel
and that too is another story.
This story is based on a true story.

My Autobiography
My name is Margaret Watson, I am a 67-Year-old retired civil service worker and a disabled military veteran. I have always dreamed of writing and now I am doing it. When I was 27 years-old and I was taking a Creative Writing Class, a teacher told me my story that I had written was childish just because I started out with the phrase "Once upon a time." That criticism killed my desire to write again. I dropped the class and took on the belief that I couldn't write. My husband is a good technical writer. I asked him to teach me to write, but sadly he never has. So, I thought just sitting around waiting is not going to teach me to write so, I got busy and enrolled in Universal Class. I have already completed Creative Writing for Beginners, How to Write A Short Story and have done quite well. What I am most interested in is Inspiration Writing and also writing all types of stories. I feel my classes through Universal Classes online will give me the edge I need to write great stories and mostly importantly great Inspirational stories. I notice when I give advice to people or talk to them, they are not listening to me. That makes me feel awful that I am not worth hearing. If I knew how to be persuasive then perhaps people would listen to me when I speak or write. I am now taking a class called Writing Effective Persuasion. Most of all is that I enjoy learning and don't believe I will ever stop learning. The best part of writing and learning is that it keeps your brain active. For me it brings me joy and it is respite from all the pain I suffer with in my body. It also helps me sleep better at night. People say do what makes you happy and brings joy into your life and that is exactly what I am doing. I am fulfilling a long-held dream.

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