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Rated: E · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2188692
A girl is wanting to get married so issues an ultimatum to her boyfriend.

Lizzie and Lucy were cousins they were close it was like they were twins. They even look
very similar they could almost be kissing cousins. Their fathers were in fact twins and that was
the reason they looked so much alike. They had been living together ever since they got out of
college. They are in the living room when Lizzie comes up with this bright idea of hers.
"Lucy what if I suggest an ultimatum like this head, we get married, tails we break up. How's that Lucy?"
"I don't know Lizzie, is Sam one of those types of men that will go for such an ultimatum like
that? I know if I was a man I would not like such a demand put on me."
"Oh, Lucy I'm tired of waiting around, I want to get married and start a family I'm twenty-five
years old now, I have that nest egg that my dad gave me when I graduated from college and I
have been adding to it every month. It is already big enough to buy a small little cottage and
decorate the house with furniture. I have everything already picked out."
"What if he says no Lizzie, what will you do?"
"You are such a worry wart, Lucy."
"I will go ahead and buy the cottage and start living in it. There is and attached cottage in back
that comes with my cottage and you can have that cottage to live in. I don't want us to live far
apart. Is it a deal?"
"Sure, but what about this ultimatum that you're talking about springing on Sam, what if he
doesn't take kindly to being rushed to the altar?"
"Well, I will come to that when the time comes okay, I wish you wouldn't be so heavy with that
word ultimatum. Let's go to the store and buy the supplies to make my so-called ultimatum as
you so kindly pointed out much easier to take."
The two girls set off to the store to buy the supplies needed for their project. Hours have passed,
and they finally have Lizzie's Ultimatum all decorated with flowery words of love and devotion
already for the postman to picked up.
"Any minute now the postman will be here to pick up my letter, Lucy"
Sure, enough the postman stops at their mailbox and picks up Lucy's letter with a wave of his
cap the mail truck set off down the coast carrying a single letter to the unsuspecting Sam. Will
Sam accept Lizzie's proposal. Or will he drop her like a flat pancake? After all he has enjoyed
ten years being totally irresponsible, was he ready to get married and settle down now?
As soon as Lizzie walked in to the living room, she felt the tension. Something was up, and she
didn't like the feeling. The negativity was so thick in the room you cut it with a knife. Then she s
saw Sam talking with Lucy and then Lucy turns to Lizzie and making motion of her finger
crossing her throat that was not a good sign and Lizzie was in trouble and a worried look to
Lizzie. Well I will leave the two of you alone to discuss this new dilemma of yours, if you need
me, I'll be in my bedroom.
"Sit down Lizzie."
"No, I would rather stand, judging by the heaviness in the room I can tell you don't have good
news to tell me. I take it you got my letter Sam."
"Yes, Lizzie I did, and I can tell you I wasn't pleased how you went about asking me to marry
you. Don't you think that you should leave that up to the man to ask?"
"Well yes, but it seemed like you were never going to we've been dating now five years. I want
to get married and start a family, Lizzie responds with the promise of water works about to
begin. I need to get some Kleenex she retorts, steeling herself to stop the tears from coming."
"I did get your letter and to be honest, I threw it away. You can't be serious about me marrying
you, now are you? I mean we are getting along so good and why ruin it by getting married?"
"Yes, Sam I am serious my biological clock is ticking, and I have the money to start out on this
venture, whether it be with you or somebody else. That is up to you isn't it?"
"Well, I don't like how you went about this and I am not ready to get married yet, he states
adamantly his gorgeous blue eyes now ice cold."
"Well then we break up then Sam, was Lizzie remark as she walks out of the living room."
Lizzie throws herself onto her bed and begins sobbing uncontrollably. She had somehow thought
it would turned out the other way, how could she have misjudged his love for her. He didn't
understand what he'd done to her, but he would by the time she was finished.
Lucy opened the door to fine Lizzie standing there crying. "What is it Lizzie? Why are you
crying so hard?"
Lizzie sits down on the bed and crosses her legs and she starts spilling out the conversation Sam
and she just had. "Is he still out there, Lizzie asks?"
"No, he's gone did you not hear the door slam, it shook the whole house."
"No, I didn't hear or feel it I guess I was sobbing so hard it blocked it out."
"Sam threw my letter away that you helped me craft, he says he doesn't want to get married yet.
so, I broke off the relationship."
