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How identity politics has colonized and corrupted the social & reproductive centre
In the ideological identity struggles whose apotheosis (culmination or climax) is now a determined usurpation of the cultural, social and reproductive centre by the once marginal and demographically microscopic ‘transgender’ lobby, we should not assume that the magical conversion of a delusional sexual identity disorder into a ‘real’ and legitimate cross sexual identity passage from man to woman or vice versa, represents either the direct workings of a case based rationally argued social philosophy, or science driven evidence based thinking.

I want to argue here that this massive sleight of ideological hand has been accomplished by some simple public relations and marketing ploys and executed in ways which have immunized it from critical deconstruction in exactly the same fashion as the tobacco and fossil fuel lobbies have so successfully managed to do with medical and climatological critics.

And it has to be said that such a ploy would not have been possible until the entire architecture of social discourse and thought had been sufficiently suborned by:

1. A protracted roll out of deregulatory disinhibition posing as ‘freedom’ and moral privatization of communal social agency in favour of sectional and personal interests and rights.

2. By social and economic indulgence that tolerates and excuses ‘excesses’ and/or sub-optimal attitude/behaviour in favour of desire and fantasy, at the expense of grounded disciplined restraint and responsible/accountable social agency.

3. By systematic postmodernist deconstruction, discrediting and denial of fundamental axiomatic truth/reality values that amongst other things differentiate subjective appearance/perception from objective substance/reality, and disestablish the rules based behaviour built around those values that measure the tolerable distance to the socially enforced boundaries that protect them, in favour of any opportunist bluffer, fudger and cribber with a good line.

4 By a sleight of hand engineered by Marketing and Sales Inc. that has protractedly conditioned mass constituencies to the extent that they could sell them bottled water at 4,000 times the price of tap. If they can do that, they can sell them anything, including ‘persuasentific’ Eugenics style (a race ideology in search of scientific respectability) gender based pseudoscience and oracular ideological/identity spoof assertion that is neither rational, nor evidence based, nor provable or disprovable using such evidence.

For instance, the ‘Transgender’ Lobby use of a ‘clinical’ sounding term like ‘gender fluidity’ is a ridiculously easy to spot three card trick and a classic sales pitch that would never pass scratch in a normal society still in possession of even the most ordinary critical faculties.

Firstly, the term ‘gender fluidity’ is just a simple linguistic rebuild of the psychiatric term ‘gender dysphoria’, with a second word substitute which looks functionally similar enough to the original to pass itself off as a seamless continuum of the initial psychiatric clinical intent and nomenclature. It is of course PRmarketspeak because it both clinically decontextualises and mangles/obfuscates the original word meaning/use, particularly of ‘gender’, in the service of a soundgood ‘persuasentific’ slogan/keyword phrase.

Secondly, and following from that, the clinical context is of course psychological/psychiatric, and nothing more, so the word ‘gender’ is an appropriate word for categorizing a delusional self-misperception of a sexuality stereotype of femininity or masculinity. ‘Gender’ is only about sexual politics and sex based social roles, and in the clinical context, that meaning makes sense, regardless of the arguments to be had about the particular sexual politics of the gender stereotypes in play, which in the case of the transgen lobby tend to be very ‘traditional’ notions of femininity and masculinity.

In the hands of the ‘transgender’ lobby however, the sexual political gender stereotype also gets cribbed and fudged directly into sexuality, which is not about gender at all, but about feeling, fantasy and sexual self perception. This already cribbed and fudged notion is further cribbed and fudged into the character, substance and definition of biological sex itself. Thus sexual fantasy magically becomes a ‘biologised’ version of not just gender, nor mere sexuality, but sex as a complete category. Thus ‘gender, which is a consciousness/behavioural category, ‘fluidly’ ‘flows’ into being a biological factoid.

Reproductive sex, sexual feeling and sexual political gender consciousness become totally and hopelessly conflated. ‘Gender fluidity’ becomes authoritative sounding meaningless glop that smothers clarity and evades criticism in the sublimest tradition of tobacco lobby publicrelationsmarketspeak.

Thirdly, and following from that, to seal the ‘biologized’ factoid into concrete, postmodernist theory assumes that say a man + a female sexuality/gender fantasy/feeling + hormones + plastic surgery = ‘a woman’. This absurd caricature/pastiche gets the full man-to-woman makeover because postmodernist theory assumes that ‘reality’ is the sum of a woman’s key features, without considering the full purposes, nature and complexity of the colossally elaborate organism that is a woman, whose DNA and entire body system is very particularly tweaked to be a life support system for new life.

None of a woman’s primary or secondary sexual features make any biological sense except for those life creation and support purposes alone. The external features of womanhood are incidental to the core substance, function and meaning of sex, which is reproduction; a fact that the transgen lobby goes to considerable trouble to obscure.

