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Rated: E · Short Story · Thriller/Suspense · #2188689
A young lady has a Peeping Tom looking at her and she has to call the police.
The Verdict

Paige Kimball, a very slender looking attractive fifty-year old

female with blond hair with several brown lowlights to hide the gray

hair coming in, she is single by choice and living alone with her

rambunctious fun-loving poodle, Chloe the love of her life.

Paige choose to be single for now because she is and empath

and in the past, has had the misfortune to be in terrible

relationships that drained her. So, she keeps her guard up and

protects her energy field.

She chose Prescott, Arizona to live in because it was beautiful

to her empathic nature and it was a place where she could go out

in nature and ground herself.

On one afternoon Paige was standing at her kitchen counter taking

her daily dose of afternoon meds. Looking out of her sliding

glass window that faced her backyard she spied someone starring

back at her. She was shocked to see someone staring at her from

her neighbor's yard. She didn't recognize him as anyone she had

seen visit her neighbor's before. The shivers that ran down her

spine gave her goosebumps when she saw the evil smirk, he gave

her when he realized she had seen him. The evil smirk sent alert

signals of warning to react with haste. Adrenaline coursed

through her body, as she bolted to the sliding glass door to lock

it and close the curtains. She flew through her house checking

all the windows and doors that were closed, locked and bolted in

place. Afterwards, she slid down to the floor of her living room

window and peaked out to see if she could see where he was at

this moment. Questions began to buzz in her mind, How long had

he been observing her? Had he been to her neighbor's house

before? Did her neighbors know about his observation of their

neighbor, Paige?

The next night she saw a shadow of a person in her backyard

trying to look in her bedroom window. Her heart began to pound.

Her dog, Chloe was waking from her sleep, sensing her owner's

fear, Chloe began to growl. Paige slid very quietly out of her

bed and reached for the phone sitting on her night table. She

quietly punched in the number and called 911.

"What is your emergency, the dispatcher methodically asked?"

"I have a peeping tom in my backyard trying to look in my bedroom

window, came the fear choked whisper from Paige."

"Is he still looking in your window?"

"Yes, and he is trying to get the screen off, send a car out

hurry before he gets in."

Numbed with the fear she gathers her Chloe to her, all the while

shaking uncontrollably.

Hurry up and get here is all she can think as she caresses her dog and pet her dog's

fur, as anxiety courses through her veins.

What do I do if he gets in, she wonders?

I got to think positive they will get here before he gets the

screen off the window.

Her attention is drawn back to the window screen as she hears

him jiggling the screen off just as the doorbell

chimes. She runs through the house to get to the front door.

"It's the police, the officer announces through the door."

Gratefully she opens the door, and lets them in.

"He's in the back yard at my bedroom window, he's got the screen

off now, she tells the officer breathless."

The lead officer sends the other officer to go around the back

and he goes through the house to the sliding glass window and

opens the window as quietly as possible. Gun drawn he announces

to the perpetrator, " Stop what you are doing and put your hands on your head.

As he announces this, his partner comes up behind the perp and

grabs the perpetrator's arms and pulls them down and hand cuffs

them behind the perpetrator's back. They walk the perpetrator out

of the backyard while giving him his Miranda Rights. Getting to

the police car the junior officer puts him in the back seat of

their cruiser. The junior officer waits at the car while his

partner gets all the details for a statement from Paige.

"You do want to file charges against him, don't you?"

"You bet I do. A lot could have happened to me if you had not

gotten here when you did, Paige responded with relief in her


"He has broken many laws tonight, so you'll get a notice when to

appear for a hearing of his sentencing. I'm Officer Dan Morton

and that's my partner Officer Matt Peterson. We'll be in

touch, when your needed for legalities related to this case,

mame." Officer Dan was in his fifties, and single too. He also

was blond haired cut in a military cut know as a high and tight.

Both officers wore this cut. Matt Peterson was a young

spunky twenty-three old who was very handsome and all the ladies

liked him, but he was not at all concede. He loved his job and

is dedicated to it right now, getting involved in a relationship

was not on his radar.

"Call me Paige," Paige liked Officer Dan very much, her empathic

skills told her that he too was an empath. He was very

professional and courteous to her and she liked that.

"Will do have a good night, Paige."

"Thank you, Officer Dan."

In the Arraignment the accused, John Smith a young man of

thirty, pleaded guilty because he was caught in the act of being

a peeping tom.

A few months pass and Paige received a summons to appear in

court at 8:00 am on 1 Oct 2018.

In court she gave testimony and the Officer Dan Morton, and

his partner Officer Matthew Peterson gave their testimony about

the peeping tom incident.

The Judge says "In accordance with this case, it is in the State

of Arizona it is unlawful to invade the privacy of another

person without the knowledge of the other person for the purpose

of sexual stimulation. I sentence you, John Smith with a class 4

felony because you were recognized. As this is your first

offense, I sentence you, John Smith to 2 years in prison, but

you will start taking classes in Public Speaking learning how to

speak with conviction and without fear to those you speak to.

John Smith, you will speak about not becoming a sex offender,

you will show them that is not the path they are destined for,

you will learn who you are, that you too are an empath. I can

see that in you but, you are unaware of it. Many empaths are.

The light that use to sparkle in your eye will once again

sparkle and it will return to your eyes where it lives. You will

find your positive side again. You will grow such a passion for

this public speaking because you find joy in it. You will love

the fact that you are turning others around to the straight and

narrow that they are destined for. This fire in you will grow

with intensity and with more passion and conviction and that

millions will want to listen to you. Soon you will be asked to

do public speaking on the outside and get paid handsomely.

You will love this so much John Smith, that you do not want to do

any other kind of work because you come to realize it is your

calling in life. That is when you will come before me and I will

drop and cancel the sex offender registration for life and I

will also wipe clean your criminal record. Your greatest passion

will be converting the inmates that are in prison. You will

visit many prisons throughout the U.S. How do I know all this?

I myself am an empath and I have the gift of vision, so I can

see where you are going? I also have a big heart. I am not the

kind of justice that enjoys putting away people. I only put those

away that have no redeeming quality. So, now I can see a couple

years in prison will be your wakeup call for you to come to

terms with your empathic abilities and that's when the classes

will commence to all your learning. This case is adjourned. "

Everyone stood up in awe as the hammer hit the gavel. Judged

stood up and left the court room and the prisoner, John Smith was

taken away.

Paige was fine with the verdict and pleased that things would

turn around for the highest good of the prisoner, John Smith.

She never before met so many empaths in one room. So, she was

able to take a deep breath and thanked the officers once again.

Paige went home knowing her life would turn back to normal once

again. She could go back to enjoying her favorite place to live

in Prescott, Arizona which lies in an elevation of 5,200 feet above sea

level. It has the largest ponderosa pine forest in the U.S.,

Prescott has perfect weather with an average temperature

70 degrees, You can experience all four seasons.

Also you are blessed with breathtaking landscapes,

with granite mountains, lakes, streams and rolling meadows

filled with wildlife.

"Could you ask for anything more Paige thought?'

Research on Prescott, Arizona came from the internet and research

on Peeping Tom Penalties came from the internet.

This story is a complete fiction and all persons are fictional

and this story is based in the imagination of the author.

© Copyright 2019 Magster (mwatson at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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