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by K.HBey
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A travel to the beach was full of adventures.
It was such a hot August day. In the immaculate blue sky a blazing sun was shining everywhere. A hot wave invaded the place. The cicada started her show everywhere. An immense wagon was full of people and many families were going to the beach. Children were playing and making a great noise. There was no place for the luggage.

A family was sitting over there. Their son Kevin was playing with children at “hide and seek”. But all parents were really worried about their children whenever they got lost within such crowd. Elisabeth, a sweet blond girl of five was alone over there looking through the window. She had a habit when traveling with her parents to count trees. She found not only a great pleasure in such game but she fought against boredom as well. She possessed a dreamy spirit and was looking forward to be at the beach. Her father had told her about the amazing sea many times. Building castles with the golden sand was her purpose once arrived at the beach.

Her brother Kevin called her: "Elisabeth, please would you come to play with us". Elisabeth was not really at ease when playing with children and found them niggardly.
Kevin was very gregarious and had many friends. He was the opposite of Elisabeth character. She had always learned from her brother who was older and possessed qualities that she lacked.However Elisabeth had a great pleasure to play with children and felt a certain insurance in the presence of her brother.

Kevin found something shining over there at the corner of the wagon. He told his friends: "Hey boys let see that". "Come on". He was a boy who had never been afraid and always went ahead. He went the first. At the corner was a great shell and inside it there was a marvelous pearl. The pearl was nacred white. When shining, mixed ocean colors emanated from it. It mesmerized him entirely. When his father knew this he called him quickly and ordered him to let such shell where he had found it. He told him: "I have already taught you not to touch people possessions". "You will not swim at the beach the entire day when we arrive".

Kevin understood quickly and apologized to both his father and to the man who was sitting over there at the corner of the wagon beside the shell which belonged to him.
An old man of seventy and well known by this locality was there. He was thin and brown. His features were quite severe and hid a generous heart. His white gray hair and his long white beard gave him a certain wise look. The old man asked Kevin to get a sit beside him and told him this:" Hey boy!" I am Michael" "I put the shell over there with the intention to offer it to you". "I have so many ones at home and this one is for you." "I have a nice story to tell you about this shell.” “Would you know it?"
Kevin:" yes please".

Michael: "I was at the north of Polynesian islands". "There were many mermaids there". "One of them led me to the abyss of the ocean". "There a wonderful world was settled" "A great castle was built there". "An entire mermaid kingdom was there". "The king Peterson and queen Kate are her parents". "Unbelievable! The abyss of the ocean releases fire"." Mermaids live in a continual fear to lose their kingdom"." You know, mermaids resemble human beings”. "They love, have emotions and feelings of both happiness and sadness and they possess a great ambition". Kevin: "what was her name". Michael: "Marina"." She was so beautiful". "She was brown and got great brown eyes". "Her silky black long hair added a great beauty to her". "One day she became ill because she spent a long time outside the sea". "Her lungs suffered a lot and she could not breathe in the abyss of the ocean". "Fortunately I had this magical pearl"
"The pearl possesses a special perfume"." She inhaled it and after ten days she was cured". Kevin: "so I can heal when I will inhale it?" Michael:" No! This virtue is specific to mermaids".

A great gypsy fire show caught the eyes of the crew especially the children. There was music too. The gypsies wore scarlet clothes. They had a monkey .They did magic tours too and many people were dancing. A happy ambience was settled. Elizabeth was lucky. She participated in a magic show where she caught a dove which was hidden in a hat. She earned a small beautiful doll. She preserved it preciously. An amazing event happened. With the dove she found a gigantic feather. It was the best magical tour never seen. All people exclaimed and applauded.

Suddenly the train stopped and all people were pushed. A great panic was settled within the crowd. Screams were heard in the entire train. "Kevin:" his father called. He was both furious and worried about his son. The caretakers came quickly and tried in vain to appease the atmosphere. Unbelievable! An immense bird was in front of the train. Then the driver curbed when the train was fast. The crowd could not believe. Indeed through the windows the gigantic seagull was seen by everyone.

Kevin was lost within the crowd and his family was really worried. However he was wise .In fact when the train stopped he hid in the luggage compartment like a mouse. But he got stuck. Michael saw him when doing so. He kept him away.
The driver announced to the crew that the train had a small reversible failure and that the train could not be driven for two days. The crew was somehow cool. But they remained vigilant because of the gigantic seagull. Tonight children were playing outside under the oversight of their parents who were worried. A beautiful landscape was there. Some sea side plantations were there and the salted smell of the sea reached this area yet. At the sunset where the horizon mesmerized the entire crew, dinner was ready for all in the train .It was offered by the train company. All people were getting a wonderful moment of a unique popular dinner.

The night everyone slept but some adults remained awake. They could not forget such bird. They started to talk about their families and life experiences. Michael was a man who had traveled a lot around the world and knew the sea as he knew his children. The ocean had always been his shelter and it was like such warm maternal womb for him. He had a lung cancer. His wish was to die within such marvelous ocean. He revealed some secrets of the sea and seagulls. Time passed quickly then and it was four AM yet. A tangerine light started slowly to be settled in such azure. The sea side was seen through the train windows. A magical view was there.

When the sun was rising suddenly a rain odor was smelt and a certain noise was heard. Though outside there was no rain. Michael said: "there is a great seagull odor". The sky was full of a huge amount of gigantic seagulls which were coming toward the train. In the train the alert was released. All started to close the windows.
Unfortunately some windows remained open.

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