The postmodernist perspective glosses over the fundamental reproductive intent of sex in favour of its ‘biologized’ fantasies, gender stereotypes and its ‘sexistentialist’ (I am my sexuality….more on that later) identity spoof assertions that raise self perceptive desire/fantasy/delusion to a bogus primary and untouchable existential ‘ground of being’ sacred site; one that denies objective verifiability/critical analysis by pretending that it is mere ‘prejudice’, or more popularly ‘bigotry’ ‘hatespeech’ and/or ‘vilification’.

This is a fundamental question of authenticity and provenance. And the same rules that apply to any matter of this or any other nature that determine authentic original from facsimile should be observed. Just because sexual facsimiles have some key female body feature does not make them the real deal, any more than a copy of an original painting is. And to pretend otherwise is ideological counterfeiting, by trying to turn a copy into a fake to be ‘passed off’ as original.

This point is elegantly made in ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, when the astronaut Bowman goes into what appears to be ‘a hotel room’ in a cosmic switching station called ‘Grand Central’, but finds that when he investigates the room to determine the nature of what he is observing, he opens a cupboard drawer only to find that there is nothing there inside….just like ‘gender fluidity’….as if the hotel room had been built by only observing the subjective perception of appearances, uninformed by any objective sense of purpose, functionality and substance, or sense of the necessity for independently verifiable critical judgement of these things, that can only be had by concretely entering into purposeful, functional, and substantial relationships with them, as the character Bowman does to discover the counterfeit in ways the ‘gender fluidist’ doesn’t and can’t.

And that applies when sticking on a set of mammaries and a vagina onto a male human frame whose head is full of cross sexual fantasies. It does no more than build a crude pantomime caricature of a woman, who then has the nerve to expect that the audience will go on suspending disbelief beyond the confines of the theatre. The reality is that behind the theatrics there is nothing, just like Bowman’s drawer, which is an object stripped of its purpose, function and substance.

And there are moral implications to this. If one of these facsimiles were able to fool some prospective say male partner that they were indeed a woman, the whole relationship would be based on an unconscionable, existentially profound and unforgivable lie about something that is in reality medicalized drag.

Around sixty years ago, capitalism needed to shift gear out of the world of mere needs and wants with its ‘repressive’, ‘authoritarian’ and consumption limiting behavioural/moral strictures and adult disciplines, into the world of narcissistically adolescentized fantasy, ideological exceptionalism, desire and satiating it at any price.

It was the only way to guarantee the continuing ‘forced march’ industrial expansion of limited duration total war production run by war machines into protracted total production war run by marketing machines, that competitively ‘saturation bombed’ market ‘battlefields’ with 24/7 domestic life stripping overproduction of consumer ‘ordinance’ onto ‘armies’ of now third into fourth generation veteran ‘shoptroops’. The deregulatory and privatization ‘blitzkrieg’ that was the corporate and social administration handmaiden of this master agenda constantly assaulted and stripped out the moral, social, economic, nation-state and ecological commons, its governance, its resources and infrastructure, in order to facilitate reckless ongoing acceleration of the production war system, regardless of the damage inflicted.

In the end, the only difference between poison gas and air freshener is the location of the violence as the war paradigm moves from total war fratricide to production war biocide and sociocide.

I have called the beast ‘Indulgence Capitalism’. And in its armamentarium for the promotion of egoistic desire and its satiation-at-any-price, its penultimate sales and marketing tool always was and is, SEX. As feminists found, the promise of earnestly ‘dull and disciplined’ reregulation of the gender/political means of social reproduction in favour of women was a cover story for the deregulation and privatization of sexual-moral conduct, that not only left the informal sexist leavings of patriarchy entirely intact, but turned women into available-on-demand bunnies and subjected them to the most extreme sexual commodification and compliant sex role stereotyping throughout the entire architecture of social and economic discourse.

It was a classic example of being careful what one asks of the Gods, in case they grant it; i.e., getting far more ‘liberation’ than they needed or wanted and far less autonomous agency or control of the sexual politic than they had wanted and expected. Formal patriarchy gave way to a much more difficult to pin informal one that made liberation noises while pulling the carpet out from under women without them being aware of what was being done to them.

Women got burnt, but nobody was interested in hearing the background distress from the sexual political mess this caused, because the architecture of democratic discourse is extremely selective about what messages get traction and which don’t. And right now, ‘man hating’ feminist reregulators have about as much chance of altering/opposing the structures of ‘acceptable mass perception’ of sexual politics (including the current transgender sexual politic), as ‘Jew Loving vilificatory Aryanphobes and Nazihaters’ did in Party run German mass media in the 1930s.

