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Sexual assault - A roller coaster ride through the permanent dent in my soul
-------------------------------Trauma----------------------------Inside her mind spins round and round, She fights so hard, But still falls to the ground. Kicking, biting, and scratching is fruitless, For he the enemy, Is really quite ruthless. The stench of alcohol plays with her senses, While something so brutal, Shatters her defences. The lies and betrayal, has left her shaken, He saw in her, a gentle innocence, For which he has taken. As As he leaves her with cruel memories and pain, She tries hard to forget, But only in vain. What a hurdle, the burden of guilt, Like a flower deprived of sunshine, She begins to wilt. How to leap over the boundary of fear, Sinking defeated, She looses a tear. She hangs her head down low and cries, Little by little, Inside she dies. Shattering feelings of shame make her feel dirty, Scrubbing and showering, On last count was thirty. As she battles the roller coaster of grief, The enemy is caught, So why no relief. All that is left, is to learn to deal, With the self respect, He tried to steal.
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