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An exploration of the best kinds of relationships.
The best kind of relationship
If you ask me what the best kind of relationship looks like, I would say that it is the ones where the people who come into my life have a profound impact on me, and I hope to do the same for them. A profound impact is when an interaction with someone actually transforms your life forever, benefitting your way of thinking and of acting. We can learn something from everybody we meet, and life can change in a heartbeat from even the shortest of exchanges. It's all about the people and moments that will eternally have a place in our hearts and minds.

I will always remember the people who have appeared in my life by what I have learnt from them, and how they made me feel. Everyone that we meet and that is in our lives is a spiritual teacher whether they realize it or not. It is up to us to pay attention to the lessons when they present themselves so that we can learn and grow from them. Sometimes the lessons might be found through words that are spoken, but often they are hidden in our emotions and reactions.

Through my experiences of meeting other people, I have learnt about so many new things. I have seen that entirely different lifestyles are possible to the mainstream way of living I was brought up with. My beliefs have shifted and so have my values but I believe it is for the best! The joy of meeting strangers can be life changing. Sometimes we need to take a trip to a faraway place and stay open to meeting new people to learn different ways of life.

Here are some of the most profound gifts that I have received from the best relationships I have had in my life:

I have met so many awe-inspiringly wonderful people that have become my role models!
My most precious memories are of the people who have inspired me that I can be and do anything I have ever dreamed of, simply through the way that they have conducted themselves and chosen to live their lives. In every person that I meet, I see a quality that I wish to learn and it is encouraging to see another person who embodies it. I think to myself, if they can do it so can I!

So many people have given me absolutely amazing guidance that has been life-changing for me. Sometimes another perspective is just the compass that is needed towards choosing the next best direction on the soul journey. Some of these people have been strangers that I have met for less than an hour, and some have been a part of my life since I was born.

There are days where the simple words or actions of others have absolutely been the best part of my day. It might be a phone call from a friend or the compliment of someone you have never met before, but it is those moments where you smile and life becomes a little brighter. I always appreciate the welcoming energy of other people when I am visiting somebody's home.

To be understood is like having a burden lifted from the spiritual self. True friends will listen and comment on any situation with love. They will allow you to be your authentic self and validate your thoughts and emotions.

The very best people in life realize that we are all human. They know all of the flaws about you and yet they love to spend time with you anyway. Sometimes sharing secrets can bring you closer to people. You may be surprised at how open-minded they can be.

At times in life, we need to reach out and ask for help in one way or another. Sometimes we are too proud to ask for it, and it is offered anyway. Accepting help is to accept we are human and can only achieve so much by ourselves. With support we can achieve much more. People who offer support to us in times of need are angels that we will always love and remember.

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