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My couple making out on the couch
Finishing up dinner at her place: 1300 word count

'He was very polite like he usually is at his place, but this time he's not so pushy-'

"Uhm, would you like some help with the dishes?" He asks interrupting my thoughts.

"No thanks, Steve." 'If he won't let me help with him with his dishes than I won't let him help me with mine, besides, I don't want him to see my kitchen at the moment.'

"Why don't you go have a seat on the couch and I'll bring you a beer in a minute. Do you want to pick out a movie, they're underneath the T.V.?" 'Why does he always have to be so polite, I wish he'd let out his manliness once in a while.'

"I didn't know you had Star Wars Val. Let's watch that one." He yells from the living room.

'Yep and there it is at least a little bit. Or is that just his dorkdum'

"That's fine." I tell him not really caring what movie we watch, knowing that we probably won't be doing much watching anyway.

I sit down on the soft brown couch next to him and snuggle up to him. The living room is painted maroon and a brown couch was just what I could get at the time, but it works nicely with the room. I do work full time, but a store clerk doesn't bring in a great wage. So I take what I can get, spending most of my money on this house I'm renting.

"Thanks for the beer and have I mentioned that you look gorgeous tonight?"

"Yes, only three times or so." I say laughing, that compliment is getting old tonight. 'I wish he'd stop telling me that and show me how much he likes it.' I thought to myself. 'It's only a green top and a black skirt, I mean, I'm glad he likes it and all but does he have to say it so much? He looks good too in his good black jeans and his nice button up shirt, which I do believe are snaps, probably for me to rip open if things get heated' "And you look nice too dear." I say with a smile.

He puts his arm around me as the movie starts. He starts to move his face towards mine before the previews are even over, but I back away.
"Easy there, Romeo. Let's actually watch the movie for a change." The look on his face broke my heart, just a little, and it was those sad bewildering hazel eyes that got to me.

"How about just a little taste?" He asked, I thought about it for a moment and realized there was a time when he was irritated with me and he wouldn't kiss me and I thought I had done something really wrong. So I reached over, put my hand on his cheek and gently guided him to my face and gave him a quick peck on the lips and just smiled at him.

"Okay, time to watch the movie now." Now the look on his face made me giggle just a bit, his mouth just hung open and he let out this small over exaggerated gasp like he couldn't believe what just happened. I snuggled up to him and just sipped my wine while getting ready to watch the movie. He put his arm more fully around me to envelop me more in his confidence.

Somewhere around the time when Uncle Owen bought r2 and c3po I reached up and kissed him gently on the mouth with my hand delicately caressing his cheek. Real ladylike, even though I'm not that kind of girl. 'This is my house and I'll confuse him if I want to.'

She grabbed the hand that was behind her and we interlocked fingers as she kissed me. 'This is sure different, maybe there's a lady in there after all.' Our lips moved in sync with each other as our tongues danced together in harmony. With my other hand, I pulled her closer to me by her waist. This was the meat of it all, I wanted to do this for a little while as a tease and maybe tonight I could get her so hot that she wouldn't say no. I put my hand on her knee. 'Maybe she'll let me slide my hand down her thigh and to her flawless ass now.' I thought as my hand sensuously slid across her knee and slowly down her thigh. I didn't want to miss one little curve on her perfect leg. Our bodies pressed up against each other in a very sensual way as I started softly kissing her neck and teasing her earlobe. 'If she wants the slow and easy romantic make-out this time, I think I can oblige her.'

She let out a gasp of breath letting me know that she was enjoying it. 'I wonder if she would enjoy a slight nibble or two?' I Nibbled her neck with my tongue lightly dancing on her skin and when I was done I blew on the wet spot that was left behind, I could see the Goosebumps as she moaned softly while my mouth reached up to hers once more. 'See, I can play this romantic game too.'

My hand slowly and deliberately moves to her inner thigh and she stops kissing me and moves my hand to her boob. Her lips were so close I could feel her breath on my mine as well as her teasing tongue. Her hand grabbed the back of my head and almost forcing her kiss on me. I didn't complain I liked it. I liked it more aggressive and she knew it, but it seems tonight that this is the only aggressive move she made, because when she reached around to touch my face it was soft and gentle again while her other hand was gently holding the other side of my head. I gently and playfully caressed every inch of her size c boobs. I even managed a squeeze on her nipple and she squeaked just a bit, I could tell there was a smile under my lips as her back arched in response to my movements. 'Yep this is going to be the night for sure!'

I brought the hand that was feeling her boob down to where her shirt met her skirt and went underneath it. She pulled back.
"No, not tonight hun." She said inches from my face. I must have had a confused or sad look on my face because her hands softly and smoothly rubbed my face and then went down to tug the bottom of her shirt over her waistline while she sat on the couch with her legs crossed away from me.

"Did I do something wrong?" 'Shit! That was a dumb question, stop acting like a wuss and just say okay.' "Okay, hun." I reached up caressing her cheek with the back of my hand, to be honest, I didn't want to stop making out with her. But I guess if it was over it was over. 'If I keep screwing up like this I'll never get laid! It's already been four months at least, how much longer does she want me to wait, she knows I'm not going anywhere, even AFTER we have sex. So what's going on?'

"Let's just finish watching the movie hun." She says grabbing my cheeks softly with one hand under my chin, bringing my head to hers for a kiss on the lips. "You didn't do anything wrong, I just don't want to go there tonight, okay?" She asks me.

'Why not?' I thought. But then I better not tease the porcupine, as they say, 'I don't want to get stung.'

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