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A college girl borrows her sister's suit for an interview
The Suit

Growing up with three sisters had its good points and bad points. It was difficult sharing one bathroom with them as we were all trying to get ready in the morning; sharing one mirror as we were putting on makeup, straightening our hair and searching for privacy when using the toilet. On the other hand, it was great having sisters to lend an ear after a fight with a friend, wipe away tears after a breakup with a boyfriend, but most importantly we were collective best friends.

It was my sophomore year of college and I was interviewing for an internship, but needed a new suit.

Ellie said, “Why don’t you borrow my suit, rather than spend money on a new suit”.

“Thank would be great, thanks!” I replied with relief as I was trying to save money.

The morning of the interview, I dressed in Ellie’s gray suit paired with a light pink, silk shirt and accessorized with classic pearl earrings and necklace. The interview at the publishing company went so well that they offered me the position on the spot.

After the interview, I called my boyfriend, Troy, and exclaimed with excitement, “I got the internship!”

“Congratulations, let’s celebrate! How about we meet for lunch?” Troy replied.

During lunch, I accidentally spilled salad dressing down the front of Ellie’s suit jacket.

“Oh, no, I hope this comes out!” I thought to myself.

The next day I brought the suit jacket to the dry cleaner in an effort to remove the stain, to no avail. I returned home and put the suit back in Ellie’s closet hoping she wouldn’t notice.

Several weeks later, I hear a scream from Ellie’s room, “Katie, what happened to my suit?

I responded, “I have a confession to make”.

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Prompt: “I have a confession to make”
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