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Bunnies discover the magical land of unicorns.
Hurray! Easter time is here again!
It's when baby unicorns are born,
Look beyond the rainbows in the sky,
You'll see the magical land of Altai.

These unicorns and bunnies met, but how?
It happened when bunnies crossed the rainbow,
To the mystical land of green pastures,
Destined to meet the unicorns forecasted.

Unicorns and bunnies mingle about,
Along with Easter eggs nestled all out,
A picture of beauty, so mystical,
It brings joy to boys and girls above all.

When do you see these friends come out to play?
Hopping and galloping miles a day,
In this mystical land of beauty and joy,
At Easter time, it'll be open to all girls and boys.

16 lines
Written for:
The Pink Fluffy Unicorn Contest  (E)
The greatest writing challenge on WDC! PINK FLUFFY RESULTS NOW OUT!!! :)
#2113126 by Christopher Roy Denton

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