The Feminist ‘equality’ existed within a male dominated sexual free-for-all ‘inclusion’ framework and second rate glass ceilinged ‘Girl Friday’ industrial ‘inclusion’ booby prizes, were every male’s sexual and sexist fantasy of women as compliant ancillaries made real. But that was just the beginning of the abuse of sex based categories to substantially alter the collective notion of reality, based around sex, its fantasies and politics…..where some people are more ‘equal’ and ‘included’ than others.

When sex becomes a major regime instrumentality, it is no longer about ‘boring’ old reproduction and family child raising. Now it is puffed up into the romantically erectile ‘n juicy pubescence to senescence ‘fuckritude' that we have come to know and love over many decades of assiduous ‘product placement’. This placement was and is more than just repackaging and reconstructing sex into ‘sexualism’, which stripped sex of its reproductive biological function and reified it into an inflatable, overwhelming and plasticized existential entity in its own right. Mere sexual proclivity or taste became a vastly important ‘sexuality’, as fantasies became the basic foundational ingredient of life. Their status was and is transformed into consumer ‘lifestyle’ artefacts, without whose orgasmic release, life would be intolerable and meaningless. It is above all, ladies, gentlemen and others, magically turned into a thing and end in itself, as a free standing temple that was once the repository of the soul, now tattooed with more ideological positions than the Karma Sutra.

Existentialist ‘ground of being’ was rescued from obscure novels and turgid philosophical tracts to become ‘Sexistentialist identity’ that says ‘I am my sexuality, as if it were the entire space of what once was understood as a much more robust and more broadly defined and understood multifunctional nature of human character, of which sexual taste was and is but a supporting actor. The grossly inflated ‘sexistential’ ideological claims were accompanied by all the much easier-to-remember and less intellectually demanding slogans, keywords, factoids, stereotypes, euphemisms and dysphemisms you would expect from Sales and Marketing Inc; i.e., an untouchable sacred site of regime politics, surrounded by a welter of ‘priests’, ‘sexologians’, media pulpits and acolytes, who take themselves and their evangelism as seriously as the clerics, oracles and ‘scriptural’ writers of old.

Anyone who thinks that secular late Indulgence Capitalism doesn’t have a regime sponsored religion is both deaf and blind. And just like most traditional religions, if one doesn’t prostrate, kneel, genuflect or cross oneself at the ‘appropriate’ times, one gets a kick in the arse from somewhere in the overwhelming status quo, and the same sort of nasty names that have always been reserved for ideological deviationists, reactionary revanchists, left adventurists, bigots, blasphemers, apostates, ‘racists’, trans/homophobes, ‘hatespeakers’, heretics, blasphemers, vilificators, and otherwise unbelievers, class traitors and ‘prejuduncers’ (new noun combining ‘prejudice’ and ‘dunce’) that left and leave the branded victims in the ideological wilderness, ‘on trial’, in Siberia, or burnt at the stake.

And one had better believe it….or else.

But ladies, gentlemen and others, there is even more….and much much better; nobody sees or hears this ‘religion’, because unlike those of the dismal past, which had a formal external set of beliefs about the world, causation, its higher purposes and social meanings, this one is a distillation of consciousness itself, which is the sum of countless messages from the proud sponsors over several generations, and so relentless drilled into now third or fourth generation veteran shop troops and contractor warriors, that they know nothing else, because anything else has been quietly tidied away, removed and forgotten….memory wiped….which is the result of a very simple set and forget colonization system that works as well for the setters as it works efficiently on those who are set upon.

And like all innovative mechanisms, its ease of use gets much easier and cheaper to use the more it is used.

The beauty is that the pedagogy and evangelism of this ‘religion’ seems to spontaneously ‘emerge’ out of the ether as if nothing is driving it except the inherent virtue of its assumptions and propositions. It spruiks itself through the architecture of discourse by a process of media ‘revelation’ in the form of ‘empathetic’ and ‘thoughtful’ narratives, characters and ‘situational awareness’ throughout the architecture of discourse that seem to have an inevitable affirmative resolution and condemnation of ‘obstructive’ and ‘prejudiced’ (infidel/pagan) elements that are in league with ‘dark forces’ (evil/counter-revolutionary) to block that ‘resolution’ that is so in the interests of ‘the people’.

Ideologically ‘sound’ and academically ‘authoritative’ ‘experts’ mysteriously start emerging from the woodwork to reinforce the idea of ‘positive change’, followed by panel ‘discussions’ of pros and cons (but mainly pros) of activist ‘actions’ (staged publicity stunts) and ‘controversies’ (demonstrative shouting of slogans and keywords) during meetings and public gatherings. Assumptive claims to being the legatees of ‘historical progress’ are repeated into collective memorization. Bad sounding condemnatory language starts to be used on opponents of ‘positive change’. Snappy sounding slogans start to appear appealing to all that is good and ideologically proper. Political parties, particularly, ones that pride themselves on being on the side of the angels (as it were), start to get ‘spontaneous’ ‘grass roots’ pressure, aggressive microphone monopolizing, meeting and committee stacking/crowding out opposition to develop ‘appropriate’ policy ideas, which will eventually become legislation.

