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Rated: E · Fiction · Emotional · #2188794
A story about coming to terms with jealousy
Halloween went to high school with a Shiba Inu named Orang. Orang was the friendliest Shiba Inu ever and rarely ever felt angry. Halloween was the opposite. Behind her sleek, shiny exterior was a nasty temper like that of a witch's cat. Halloween would not hesitate to beat up anyone that got in the way of her gaining the variety of achievements that were available at this private school that promised to nurture the intelligence and talents of the pets of Chicago into full-flourishing flowers of success.

Despite their extreme contrast in personality, Halloween admired Orang. Much like Halloween, Orang was a high-achieving student with many friends at the Hyde Park Academy for Pets. Halloween always thought he was very wise, smart, talented, and overall a very remarkable dog. She even remembered the one time he comforted her out of empathy when their bus home came late, and she had a panic attack worrying about the hawk that picked her up in middle school. Unfortunately, Halloween never had the guts to tell Orang how she grateful she was to him for helping her. She didn't dare to talk to him at all; she thought she was not good enough for him.

Halloween never spoke to anyone unless they reached out to her first, which was why she often felt so alone at the school. Orang was the opposite; he often initiated conversations with his many friends there while Halloween apprehensively sat on the sidelines watching.

While Halloween was too timid to form a relationship with Orang, she never felt any animosity toward him- that was, until the summer of her sophomore year. Many changes were taking place: The entire school was in the process of transferring to a new building that she disliked due to its artificial design that didn't have the same welcoming feeling as the current building. On top of that, along with the handful of new students enrolled that she was desperate to introduce herself to, she found out the hard way that she didn't get an invitation to a classmate's party. These events triggered her insecurities. Halloween misguidedly thought that getting into the beach exercise class for the summer would make all these problems better just because she thought being accepted to partake in an exciting opportunity would automatically make her happy.

Halloween didn't make it into the beach exercise class, and she was devastated. For some reason, a resentment toward Orang, who did get into the course, sprouted from the soil of jealousy. Every time Orang spoke of his experiences on the beach during the class, an envious green fire would burn within Halloween's chest.

One day, however, during a particularly bad lesson in health class, Halloween snapped. While she did not directly scream at Orang, she proceeded to yowl resentful comments about him and then hiss at him as he got off the bus to walk to his home. Despite the hurtful things Halloween said, Orang did not show any reaction, making it appear as if Halloween's antagonistic behavior did not affect him. Even during his graduation from the school's program, when Halloween had neglected to apologize for her spiteful actions out of timidity, he was still kind and tolerant toward her.

A few years later, after the two graduated from high school and went their separate ways, Halloween had time to reflect on her thoughts and actions toward Orang, and she felt guilty about it. Orang was one of the kindest people she had met and had done nothing to deserve the treatment she gave him. She wanted to tell him that she regrets her actions and genuinely thinks he's an overall great person, but Halloween still doesn't believe he can be reached out to because he has moved on with his life and she doesn't know of his whereabouts. She didn't want to go looking for him because she thought that would make him uncomfortable. To cope with her feelings, Halloween settled for keeping the few times they had together close to her.
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