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A description of love.
An eruption of pastel colors and tiny wings beyond my naval causes me to smile.
The multi-colored wings flutter against my insides, filling me with warmth.
I would say that I had never felt this before, however, with her this is constant.
My intestines twist as the feather like sensation brushes against them.

The creatures alight when my mind turns to her, something that occurs frequently.
Light wings brush against my insides as I watch her lips turn up at the corners.
She has this unexplainable hold over me that I will never break away from.
Some refuse to believe in soulmates, I was the same way, until I met her.

When we became close something inside me clicked and everything fell into place.
Like a feather floating down from the heavens above I fell for her.
It was a gentle process, delicate and cautious to avoid heart shatter.
The longer we stayed together the more I merged into her and knew I was safe.

The warmth she gives off creates a feeling that could only be love within me.
I glance over to see the sparkle shining in those beautiful multi-colored eyes.
The tiny creatures below my lungs ignite, causing a sensation I only feel with her.
Warmth lights every centimeter of my being, my lips turn up just thinking of her.

When her soft, gentle lips press to my chapped ones the feeling increases.
Suddenly my entire being is aflame with a soft flame that only burns for her.
The wings under my rib cage travel higher through the twisted maze of my body.
Now engulfing my chest with flutters and the heavy pounding of my mended heart.

Our eyes lock and the flutters enter my mouth leaving me breathless and tripping over my words.
There is no reasonable explanation for the way she makes me believe I am loved.
I vow to be her protector, to be her guardian angel on earth.
Oh how I pray to everything that I will succeed in my quest.
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