Then suddenly, also ‘spontaneously’, much tougher and much more expensive campaign pressure seals the deal. Voila. The ‘New Order’ is in like Flynn and the door is bolted on any further discussion, because the verdict of history is ‘in’, and anyone who does get in the way finds themselves blocked out of the system of discourse, suffers sometimes legal, but mostly unpleasant social ‘problems’, administered to them ‘spontaneously’ by surrounding ‘peers’ and ‘progressive’ cognoscenti who are the varying ranks of acolytes of the ‘The New Order’, until they ‘get it’, and either conform, or retreat to the only available spot left for them, which is to slither under a dark ‘muttering rock’, and stay there, just like the heretics and deviationists of old….if they ‘knew what was good for them’.

This ‘evangelical pedagogy’ isn’t spontaneous at all. It is a marketing and sales campaign. This game is not a monopoly of commercial and industrial corporates. Any unrepresentative swill can join in if they are committed, work hard, network and use the leverages provided by the system, which is very user friendly, because that is how the larger system works across the board. It isn’t in the least ‘democratic’, because the system being used is inherently oligarchic and designed around narrow sectional interests….for which minoritarian politics is exquisitely well adapted.

Although this secular religion projects itself as self evident truth to all ‘reasonable people’, as all religions do, there is no more reason to believe that anything about the campaign is even vaguely ‘truthful’, any more than traditional religions are. And the reason is that all of it is a marketing and sales campaign where truth is just a projected perception that works by manipulating consciousness, mobilizing acolyte and anecdotal narrative support, and then driving the desired ideological product through the necessary propaganda machinery onto an eventual mass scale acceptance. And if the subsequent ideological product ‘news’ coming out of the ‘beneficiary’ interests/‘communities’ (like aboriginal ones for instance) isn’t a wonderful catalogue of upward and onward, the negative outcomes are more tightly managed, with more hand wringing excuses, blame shifting, Royal Commission ‘show trials’ and low level fall guys than the Stalinist regime in the 1930s.

The whole colonization system of Indulgence Capitalism has a modus operandi remarkably similar to the Jewel wasp, whose techniques of capturing and exploiting its prey are far more sophisticated and skilled than what one might ordinarily expect of an insect, but at another level, diabolically simple and efficient; the ultimate ‘Matrix’ style colonization template.

The insect delivers an initial sting through its victim’s thorax (chest) and injects venom to mildly and reversibly paralyse its front legs. This temporary loss of mobility in the victim facilitates the second venomous sting at a precise spot in the back of the victim's ganglia (brain), in the section that controls the escape reflex. After the wasp has disabled by chewing off half of each of its victim’s independent sensory/directional antennae, it sucks out of the amputated stub a nutritious snack of victim body fluid, it then leads its unresisting prey to its burrow by one of its half antennae, where it proceeds to lay an egg onto its abdomen.

When the pupa hatches, it eats its way into and lives off its victim’s internal organs in an order that allows it to stay alive and to continue providing fresh nutrient, until the juvenile wasp has gone through its entire growth cycle to maturity, eating out its ‘larder’ to make space for its growth, and timing its departure as close as possible to the death of its host.

This is a colonization model of behaviour through control of consciousness by ‘envenoming’ desire and imprisoning its subjects through manipulating its variables, which enables the colonizer to exploit and asset strip the social and economic value of its prey without resistance, in ways that ensure adequate prey survivability-under-duress for long enough so that the predator can keep reproducing itself into the next generation of soon-to-be-helpless bunnies that populate this totalitarian ‘Golden Gulag’ (a reference to Alexander Solzhenitsyn's books about the Soviet prison camp system).

This ‘Gulag’ is not an autocracy. It is self-regulating. There are no guards or fences. The prisoners cannot bring themselves to leave. They have not been arrested or deported there. They have been driven in by proudly sponsored visions of paradise. Its facilities are well appointed and managed, yet for all that it is still a charnel house that extracts value with the same ruthlessness as the concentration camps of last century, turning entire populations into social software stripped existential ghosts who have been reduced to the sum of their fantasies.

This colonization model, at least on the social administration side of the regime, started to assemble itself in the 1960s, but was fully crystallized after the final collapse of institutional and ideological socialism as a mass movement in 1990, when the social administrator/student intellectual coterie that was left behind confirmed the trajectory of continuing to go down the path of the big short against majoritarian mass politics in favour of a minoritarian misѐre hand, where low cards were and are trumps; you know, aboriginals/first peoples, refugees/migrants, off centre sexual lobbies, mental health, long term ‘lifestyle’ welfarism, prison reform, or any group that presented with a leverageable sectional interest where it could be sold for the abstract ‘social justice’ value rather than the mere numbers involved, that might reveal just what unrepresentative swill the social administrators really are….as if the less endearing ‘injustices’ of Indulgence Capitalism only apply to special case minoritarians rather than mass based classes of people who are subject to the inherent exploitation and alienation of both the production and consumer side of the operations of capitalism per se.

