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Moms, take a bow for all you do. Written in the Mother's Day card to my wife in 1999
Mother's Day Card, 1999

Survive the workday.
Get the groceries.
Gas the car.
Haul the kids.
Cook the meals.
Wipe up spills.
Wash the dishes.
Put the dishes away.
Do it again.

Sort the laundry.
Wash the laundry.
Dry the laundry.
Fold the laundry.
Sort the socks.
Put the laundry away.
Do it again.

Hug the kids.
Kiss your spouse.
Do it again.

Cheer and coach.
Counsel, scold, encourage.
Hold things together.
Make things work.
Manufacture fun.
Ask for help.
Offer help.
Do it again.

Plant the garden.
Weed the garden.
Smell the flowers.
Pick the vegetables.
Do it again -- next year.

Smile a lot.
Don't give in.
Don't give up.
Yell, if you have to.
Keep it all in perspective.
Laugh long, hard, and often.
Do it again.

Feed the dog.
Let dog out.
Let dog in.
Let dog out.
Let dog in.
Walk the dog.
Scratch the dog.
Pet the dog.
Do these again.

Remind them to practice.
Help with homework.
Attend games and concerts.
Take photos and videos.
Console the losers.
Praise the winners.
Hug the losers.
Hug the winners.
Say: "But, did you have fun?"
Do it again and again.

On Mother's Day:
Sit down for coffee.
Don't get up for the whole cup.
Have some chocolates.
Savor the past.
Think of your babies,
birthdays, vacations.
Take a long bath.
Tell anyone knocking
to "Go away!"
Dress comfortably.

Take a bow.
Do it again,
and again,
and again.

Remember we love you.
Happy Mother's Day!

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