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The second Chapter of Stephan's enviormental journey. Surviving won't be easy in the night
Chapter 2:
         For some time, I was surrounded by pitch black nothingness. Finally, I resurfaced and woke up, gasping for air. I was bobbing up and down along the smooth currant of the river. "Wh-Where am I?", I said looking around. I just saw moss, grass, and weeds all around me, not mentioning water. I tried to get up, but for some reason I couldn't. I tried again, burt I still couldn't get up. I started to panic. The currant was speeding up and I was still stuck to the river. I looked down and saw something green wrapped around my leg.
         It was seaweed from the river that was pinning me down to the river. I looked towards my back and I practically screamed. It was a waterfall and I was heading straight toward it. I was really panicking now and I tried desperately to free myself from the stubborn seaweed. Practically nothing was working. The waterfall was coming closer and closer. I pulled and pulled on the seaweed but it still didn't budge.
         I was practically feet from the waterfall. I was becoming even more desperate and pulled on the seaweed with all my might. Just as I was about to meet my fate, the seaweed finally let loose and I was free. I jumped out of the water like a frightened cat and was finally on solid ground. I was soaking wet, but at least still alive. I was in come kind of swamp and was surrounded by trees.
         I looked up. I was thousands of feet from where I was before and the plain where my mom and sister were. I knew that the cliff was way too high for me to climb up, but I attempted it anyway. "Well, here I go", I said, trying to sound brave. I ran and jumped onto the rocky surface and gripped with all my might. I got up a few feel until finally slipping back down. I tried again and got a little higher this time, but I was still thousands of feet from the top.
         "It's impossible..." I said discouraged. "You can't get up there without the proper hiking equipment. I looked around for a another possible way to get up, but all I can see were trees. I couldn't climb up the mountain, so the only other option was to go through the wilderness to find another way up. I walked through the trees and a vast forest appeared before me. I continued walking through the forest but I didn't seem to be getting anywhere.
         I continued walking, and walking, and walking, but all I could see was trees, plants, and dirt. I walked for hours but got nowhere. I was starting to really get hungry and I knew if I didn't eat anything soon I would starve. I looked around and found some bright red berries, but that didn't really help me out with anything. I needed some kind of nutrition or else I was going to starve out here.
         It was beginning to get dark. I had to find some kind of shelter for the night. After gathering some more berries and nuts for half an hour, I began to search for shelter for the night. I searched and searched but all I found were patches of mud and moss already inhabited by animals. Finally, I found somewhere for the night. There was a small patch of grass and soil with a large oak tree in the center.
         I settled down and tried to get my head together. A gust of when passed by, making me shiver. "It's way too cold out here," I said to myself. "If only I could make a fire." But how exactly was I going to make a fire? The only experience I had about making fire was when my uncle showed me one time while going camping. "What did he do to make that fire?" I said while racking my brain to recall that memory with my uncle.
         All I could remember was him saying something about rubbing sticks together to create friction. But how did he do that exactly? I found two thick sticks and tried rubbing them together. Nothing happend. I tried it again. Still nothing. I had to create some sort of way to keep warm during the night or I'll freeze to death. I tried and tried and tried for almost an hour. Nothing worked. I started getting frustrated and hopeless. I threw the sticks down and laid on the soft grass, staring up at the moon shining before me.
         It was a full moon that night, rays shining down on the earth before it. But one particular ray landed on a specific spot. The moon ray was shining upon the two sticks, like if begging for me to try again at creating friction. After gazing at the sticks for a while, I decided to give it one more try. I got up, picked up the sticks, and rubbed them together as fast as I could.
         Suddenly, a small spark appeared.
         First small, but growing gradually.
         Until a small fire appeared before me.

I couldn't believe it. I actually made fire on my own. I found some logs and kicked them towards me. I threw the sticks down and the fire grew. I finally warmth for the night. I roasted some of the nuts and berries I gathered and quickly inhaled them. I then laid down on the soft, marsh grass and gazed up at the great moon above me. That was the last thing I remembered before knocking out for the night.

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