We are taught to deeply empathize with ‘the plight’ of special clients groups like the transgender 0.5-0.6% demographic, but ignore the fact that say women, who represent fifty percent of the population, have been comprehensively screwed, literally and metaphorically, in the name of freedom, which in some ways has been and is more humiliating and disempowering than the old patriarchy.

And that was and is the rub. As capitalism evolved out of an economy of necessity to a one of desire and satiating it at any price, the corporate machinery of public relations, marketing and sales thought control edged out its real mass based socialist opposition, but threw its displaced petty bourgeois intellectuals and fellow travellers a bone by way control of social administration and minorities, which they took because they had no option. It was that or redundancy. And the bone had enough meat on it to be worth chewing on, kept them busy, in stipends, gave them some ideological strokes and an institutional power base. And they did a good job as regime apparatchiks, for which they have been rewarded with regime power.

I would argue that the minoritarian strategy has been an enormously successful political group/agenda legitimization tool and transformative move from a once anti-system and mass based socialist leftism to a secular quasi clerical ideological Orthodoxy niche similar to that of the Medieval Church.

It acquired institutional power bolstering and dominance entrenchment for itself throughout the architecture of political and social discourse. It acquired a mostly fiscally funded bureaucratic, social/legal/health professional, pedagogic and social administration employment base for coteries of otherwise unemployable humanities trained hangers on.

But above all, it acquired a permanent Establishment Maintenance System to ensure the indefinite ‘helpless’, ‘disadvantaged’ and ‘vulnerable’ dependency status of the ‘poor thing’ minoritarian client groups on which this administrative class battens/depends, by maintaining endlessly excused sets of dysfunctional and ‘helplessly’ self defeating ‘disadvantaged’ variables that the client dependents could and can never resolve themselves out of; i.e., the rock solid fiscally funded, stipended and administered status quo….in the same functional way as the Church kept the poor ‘in their place’ in the name of ‘looking after and ministering to them’.

Old socialists would turn in their graves if they could see what had become of their descendants…...

But by far the most important ‘powerstream’ to come out of the leveraging of those minority marginals was their use in the colonization of the cultural and reproductive centre in ways that entrenched the clout of the social administrator class, alongside the commercial ones down at Marketing and Sales Inc, whose modus operandi were now almost identical, to the point that democratic formatting of institutions have been reduced to a veneer so thin, free speech and the politics of the ethnic and cultural centre are being delegitimized, disappeared, or driven underground.

The lamentable downside of further marginalizing the already weakened, deregulated and privatized social and reproductive majoritarian centre, is that its infrastructure, role templates (including feminist ones), culture, history and what is left of its defences started to crumble into chaos racked incoherence where nothing works except the messages from ‘the sponsors’, whether they be the free market corporates, or the humanities trained social ascendancy.

And the trouble with that is that while it doesn’t matter if the small minorities are indulged with a completely false, disabling and internally (but not externally) degovernanced view of the world and their place it, if the same thing also happens to ‘the centre’ where most of the latter day equivalent of the mass ‘working class’ lives and works, trying to do the ideologically small change stuff like propagating the species, maintaining what is left of the system of social reproduction, working the inherited liberal democratic ‘racist/colonial’ political/legal system that unifies and underpins multiculturalism and ameliorates its inherently divisive (fissiparous) tendencies within its framework, and delivers the corporate side economic goods and services delivery system….the whole system starts to fall to pieces, where nothing works any more; not even the marketing and sales system itself; i.e., a kind of existential death spiral where even the top board people cannot be trusted not to cannibalize their own industry, like the banksters and financiers who almost completely wrecked theirs in 2008...and then carried on in the following decade as if nothing had happened.

We get to a point where the colonizing system is populated by heavily leverage ‘pupa’ minorities that grow, eat out their majoritarian host and leaving nothing viable except an economic and social control structure that has to learn how to temporarily ride the tiger of unsustainability, and not just at the ecological level. And very likely, the beast that flies out of the dead carcass of the modern period is going to be a horrible piece of work.

The problem however is that if a part of the ruling class plays ethnic and sexual minorities card too hard, too often and too successfully, the majoritarian somnambulists eventually start to wake up, get the message, get rapidly tired of the game and start playing it back where the big cards are trumps. And the warning is that we are starting to approach that, in the same way we are approaching looming environmental disaster. The end game here does not quite get the same inevitability as that of the Jewel wasp. Even in its death throes, the majoritarian victim can turn and do a lot of damage.

