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by Paul
Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2189357
She doesn’t watch what her hands do
Story written for Daily Flash Fiction contest.
04/26 Write a story that includes the line: “We’ll never find it”
300 Words

I Had Ice Cream, ,

“Can I borrow your car?”

“What’s wrong with yours?”

“Nothing, I can’t find my key ring and I’m supposed to meet the girls at the mall in an hour.”

“Oh, god, ‘The Mall,’ my least favorite place. Leave all your credit cards!”

“Stop it. We’re going for coffee and Tracy wants to look at swimsuits.”

“This is going to cost me a lot. I can see the headlines, ‘Coffee Now $100 A Cup.’ You always buy for them.”

“Don’t give me a bunch of crap! They’re our daughters.! Now help me find it.”

“What did you do when you came in with it?”

“I fixed myself a sandwich and a coffee then ate at the table. They were lying next to me, but they were gone when I got up ... what’re you doing?”

“Looking in the coffee canister.”

“You must think I’m an idiot.”

“No, I don’t. I do think you don’t watch what your hands do. What else did you do?”

“Nothing. I ate the sandwich and got up to go to the bathroom then back out here. Where are you going?”

“The bathroom.”


“They’re not there. What else?”

“Nothing. We’ll never find it. Wait, I did go in the bedroom to get a different lipstick ... Nothing there either?

“Nope. What else.”

“Nothing ... well ... actually I decided I needed something sweet and ice cream sounded very good to me so I had some.”

“What flavor?”

“Vanilla, it’s my favorite ... no, I wouldn’t—”

“TA-DAAA! Here, one frozen key ring found under the vanilla. Now give me the credit cards.”

“Go away. I won’t give them up.”

“I’ll divorce you!”

“You can’t afford to do that!”

“I’ll borrow the money.”

“You’re an idiot! Kiss me fool.”

“Yes, dear. Now the cred—”

“Want to sleep alone?”

“Enjoy the girls dear.”
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