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A science fiction love poem
"The Well Travelled Lover"

I've walked the vast emptiness on Europa
Past the point at which my dwelling could be seen
With nothing but the plodding hues of Jupiter, marching slowly across its face, to nourish my mind

I've journeyed to the edge of the Kuiper
Where our sun becomes lost among the stars
To a town made of iron, and built on platinum
To meet its peoples who dream of green

I've watched a great bison herd move across their lands
Three days and nights it were until I saw the plains again in full view
Innumerable the herd should seem with my own eyes, as looking inwards towards the landscape revealed a sphere of teeming life
It was like looking through a microscope into a droplet of water
And so I still sometimes see twinkling Mars amidst space, and struggle in calibrating the scale of the stars to that great bison herd

I've travelled many places, and a sharper understanding of life I do have
That the stars and skies can fit neatly into your lively eyes
That the distillation of life's greatest joys exist within one woman's smile
My precious Gianna, vibrant like a star, and packed dense with beauty, she is the source of my love, and the reason for my being
The only place I wish to be, placed closely by her side for all of my transient life
If it were, I would die a happy man, understanding I had lived to the fullest, and loved the greatest

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