The social administrators are not the only people who can play race/cultural/sexual identity politics. When that happens, the whole bogus identity politic blows up in the faces of its original sponsors, as is already starting to happen, where liberalism has become a reviled dirty word, the majoritarian white folks decide that ‘they are OK’ (and worse) and the ‘disadvantaged’ and ‘marginalized’ minorities start to feel a very cold wind at their back….Disaster….

The transgender colonization ‘jewel wasp venom’ is administered through the public relations and marketing tool-in-trade, which is not just the traditional mechanism of external persuasion, but actual consciousness inserts into the decision making centre(s) within the brain. These are powerfully packaged reconstructions of the victim’s sense of reality and they are designed to paralyse resistance.

The way this pernicious colonization system works in practice is exemplified by what I call the toothpaste paradigm; you know, ‘Teeth Clean with Dentopurgatine Hydrogel Ultra…. `Vitrodontic™ enamel protection that more dentist recommend’ All of that is medico-Latinized ‘persuasantific’ nonsense. But that is just the consumer side.

Dentists as a service supply side profession (including their peak organizations) have been and are subjected to the same kinds of public relations and marketing ploys that ‘gel’ them into relevant corporate agenda like that of the sugar industry, whose lobbyists, science mercenaries and public relations institutions have worked very hard over many decades to block/manipulate scientific data and massage product perception to ensure, amongst other things, that dentistry peak organizations and dental research remained neutral/low key/non interventional on the larger issues of sugar impacts on oral health. And they managed to pull off this public relations coup for well over a fifty year period, that is only now starting to unwind, which is a performance that matches that of the tobacco lobby.

Professional peak organizations are highly porous to political intervention precisely because they are designed to policy interface with governments, corporate interests, academic institutions and industry consumer advocates. They both sell their broader professional interests….and are sold to. And psychiatry/psychology are no different, other than in their case the main lobby pressure has been coming from consumer and academic groups, who are every bit as marketing driven as their corporate opposite numbers. And whereas dentistry is a quantifiably precise business built around oral structures, psychiatry is perhaps the least precise of the medical sciences, at least within its clinical wing, which makes it even more porous to ideological interventions which are only tangentially ‘scientific’.

Psychiatry, clinical psychology and the disorders they treat are much less precise to measure and quantify, which of course makes the field a paradise for tooth paste style ‘supply side’ ‘persuasantific’ interest group lobbying by shifting the reality goalposts through terminological manipulation to gain political thought control through not science, but naming rights.

The first stage of this manipulation was to weaken the majoritarian reality paradigm by altering the minoritarian ‘stigma’ of an identity reality ‘disorder’ through ideological euphemism that magically turned the marginal ‘disorder’ into an alternative ‘way of being condition’ with equivalent ‘existential’/ideological status to the dominant one. Thus Gender Identity disorder, or the closely related Body Integrity Identity Disorder that assumed that the patient was delusionally reality dissonant were converted to Gender Dysphoria’ and Body Dysmorphia where the patient was merely uncomfortable with or distressed by their condition because the rest of the world was dissonant; i.e., not confirming their reality…..and OMG, ‘judging’ them.

The notion of ‘stigma’ became an effective ideological lever because it not only played to humanistic empathetic ‘poor thingism’(and the accusations of ‘authoritarian’ and ‘repressive’ ‘insensitivity’ aimed at opponents of these moves), but it also institutionalized(s) indulging people rather than confronting them with and then managing the awful truth, which both disempowered(s) them as autonomous agencies capable of honestly confronting themselves and put(s) them in the power of the excuses and rationalizations of those indulging them, to act as their political agents….

This isn’t science. It is postmodernist ideology that assumes that there is no such thing as objective reality; only the perception of it. Therefore empathy trumps critical judgement. Indulgence trumps honest feedback. If there is no such thing as ‘reality’ other than the subjective experience of it, why not? And postmodernist ideology is now so entrenched, no one is calling it out as a pile of ideological bollocks. So euphemism wins the day. The philosophical arguments that would be relevant in the discussion about the nature of truth and reality never get debated, so much as overridden by Humanitiesthink from Universitiland, whose graduate dominants become the assumed arbiters of what is real and what isn’t.

And this dominance passes into so called ‘medical’ practice.

I have chosen two conditions to talk about here for two reasons. First, they are both very similar identity disorder conditions, and second, only one of them has been substantially tampered with by ideological lobbyists. Gender Identity Disorder/Gender Dysphoria has been the subject of heavy intervention by transgender lobbyists. Body Identity Integrity Disorder (BIID)/Body Dysmorphia (BD) has not been subjected to the same pressure (other than being euphemized).