Oh, Lucy I hurt so bad, my heart feels like it going to break into if it hasn't already, Lizzie starts
crying uncontrollably as her shoulders begin shaking. Lucy moves into and hugs her trying to
give her cousin some much needed comfort.
"What are you going to do now Lucy asks, bewildered as to what to do to help her cousin
recover from this heartbreak."
"I know Lucy announces let's go look at these cottages you were telling me about earlier. Trying
hard to get her cousin's mind off of her broken relationship."
Alright let me freshen up you go get your things and I'll be out in a minute or two, Lucy states
half-hearted about going. She knows her cousin is only trying to help her feel better. Who knows?
maybe this will turn out to be what she needs to make her feel better. She did plan on getting the
two cottages even if Sam turned her ultimatum down. She would go ahead with her plan and
buy the two cottages she wanted to be moved in before Christmas, so she better get on it.
The two girls drive over to see the two cottages. "Lizzie these cottages are to die for are you
sure, you want me to have the other cottage behind you."
"Of course, Lucy that's why I have had my eye on these two ever since I saw them go up for
"Let's make an offer and as soon as we can we will be able to move into them. I want to be in
before Christmas, so we can start decorating for the holidays."
"It will be so much fun Lizzie."
Three months past and the girls are settling into their little cottages.
She is knelt on the carpet in her new living room, a big cardboard box in front of her, un
wrapping Christmas ornaments when her phone rings. She walks over and picks it up on the third
ring as she says, "hello" she hears an all too familiar strong male voice that always was music to
her ears say, "Lizzie I just wanted to come by and see you for a few minutes if that is alright
with you?" The urge to interrupt him before he had finished was overwhelming, but she kept
still. "Yes, that will be alright you know Lucy and I moved three months ago we live in the
cottages that Mr. Stanley use to live in. I bought them for Lucy and me to live in. Lucy has the
cottage in the back and I am in the cottage in the front, we are so happy here. You may come
over to check them out if you want, we are busy getting our ornaments out to decorate for the
"If you need any help in decorating, I would be more than willing to help you with that, he
"We'll see, is all she was willing to say at that moment."
Thinking to herself she is wondering what is it he wants now? Lucy and I are doing just great
now and we are happy. Lucy always knows what to do to help me get over my heartbreak.
Coming out to see these cottages the day Sam and she broke up was a stroke of genius for Lucy
and it was all the medicine that Lizzie needed to start her on a path to recovery from a broken
heart. So why now was Sam calling her and why was he wanting to come over now to see her?
Lizzie's interest was piqued with all sorts of questions but so far, no answers. She would do what
she had to; she would hear him out.
By the time Sam had arrived the girls had managed to get the tree up and decorated. All that was
needed was to take a break from their hard labor. They would work on Lucy's tree tomorrow.
They all sat down to a hot mug of Peppermint Chocolate with whip cream and chocolate drizzle
on top it was mouthwatering just looking at it. They drank their chocolate in peace and quiet
and then Lucy excused herself that she had to go buy some presents on her Christmas list to put
under the tree and right now, while Lizzy was busy entertaining Sam was as good a time as any
to get it done.
As soon as Lucy left Sam turns to Lizzie and pulls her up to him and gives her a long kiss. "Oh, I
know I am bad, but I have missed you so much Lizzie. Please let me back into your life?"
"I don't know Sam, you know what I want, and I don't want to wait forever waiting for you to
decide if we should marry or not. Besides you hurt me the last time you were over to see me.
Lucy and I worked hard on my letter and you had the nerve to throw it away."
"I went home and pulled it out of the trash and reread it and it was a wonderful romantic letter
Lizzie, you girls read too many romantic novels. So, I have it and I put it in my safe that is in my
drawer. Not to change the subject, but you did real good buying this cottage and the one in the
back. Is Lucy going to always live back there?"
"That's the idea. Don't tell her it's totally paid for and I am giving her the deed for her Christmas
gift. I have already wrapped it up and put it under the Christmas tree. Do you think she will like?
"I'm sure she will, you are more like twins than distant cousins. She is not only my cousin but
my very best friend."
"Oh, did she tell you she has a new boyfriend she says you guys know each other?"
"Yeah, she told me she was seeing Mack for about several months now seems like their starting
to get serious between them."
