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by joejoe
Rated: E · Fiction · Thriller/Suspense · #2189117
Book Synopsis first fictional novel

A misted an undercover FBI investigation into massive corruption in Washington and the Rise of the Asian Revolutionary Army and their influence In Washington, Special Forces solider Sargent Joe West returned home after ten years with one unfulfilled promise. To find out who was responsible for the mysterious death of his father Special forces Commander Steven West

What was supposed to be happy time coming home turned into another mission for the sergeant to stop a terrorist plots in a few weeks. Sergeant Joe West Jr West returned home ten years later August 2000 burnt out and ready for a fresh start. He soon realized once he was home. A once thriving town fell on hard times due to an economic downturn. It looked nothing like the town he left as a teenager. There were homes foreclosed, business shuttered and homeless people wandering aimlessly around town. Plus, a heroin epidemic took over long island. The sergeant began getting re acclimated into civilian life with his family by applying for an upcoming Police Department Test and reuniting with friends.

An unexpected major storm swept through long island in his first week home causing damage all over long island. While volunteering to clean up at a local library, Sergeant West and his niece Danielle discovered a military file that was to have been destroyed over fifteen years ago tucked away in an old dusty book. Danielle though it was a book on a CD when she put it in a computer, and set off beacons attached to the file that turned his home coming into anything but peaceful with visitors from the FBI, NSA arriving at front door asking questions and operatives from a terrorist group called the ARA Asian Revolutionary Army following him, his friends and family around town.

The Sergeant received a call from an old friend of his father's and his mentor while in the service a Colonel Jenkins. The Colonel aware of Sergeant West's background informed him about a missing file called Trojan Horse that was activated on Long Island and to keep an eye out for it.

The sergeant with the help of some old army buddies began to unravel the contents of the CD and began to understand what was happening in his hometown, and the trust he had for certain people was severely misplaced. The misery in his life he was trying to move on from by returning home reappeared over the next few weeks when they discovered the CD was indeed project Trojan Horse. There were detailed plans for a simultaneous terrorist attacks in various countries around the world and in his home town on black Friday. The mastermind behind the terrorist plot was General Chang, an ex general in the South Korean Army, whose hatred for the United States is well known. The sergeant and his friends discover on the CD various business partners, bank accounts of people involved in the New Year's Eve attacks They contacted Colonel Jenkins who informed the FBI, CIA and NSA on what they found.

One week before Christmas, the news had coverage of the generals entire network beginning to crumble around the world. The general began getting frustrated as his life unraveled around him; his allies began to turn on him. Realizing sergeant west exposed his operations with a few loyal operative the general had left that still haven't been caught yet, he kidnaps the Sergeants niece Danielle and takes her to a government run lab he was hiding out in.

They arrived at the research lab. The sergeant walked in and saw Danielle on monitor tied to a chair very scared and anxious; next to her a bomb set to go off in fifteen minutes. Knowing he does not' have much time sergeant west confronted the general, and they fought furiously and struggled with one another exchanging body blows. Roundhouse kicks for ten minutes and both began bleeding. Sergeant West is tired but still able to overcome the general; he gained the upper hand and tied the general to a chair yelling, "You're finished old man!"

The Sergeant proceed turned on a webcam to broadcast what he was about to do. He put three bullets in the general's chest broadcasting it for the world to see over the internet and putting an end to his reign of terror once and for all. He proceeded to disarm the bomb, and rescue Danielle. Seeing all the weapons the government had and realizing the government did not learn a lesson after losing Pandora blew up the lab on their way out.

Christmas morning came with very little excitement as the last few weeks, but received one gift everyone could enjoy. They received a call from the president of the United States saying his dad commander Joe West's Sr name will be cleared, and he will be moved to Arlington national cemetery once the weather warms up, after the great news the sergeant went downstairs to get some beer with Bosco following him. Bosco began to dig at a loose floorboard he walked over to the dog not sure what he is digging for. He finds another CD with CS on it and hand written letter written from his father. The CD was the clean sweep file he FBI has been searching for.

The sergeant and his friends get a call being asked to appear before a Military Personnel Subcommittee at the local courthouse in Central Islip. It was a big production to distract the public about the publicly funded government research lab worth millions of tax dollars that were sitting at the bottom of the Great South Bay. He headed home frustrated after this meeting with the guys, sat in front his computer staring at the clean sweep file, after what the sergeant, his friends and family have been through the last few months and remembering all of his dads talks about how corrupt Washington is, he put clean sweep CD in and uploaded it to the internet for the public to see.

Sargent West visited his father at his cemetery plot to talk, tell him about how things came to a conclusion and how everybody is Washington was running sacred after the release of operation Trojan Horse and how his home town came alive again after years of financial hardship.

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