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by JDog
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2188734
Hat Kid meets and farts on a young man named Fabian
Hat Kid unleashes a smelly fart next to Fabian then giggles a bit.

Hat Kid: Heh sorry about that I hope it smells ok~

Fabian: It's fine, heheh~ it smells good~

Hat Kid: Well that's good to hear~

Fabian: Heheheh, can i have another one but more closer to my face?

Hat Kid: Oh sure I can definitely do that.

*Hat Kid scoots her butt closer to Fabian's face*

Hat Kid: How's this~?

Fabian: That's good~

Hat Kid: Alright here it comes~

*Hat Kid grunts and rips a smelly bubbly fart in Fabian's face*

Hat Kid: Ahhhh~

Fabian: Wooah~

*He deeply sniffs it*

Fabian: Oooh my~ N-nice one~

Hat Kid: Hehe i think I'm going to like this new badge~

Fabian: Heh

*He plugs nose between her buttcheeks*

Fabian: Mmmm~ it smells soo good~

Hat Kid: Oh my hehe your nose tickles~

Fabian: Heheh, you would feel something different if you had your pants and panties pulled off, you know just saying~

He sniffs deeply

Hat Kid: Ohh? Hmm maybe I should try that.

*Hat Kid removes my pants and panties as
Fabian sees her cute roundy butt*

Fabian: Ooh my, you have a cute butt~

Hat Kid: Oh heh thanks~

*Fabian spreads her soft cheeks to see her cute anus and plugs his nose in there*

Fabian: Mmmm~

Hat Kid: Oh~

Fabian: Heheh, do you have more gas to let out?~

Hat Kid: I think I got one more left in me~

Fabian: Oooh~ i'm ready to smell it~

*He prepares nose for the last fart
Hat Kid grunts and unleashes a massive stink bomb into his nose*

Hat Kid: Oooo~

*Fabian takes a deep sniff then cums a little*

Fabian: Ahhh~

Hat Kid: Oh my you have really enjoyed that one~

Fabian: Y-yeah~

Hat Kid: Hehe your pants are pretty sticky now~

Fabian: Heh, i forgot to pull them off before that now it hurts a little bit.

*He unzips pants and pulls underwear off*

Hat Kid: Oh what a mess~

Fabian: Y-yeah.. that one really woke up my little friend~

*Hat Kid giggles*

Fabian: Mmmm~ c-can i put my friend between your cute butt-cheeks~?

Hat Kid: Oh sure~!

*She spreads my butt cheeks*

Fabian: Alright~

*he places his dick between her butt cheeks*

Fabian: Mmmm sooo warm~

*Hat Kid sandwiches his dick*

Hat Kid: Ooo like a hot dog~

Fabian feels both of her butt cheeks squeezed his dick

Fabian: Ooooh~ Exactly~ But this Sausage can let out some Mayonnaise if you play with him and make it vibrate using your buns~

*Hat Kid clenches her cheeks and farts multiple times on it as it vibrates your dick*

Hat Kid: Ahhh~

Fabian: Mmmmmm~

*He cums a lot*

Fabian: Aaaah~ that was great~

Hat Kid: Oh my that's alot of mayo~

Fabian: Y-yeaah~ looks like you made him Happy~

Hat Kid: Hehe i did a pretty good job ^_^

Fabian: Yeah you did~ heheh, can i put my face on your butt again and sniff your cute anus?

Hat Kid: Of course~

Fabian: Heh~

*places his face on her butt and sniffs her anus*

Fabian: It smells really good, every time you let one out~

*Hat Kid rips a massive fart in your face*

Hat Kid: Heh I know~

*Fabian sniffs it all*

Fabian: A-aaah~ yeah~

*He slowly licks her anus*

Hat Kid: Eep~!

*She farts on his tongue*

Fabian: Mmmm~ heheh, tasty~

Hat Kid: Sorry about that~

Fabian: Heheh, it's okay~

*Hat Kid offer her hat to you then giggles*

Fabian: Oooh?~

Hat Kid: Hocus pocus!

*She said as her gas blasts comes out of the hat and hits your nose*

Hat Kid: Hehe~

Fabian: O-ooooh~

*He sniffs it all up*

Fabian: What a lovely magic trick~

Hat Kid: Hehe just for you~

Fabian: Heh~ Can i eat another poot from you before going to sleep~?

Hat Kid: Alright~

Fabian: Yaay~

*He places his face on her butt*

Fabian: I'm ready~

*He opens his mouth wide*

*Hat Kid rips a humongous fart into your face and mouth*

Hat Kid: Oooooo~

Fabian: Aaaaah~

*He inhales the fart and closes mouth*

Fabian: Delicious~

Hat Kid: Hehehe how did it taste~?

Fabian: Heh, have you been eating something with Meat?, because it tastes like a good cooked Beef~

Hat Kid: Ohh! Yes I have!

Fabian: Well, i guess it's time to sleep now~ But my home is really far away from here. C-can i sleep with you?

Hat Kid: Sure! We can sleep in my ship.

Fabian: Greaat~ C-can i use your soft butt as a pillow~?

Hat Kid: Hehe course~ Oh I never got your name mister.

Fabian: Oh! heheh~ My name is Fabian.

Hat Kid: Well Fabian I'm Hat Kid~

Fabian: Hat Kid huh?, heh , really nice to meet ya and cute name too~

Hat Kid: Thanks~!

Fabian: No problem~
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