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How do you feel about bullying? Bullying effects millions of people everyday, some people don't realize they are being bullied until they are being picked on. Many people try to let it go and go on in their daily life, but more times than not they will just continue until it gets on your nerves enough that you have to tell someone about what is going on, sometimes people don't know they are bullying you until you tell them about what is going on.

Most bullying is done online anymore, they post pictures, so people will laugh at that person and make the person embarrassed to go anywhere, or say something mean about someone that they dislike to get back at them. If you know it is hurtful don't say it about them, or post it online for people to see it. It can do a lot of harm on peoples feelings and self confidence about themselves. Bullying can be bad face to face also, but many people realize what is happening and can stop it sooner, so it doesn't get out of hand. If you see someone being bullied be the person that stops it, and stops it from happening to that person. Everyday bullying is getting worse, people are hurting themselves over things that can be avoided, you can avoid bullying by staying away from the person, if possible be nice to the person, because you may not know what is happening with to the person that is bullying you. Many bullies have been bullied themselves, feel bad about themselves, and want to blame people that haven't done anything to the person.

Even though you have been bullied don't give you a right to bully another person over it. If you are bullied tell someone, there is always someone to help you. Never be afraid to tell someone about what is happening because there is always someone to talk to. There may be someone that has gone through the same thing as you and feel the same you do, they can talk to you and make you feel better. If more people ask for help, bullying would happen less often, hurt less feelings, and people would be a lot happier without bullying. Bullying is very harmful and it happens to everyone in their lifetime one time or another.

If you realize you are bullying, stop, it is not worth it, when you could be nice to somebody. If you're nice to somebody they would want to be your friend, instead of someone who bullies and makes fun of them all the time. People like to hangout with people who treat them with respect and likes them for them, instead of somebody they are not. Nobody is perfect though everyone makes mistakes from time to time, not realizing it is hurting their friends feelings. The best things we can do is watch what we say, and always think before we say something in front of somebody. By being kind, and using kind words and actions, you don't have to worry about hurting others feelings. If you are nice to others they will be kind to you in exchange.
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