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an autobiography of me as a thanks for all the support on my writing.
Let's start at the beginning I was born to 2 low middle-class parents in the year of 2005 and I had a brother and a sister both older by at least 6 years. My first memory was of me getting an actual bed and me protesting it, I ended up getting a car bed that I outgrew in a week so then I got a twin size bed. Meanwhile, I didn't go to preschool, which made it so my day consisted of watching SpongeBob and other cartoons that came on in between episodes of SpongeBob.I was really into skateboarding in my early day's people like Tony Hawk inspired me. In kindergarten, I could not write I used the SpongeBob scribbles for my name, nothing else happened in kindergarten or that summer. In first grade, a kid ran into me and gave me a serious concussion and I also had a severe sinus infection. In second grade I hated this teacher called Mrs. Muhlbach she would give us only 5 minutes of lunch and she got fired this year. In 3rd grade I had this teach Mrs Perry she got fired after this year. Now I would like to bring up the elephant in the room Dr Willer the worst princable of all time she fired all of the good teachers and try to make it so they cant get a new job and she once gave out a detention for laughing at a kid getting punch but no detention to the person who punched him.Next was 4th grade the worst year of my life, I was bullied to no end and almost commited suicide.This year changed my life for the better because it caused me to get into writing and I actually wrote the first story I plublished that year, World War 2 Hero.Nothing notable happaned in 5th grade other than me getting my 4th concussion. In 6th grade I joined the site as of writing this line it is my one year aniversery of being on the site and writing an autobiography is my way of saying thank you.
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