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Let's get back to work!
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Do it Right

"Hey, that's not the way we do things here! What is wrong with you? You've been here long enough to know better! Who is your teacher?"

I was shaking in my boots, so to say. Supervisor Smith stood over me and was yelling in my ear. My screwdriver dropped out of my hand and I just let it fall. I couldn't lean over and pick it up at this point.

"Come on, answer me! Who is your teacher?" His face was now inches away from mine, and spit landed on my nose.

"Ummm. Supervisor Landing, Landing is my teacher." There, I said it. Now maybe this person would leave me alone.

"I should've known. Landing teaches all of you losers. I can tell when these parts look so sloppy. Heads up, losers!"

All the guys in the room looked up from their tables. Supervisor Smith was now in the front of the room and pointing to a diagram on a whiteboard. "This is a diagram of HOW this part is to look. Do you see? The left-handed widget goes into the right-angled gadget! Not as you wieners are doing it!"

He pounded on the board with a pointer for emphasis.

"You have the upended doodad going into the downward geegaw! Doing it the way you've been doing it will cause the whole shebang to go kablooey! Bang! Boom! DO YOU GET THE PICTURE?"

We all nodded yes. None of us wanted bangs or booms.

"Great! Now let's get back to work!"

So we continued our work, putting all the parts together as had been shown. Now we had to do it backward and upside down, or was it inside out and then backward and forward? We prayed it all wouldn't go kablooey.

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