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April 26 Entry. NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo 2019
Long dead tyrants stir,
after extended slumber,
in blackened vacuum.

Flames overtake them,
charred remains still half alive,
waiting to return.

A home among stars,
floating toward our planet,
for cruel conquest.

Not extinct, dormant,
inhuman invaders,
doom-bringers from space!

Tomorrow comes death,
slowly sinking from the sky,
our end, our demise.

All eventual,
though we need not fret today,
for we can't stop fate.

Rejoice we have time,
before their vile arrival,
to live human lives.

Be what you believe,
don't wait for time to greet you,
cherish what you have.

Shooting towards earth,
are dinosaur skeletons,
returning to feast.

Coming to reclaim,
their wicked former kingdoms,
from mortal control.
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