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by Tursk
Rated: E · Short Story · Contest · #2189356
Dialogue with a dead fish
“I’m dead you know! Dead! Can’t you see that I’m bloated and belly up? Have some respect and stop poking me with that stick!”

“You’re not dead, you’re just... depressed.”

“OH? So you’re a doctor now are you? Well “doctor”, stop poking me in the gut with that bloody stick! ”

“I’m just trying to roll you over. Maybe if you right yourself you can swim back to your friends.”

“Swim? I’m missing half my left fin!”

“That will grow back.”

“ Listen kid, I am a dead fish. I can not swim, I have no friends, I will never blow another bubble again!”

“You sure sound like a depressed fish to me!”

“Fish don’t have feelings.”

“Is that irritation I hear in your voice?”

“AUGH!!! What will it take for you to believe me and let me rot in peace?”

“OK fish…”

“Call me Paul…”

“Ok Paul… Why don’t you tell me a little bit about your current stressors?”

“Current stressors? There is no current... this is a pond and it's stagnant.”

“ I see. Listen Paul, life is still moving forward. Things are not as stagnant as you believe."

"I'm pretty sure that's an algae bloom over there."

"You must dive into life's current and take hold of it by the gills!”

“My gill's hold no life!”

“Keep some perspective Paul! You're here, talking with me, right?

"That's true..."

"And what about your school? Don't you feel any connection to something bigger than yourself?

"... I did enjoy my school... I wonder what they're up to now?"

"That's the spirit Paul! Chin up and .. AUGH...*HACK*... What's that smell?"

"I think the sun just came out..."

"Oh GOD... You ARE rotting!"

"Well... just a little. Things aren't so bad right?"

"I think you are missing an eye..."

"Who care's about an eye... I'm really starting to feel like I could have some purpose and direction. Maybe a little bubble farm down by the reeds?"

"No Paul... You are dead."

"Now I am depressed..."

WC: 348

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2189356-Dr-Dolittles-Phych-Clinic