For the purposes of the exercise, we will go through the process of market ‘reconstructing’ the one that hasn’t been subject to lobby intervention, because as an ideological greenfield site, it can be creatively reconstructed in ways that make clear just how ‘creative’ the tamperers have been elsewhere.

What the BIID psychiatric phenomenon is in desperate need of is the same kind of ‘slippage’ style transformation as a Gender Identity ‘Disorder’, to a ‘fluid’ body identity re-sculpting ‘condition’ (not a disorder). It used to be, in the bad old days, an obsessive/compulsive delusion that part of one’s body is so flawed and/or alien, and created such constant and sometimes debilitating anxiety and depression, it had to be hidden, significantly reconstructed or even, in extreme cases, desired to be amputated altogether.

Michael Jackson’s ‘re-sculpted’ and ‘skin toned adjusted’ face was a sub-amputational exemplar of the genre...

BIID (or body dysmorphia) needs to be elevated to a ‘trans-morphic state of being’ that is just as real and legitimate as being, wait for it, a medico-latinized ‘cis-morph’ or ‘cis-body type, where ‘cis’ means ‘on this side of’, which means the opposite of trans-morph or trans-body type, meaning ‘across from’ or ‘on the other side of’. So what used to be a rational normative spectrum body morphology, now gets a ‘cis’ nomenclature that repackages and demotes it to a mere opposite of a whole smorgasbord of trans-morphologies of equal standing.

But here is the killer….that builds on top of morphological ‘cis’ and ‘trans’ ‘conditions’. We suddenly discover that the borders between them are not merely much more porous than we ever imagined, but are an entirely ‘naturally’ ‘fluid’ and ‘flowingly’ seamless continuum from ‘cis’ morphology to ‘Transmorphological’ ‘body sculpting’.

And this funeral of normative spectrum body morphological rationality becomes the jump off point for a small group of Transmorphist activists to behave no longer as a microscopic demographic of nutters, but as arbiters of Body Morphic ideology from everything from ‘body sculpting’ as an adult fashion statement, to getting into schools and teaching the kiddies about the mysteries of body transmorphic feelings and how they too can sculpt their little bodies to picture perfect ‘Transmorphiness’, with even ‘tryouts’ as small as a right ear quarter section ‘sculptouts’. They’ll love it; so much better than a tattoo

And woe betide any ‘cis-morph’ parental or other social ‘transmorphobic’ ‘vilifickhater’ who tries to ‘obstruct’ Body Transmorph ‘equality’ (colonization equivalencing) or the ‘inevitable’ and ‘progressive’ tide of Body Trans-Morphism (historical assumptionism) or prevent its ‘inclusion’ (domination) everywhere.

And as the final credits on this horror movie scroll down the screen, right at the end, there is the acknowledgement of the valuable sponsorship of the Royal Colleges of Plastic and Orthopaedic Surgeons...and Psychiatrists….without whose support the body morphic identity politics and terminology would be nowhere near as convincing as it is…..as they reap the rewards of a whole new industry of body ‘sculpting’ and then the ‘retroconstructive’ (not damage repair) work from body sculpture ‘remorse’ (knowing you have been screwed).

This is where medical ‘science’ is recruited to add its ‘clinical’ terminological gloss over the top of the political identity ones. What that transformation kit now needs is some more fancy and importantly Latin/Greek/Medical/Clinical ‘psychiatric’ sounding shifts in ‘scientific’ (persuasentific) discourse.

‘Transmorphobia’ not only ‘clinically’ powertorques negative stereotyping of opposition to transmorphism without offering any evidence, other than the unconscionable fact of having the temerity to question transmorphism (implying irrational fear rather than rational questioning), but by ancient ‘Greeking’ alleged ‘irrational’ fear, we are less likely to ask the awkward question as to what is so irrational about fearing the power of ideological bollocks, or consider that there might be a legitimate and principled set of objections to it. It is a simple denial-of-agenda linguistic manipulation trick beloved of PRmarketingspeak and postmodernist academe.

Scientizing transmorphic identity politics creates the opportunity to doublepak ‘psychiatric’ identity and ‘psychiatric’ process descriptors in one mighty double whammy.

The first part is to create the ‘psychiatric’ identity package which we will call ‘Corporeal Remorphism’ which is suitably medico-Greekish on both counts and the ‘ism’ implies some kind of a social movement and higher political meaning. And we have creatively converted the ‘dysmorphic’ to ‘remorphic’ that gives it that transformative ‘edge’. But the killer delivered by this reality transformation package is when we psychiatrically operationalize this ‘trans identity’. ‘Body Image Plasticity’ isn’t Greek or Latin, but boy oh boy, it is so ‘psychiatric’. And when you run the two together it is almost orgasmic…. ‘Corporeal Remorphic Body Image Plasticity’….which can be powertorqued into a snappy ‘C-ReBIP’ acronym for short, that might well have been once used by the US Defence Department Chemical Warfare Division…..

