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Celebrating the unmatched beauty of wild things

There was a day before
A time when things weren't in boxes
Before hours ever ticked
And meters found their mark
When water ran where it wanted
And picked its own pools

I see that day in flowers
Not wrapped and forty-seven dollars
Not confined to planters
Or pruned in gardens

Flowers grown in the wild
Growing wild
Peppering fields with their fragrant hues
Their blood orange
Their blues

Their white-purple-yellow-red
Their pinkness on display;
those show-offs!
Spreading out
Standing in rows as they choose
The natural floral arrangement

Never bowing but
Swaying free in the breeze
Sending their seeds
Finding a new home wherever

Order wrought by chaos
DNA bent on beauty
A billion pop-up productions
Offering for free the greatest show on earth

Alongside roadways
Hidden in rolling planes
Prizes waiting for discovery
But contented in obscurity
So long as God was pleased

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