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My first childrens story
Shaelynn and the members of TUBA

It is Shaelynns birthday today and she is going bowling. She is worried that her birthday will not be all that fun. Little does she know, a group of Individuals is watching her through a magic crystal. No, they are not waiting to cause trouble. They are a secret organization that makes sure all birthdays are the most amazing magical things ever. They are known as The Unicorn Birthday Association or TUBA

Yes the members of TUBA have been making birthdays magical since the olden days. Their Leader Captain Prudence Pink, the unicorn, had hot pink hair, and hot pink hooves, with hot pink stripes, like a zebra. Lt. Greta Green the fairy, with her neon green hair, her neon green dress, and at night she glowed in the dark. Then there was Sgt. Aaron the Elf, he wore a bright red hat, a bright red vest.

When Shaelynn arrived at the Bowling Alley she was nervous, everyone was there. Prudence Pink strode into the bowling alley after her The owners had a fit, unicorns were not supposed to be in the bowling alley. However Prudence showed the owner her official TUBA badge, the owner read it, and nodded. Prudence whistled and Greta Green and Aaron the Elf walked in too, they showed the owner their official TUBA badges and were let in as well

Sgt. Aaron the Elf was first, he was the master of Balloon. He made dragons, castles, knights, princess, and a balloon version of the Titanic. just because he was feeling particularly fine that day. That was not all he did once the animals were made the Balloon creations acted out a play. Which made the children cheer.

Lt. Greta Green could make music and sing silly songs. Most of all she held a silly dance contest. She was like rubber as her limbs flew everywhere and the children laughed and giggled. The adults joined in too. Greta made their hair turn all sorts of colors everyone was laughing and giggling until their stomachs were sore.

Prudence Pink was next, she took her horn and lightly tapped all of the bowling balls. To demonstrate Prudence Pink lifted a ball with her great horn at tossed it with a swing of her head. It did circles and loop de loops and three alleys over it made a strike. For the rest of the party, Bowling balls were going every which way causing strikes and doing silly tricks to impress the people throwing them.

When the party ended Shaelynn hugged Prudence Pink, Greta Green, and Aaron the Elf, for her birthday was truly magical thanks to the members of TUBA
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