"Could we get back to us now, Sam says in a hurry to get her attention back to the topic of
"What do you want from me, Lizzy ask a little uncomfortable?"
"Well, I wanted to take you out to eat tomorrow and want you to dress up in your finest outfit."
"Okay I guess that will be alright, Lizzy says it without much excitement."
"Don't say it like that, believe me you'll have the time of your life tomorrow."
"If you say so, still wondering what Sam has up his sleeve he is being so mysterious tonight
she thought. It's been a while since they went out on a date, I guess it would be fun, but not sure
if she should let her heart be exposed to anymore hurt coming from Sam. He did say he missed
her and he wanted to be back in her life again. She just doesn't know if she should let down her
guard so easily. I will have to talk to Lucy and get her point of view on the matter Lizzy
thought." Lizzy was willing to admit to herself that with him she had some wonderfully stable
times together. Why couldn't it be like before she thought. Did I mess things up by trying to get?
him to propose to me. She hoped not that time would tell won't it she mused.

The next night Sam pulls up into her drive way with a Ferrari. He goes up to her door in a very
casual manner like he has done dozens of times before. Yet he was a little nervous, he could feel
the butterflies in his stomach dancing around and it was not at all comfortable to be this nervous.
He knocks on her door and she opens it immediately, "are you ready he asks her and is totally
stunned at what he can only describe as vision of beauty standing before him."
"You did say dress up in my finest, didn't you?"
"Why yes, it's just that I'm speechless, your just so gorgeous tonight."
"Why thank you kind sir, she remarks with a giggle in her throat."
"Is this your car?"
She is taken back for a momemt seeing the Ferrari in her drive way.
"Yes, I bought it. I guess you buy cottages and I bought me a Ferrari. Get in Sam says while
holding the door open for her." She gently glides into the seat feeling the soft plush leather.
Now we are off to enjoy our date. She is again taken back when he pulls into the most expensive
restaurant ever to dine at. He opens the car door and helps her to get out.
"This place is kind of expensive isn't it."
"Yes, but if I can afford a Ferrari don't you think I can afford to bring my girl to an expensive
restaurant to eat?"
"Well, you never have before, she surmises."
"I will tell you all about that after we eat okay, in fact when I get you home, we can talk about it.
I have other plans to discuss over dinner."
"Like what?"
"You'll see, Sam says with a wink and a twinkle in his eye."
They were finished with the main course of Lobster and steak and baked potato. With Dinner
over now Sam broached the subject. "Listen Lizzy I know what I said before about not being
ready to marry, I realized after you broke it off with me. How much I love you. In fact, I am
deeply in love with you and it would kill me to see you with someone else. I realize these past
three weeks that I can't live without you. So, he gets up from his chair and get down on one knee
reaches into his breast pocket and pulls out a small box and opens it and hands it over to Lizzy.
Lizzy is in total shock and then the tears start streaming down her face.
"Lizzy will you do me the honor of becoming my wife."
Lizzy rises her finger then grabs Champaign to wash the choked feeling she has in her throat.
"Oh, Sam you have given me the best proposal a girl has ever received, to me those are the most
beautiful words coming from the most beautiful man ever, I love you so much Sam yes, I will
marry you."
"Now let me explain something about the Ferrari. It really is mine. I am a very wealthy man.
"I own several logging camps in the mountains of Prescott, Arizona. That is where I go to every
weekend. Now that winter is here, we are on a hiatus until the weather warms up. This would
be a good time for me to get married if you are so inclined to do it this year. If you want to plan a
big wedding then we can do it next Christmas. What do you think?
"How come you are just now telling me that you are wealthy?"
"I wanted to make sure you were really in love with me for me and not my wealth."
"Okay I can buy that argument."
"Well I guess I would like to plan a small wedding with just our family and friends is that
agreeable with you. Of course, since we have been together now several years would you be
willing to move into my cottage with me?"
"Sure, Lizzy I am agreeable with that as he kisses her palms of her hand. That ring just looks so
beautiful on your finger."
"Darling, it's beautiful, thank you."
"Are you ready to go, we must go home and break the news to Lucy, they both spoke at the same
time. Already they were held together as if they were soulmates.

Another Christmas has come and so to the Weddings of Lizzy and Sam and Lucy and Mack. It
was a double wedding that was the talk of the town.

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