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A high school senior has a conversation with his mother about college
The Big Decision

“I can’t decide which college I should attend,” Aaron says.

“His mother responds, “What did you like about the school in Maine?”

"Well, it’s a highly selective school that would look great on my resume.”

“What did you think about the school in Massachusetts?”

“I like the fact that it’s close to the city and it has great networking with the alumni.”

“I think they’re both great options and you would excel at either school.”

“What about the money, Mom?”

“Well, both schools are expensive.”

“I know, and I didn’t get a great financial package at either one. Maybe I should take a year off to work so I can save money.”

“Oh, honey, I don’t want you to do that. I’d rather you continue with your schooling. Maybe I could get a second job in the evening or on the weekend.”

“Mom, I don’t want you to do that. You work hard enough as it is.”

“Well, sometimes we have to make sacrifices for the ones we love. In fact, your Grandmother had to work two jobs so I could take piano lessons.”

“That was nice of Grandma. Did she mind having to work two jobs?”

“No, she knew I loved playing the piano so she was happy to do it. Just as I’m happy to work extra hard because I know going to college has always been a dream of yours.”

“I wish I could pay you back somehow, Mom.”

“Knowing that you’ll be working hard and following your dream is all the payback I need.”

“Mom, I hate to see you sacrifice so much for me.”

“Honey, that’s what parents do for their children.”

“After a long embrace, Aaron’s mother states, “Time is running out.”

With a confident smile, Aaron say, “I know, I’ve made my decision.”

WC 300
Prompt: “Time is running out.”

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