One could get that one through any psychiatric peak organization faster than a sex change operation. And when that is done and dusted, anyone with a C-ReBIP ‘condition’ (not a disorder) can go to a doctor armed with a recommendation by a couple of now C-ReBIP compliant psychiatrists, and demand that that the offending right cis-forearm be ‘trans-disarmed’. And if he or she refuses this very reasonable request on spurious Hippocratic Oath grounds, the patient can sue the surgeon for ‘exacerbating’ the ‘hurt and depression’ caused by ‘discriminating’ against a C-ReBIP ‘victim’ of ‘bigoted’, ‘judgemental’ and ‘stigmatizing’ pre C-ReBIP ‘prejudices’.

And any cis-morph identifier say in charge of a depression support charity who has the temerity to oppose Body Transmorphism and ‘denies’ the ‘scientific’ validity of ‘Corporeal Remorphic Body Image Plasticity’ by suggesting that transmorphism is somehow ‘wrong’ or ‘inappropriate’, can only ‘victimize’, ‘hurt’ and further ‘depress’ ‘vulnerable’ transmorphies in their care, and cause their depressive condition to worsen….in ways that the cis-morph identifier might well be legally liable for…..

In case that piece of poodlefakery sounds far fetched, that is exactly the line that was pushed by so called ‘health experts’ when in 2007, ex Victorian premier Jeff Kennett, who was then still founding CEO of Beyond Blue, had the temerity to suggest that marriage was strictly a man and woman thing. Kennet caved in….as you do when outgunned and out flanked.

C-ReBIP is not just a medico-ideological lock in, but lock down as well. One just can’t leave home without it.

What we are looking at here is not a social philosophy or a genuine and substantive expression of medical science. This is a marketing and then a public relations and sales operation. It is a confabulation of plausible sounding baloney from beginning to end. And it works as well as it does because we are collectively drowning in the wretched stuff.

And much worse, what this is doing over time is effecting a relentless conversion of the awful truth into a mere truth perception, which is not only a marketing ploy, but a game played by the postmodernism coming out of the humanities dominated faculties in universitiland, that has philosophically aligned with rise of marketing as the dominant means of social management and control.

‘Truth-as-perception’ is anybody’s if it is embedded far enough into the mass culture. Reality can be whatever you want to sell, which is an opportunist’s golden opportunity. It particularly favours the dominant forces in society, which in our case is corporate side marketing and sales on the one hand and humanities trained marketing sales on the other; you know, The Crown and Church duopoly of our age. Each one has its own evangelical marketing arms, as in think tanks and universities. Indulgence is its primary virtue. Deregulation and privatization is its primary ‘theology’. Salvation is sexual release. Sexuality is its altar and state of grace. And ‘identity’ thus reconstructed is the wretchedly corrupted late modern caricature of the human soul.

Whereas consumer lobbies are increasingly wanting truth in advertising and marketing, because they suspect that many goods and services are not nearly as good for consumers as the producers would have everyone believe, the marketers and their postmodernist health ‘science’ collaborators increasingly want more marketing and advertising in the truth. And clinical psychology/psychiatry, being the least precise area of medical science anyway (unlike behaviourally quantifiable psychology) is particularly vulnerable to ideological colonization by anyone with a good line. When someone starts to redefine psychiatric delusionalism in ways that cause less ‘stigma’, what they are really saying is that it is alright to fudge the awful truth in order to make condition sufferers ‘feel better’ about themselves in ways that are not going to make them better at all, because dodging the truth never does….and the compounding of the ideological lies being pedalled makes ideological colonization even easier, because colonizers thrive on fudging...and the slip, slide, weave ‘n duck that comes its wake.

As with all ruling classes since forever, the main beneficiaries of all this are not the wretched sufferers and ordinary punters. They are just pawns of the people and forces that are running the game, which perpetuates and legitimises their power and control of discourse and behaviour. The otherwise microscopically marginal transgender lobby has ten times more agenda invested in establishing a stranglehold on our reproductive centre, our sense of reality and the control of our children, than actually fixing and looking after people with an identity disorder.

Transgenderism is not a minor incursion into the centre. It is part of a final assault on reason and the slippery slide into a very modern form of totalitarianism, that can only be ended by some combination of internal collapse owing to unsustainably issues, and wars of toleration over secular religious reality tampering we are no longer prepared to live with or accept. The wretches aren’t just stepping a route on very thin ice that will eventually be their own undoing. It is also the road to war that may well be our collective undoing as well. The original religious wars of toleration lasted well over a hundred years and only stopped out of common exhaustion and ruin….with echoes that still resonated in Ireland until the turn of this century….

Well hopefully they did.

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