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A brief discussion of the immigration system

Our immigration system is broke. There are objections to President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency and to the use of military appropriations to build a barrier on the U.S.-Mexican border. Should the president be able to appropriate funds that Congress has repeatedly denied him? It’s a reasonable question, and the president is likely to be arguing this point with Congress for some time. But why? Didn’t everyone want a secure border when Obama was president?

What is not reasonable is the claim that there is no crisis at the border. Or that this is a crisis manufactured in the mind of the president. The situation at the border is fine, the president’s opposition would have you believe. But why are Democrats denying the border crisis when not one of them has gone to the border?

This is not only nonsense but a lie to the American people. In February of this year, apprehensions of illegal border crossers reached an 11-year high of 76,000. And this number does not reflect those that evaded capture. Most illegal migrants are not trying to evade capture. They show up at the border and apply for asylum. They have been told that this would guarantee them entrance.

The surge in illegal immigration has many people and factors to blame. The first factor is that Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador remain violent and impoverished. Those who have the ability to leave, usually do, and as soon as they can. But what about the love of their own countries’? They march to America waving their countries flags, so these immigrants must be patriotic. Right? Why do they not stay and fight? Is it because they have been told that once in America they can apply for welfare? Is that what pulls them?

The United States now has the best economy it has had in decades. That would be a reason to come here. And let us not forget the Democrats are all for open borders and illegal immigration. But we recently found out that isn’t necessarily true if the President is planning to relocate illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities and states. They don’t want them. Why is that?

So why the hypocrisy? Democrats have been stating on national television that border control and building the wall is immoral. That Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) should be disbanded, abolished. This telegraphs to illegal immigrants that one political party wants them to come and they will not be deported. What the Democrats really want is a voter base beholden to them.

At his CPAC address, President Trump said, “And now, we want people to come in, we need workers to come in.” The country has always been welcoming of immigrants and always will be. We want new workers with the skills needed to make our country and economy strong. America is a country built on legal immigration, not illegal immigration.

So, Republicans and Democrats alike don’t deny the border crisis. Fix our broken immigration system.

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